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On January 1, 2001, I wrote: What a great way to start this year!! I was contacted by a 2nd cousin of my husband, Jan Van Bruggen, in the Netherlands! His grandfather, Kornelis Van Bruggen and my husband's grandfather, Hendrik "Henry" Van Bruggen were brothers--Henry came to America and Kornelis stayed in Groningen, and his descendants wondered about Henry for years!! Isn't the Internet fantastic? The previously unidentified photograph, which I entitled "Young Man", has now been identified as Kornelis Van Bruggen!
And in 2003, we were visited by Kees and Mary Van Bruggen and their friends, Herman and Toos. Then in 2004, we went to Holland and stayed for one month in the Village of Holten with the newly found, wonderfully kind and humerous descendants of Hendrik Van Bruggen and Annechien Kampel. We were taken on a tour of Holland and what pure joy at meeting all those cousins and their great friends!! Enjoy what you find on these pages. I hope you see someone who belongs to you...we certainly did.

The Appingedam Hanging Kitchens Now!!! In 2004! What a great feeling to stand in the same spot and take the same picture which was taken over 100 years ago!!

Appingedam Hanging Kitchens 2004

And The Appingedam Hanging Kitchens, Then.....

Appingedam Hanging Kitchens 100+ years ago

Appingedam 1903 with the Royal Family on Parade

Dutch Royalty 1903

Warffum, 2004 with the Royal Family for Queen's Day..That's Princess Maxima in her jean jacket and red beret with her Prince, Willem Alexander...yes, we saw Maxima and the two other Princesses boogying with the kids!! Great Fun in Warffum!!

Maxima & Willem Alexander, future King

And that Lady in the blue hat, with her head turned away, is Queen Beatrix, Queen of The Netherlands. (Excellent shot of one of the many body guards though!)

Beatrix, Queen of The Netherland
Appingedam & Appingedam in winter groete uit Wester-Emden groete uit Wester-Emden Solwerderstraat Appingedam Appingedam Damsterdiep Tjamsweer Appingedam Ellecom Enschede Enschede Enschede Enschede Enschede

The following letter was found in the belongings of my husband's mother, Anna Cozette Van Bruggen. She was the daughter of Hendrik Van Bruggen and Cornelia Boersema. This letter was evidently written by a Van Bruggen cousin, Lien Damhoff, in the Netherlands.

Lien Damhoff Letter page 1 Lien Damhoff Letter page 2

This page contains many unidentified photos which were found in the belongings of my husband's grandfather, Henry Van Bruggen. Henry came to America as a young man around 1900 from Appingedam, Groningen, Netherlands. I have scanned these photos in their original frames.If you can identify any of these people, please email me.

Engelina Wigboldus Van Bruggen Hendrik Van Bruggen Kornelis Van Bruggen Kornelis Van Bruggen Siepke, Alieda & Annechien Van Bruggen Siepke Van Bruggen Damoff 1881-1952 scan 0160 Alieda Van Bruggen Heijenk scan 1888-1953  scan 0161 Annechien Van Bruggen Mulder 1886-?? scan 0164 Siepke Van Bruggen, husband Siebo Damoff, Wilhelmina, Henderika, Engelina & Jan scan 0156 Siepke Van Bruggen Damoff & 11 others, with caption written by Engelina Damoff Vink in the 1950s scan 0165 Kornelis Van Bruggen & Reintje Broekes Wedding Jan Van Bruggen & Leida Wigboldus about 1915 Appingedam scan 0154 Jan Van Bruggen & Leida Wigboldus about 1919 Appingedam scan 0154 Jan Van Bruggen, Rotterdam 1935 scan 0150 Alco Mulder, husband of Annechien Van Bruggen Alco Mulder, wife Annechien Van Bruggen scan 0158 Alco Mulder, Annechien Van Bruggen and unidentified children scan 0159 Siebo Damoff, Siepke Van Bruggen, daughter Wilhelmina and her family, before 1952 scan 0162 Jan Damoff born Netherlands, died 1998 Grand Rapids, Michigan, wife Anneke Brontsema & daughters Henny & Shirley scan 0157 Leida & Gerrit Wigboldus Beautiful Lady Unknown Girl Unknown Woman An Appingedam Lady Two Appingedam Ladies A Groningen Lady An Appingedam Lady An Unknown Couple A Beautiful Unknown Baby Unknown, very old & fragile photo

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