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These marriages were copied from Clayton Library sources by Bobbie Lee of Old Ocean, Texas on March 13, 1981. We were both researching the Hobbs family who moved from Conecah County, Alabama in 1852 to Matagorda County, Texas. My line is Jesse Hobbs; hers is Mary Hobbs, Jesse's sister who married William O. Wofford in DeWitt County in 1858.

Lee, Pertiller to Harriet M. Williams, 27 May 1844, Book A, Page 25
Lee, John to D. H. McGeehee, 15 Apr 1869, Book A, Page 137 (performed by Wm. Baxter, M. G.)
Lee, John E. to Elizabeth Hobbs, 15 May 1871, Book A, page 176
Lee, John E. to J. E. Wofford, 23 Oct 1878, Book A, page 295
Lee, John P. to Lucy Bond, 26 Aug 1877, Book A, page 279 (minister's return says Ruth Ann Bonds, Justice of the Peace performed ceremony, name illegible)
Lee, Ann to David G. Williamson, 19 Dec 1842, Book A, page 18
Lee, Mary F. to P. P. Sullivan, 22 Oct 1865, Book A, Page 99
Lee, Celia A. to Jesse Hobbs, 11 Nov 1868
Lee, Cleopatra R. to Horace G. Williams, Book A, page 267
Lee, Nannie E. to Ch. Warren, Book A, page 277
Lee, Ruth to J. B. Gailbreath, Book A, page 358
Lee, Lola r. to Arthur W. Mangum, Book A, page 371
Lee, Isabella to Wm. Ryman, Book B, page 21
Lee, Joe to Carrie Brown, ca 1899, Book C, page 28
Lee, Eddie to Louella Palmer, ca 1903, Book C, page 142
Lee, P. E. to Beulah Short (or Shart) ca 1903, Book C, page 185
Lee, Andrew to Leona White, ca 1905, Book C, page 214
Lee, Annie R. to Jos. D. Moore, ca. 1890, Book B, page 80
Lee, Pearl to Jos. Mangum, ca. 1893, Book B, page 161
Lee, Mattie, to Ch. Davis, ca 1893, Book B, page 196
Lee, Josephine to America Woohard, Book B, page 193

Book 9, Page 209
In an affidavit, John E. Lee says that Susan V. Lee was the daughter of Edwin Lee and wife, Rebecca Lee. She married Arthur Mangum. She is now dead. Goes on to give her heirs (15 May 1902)

In an affidavit, John E. Lee says Wm. T. Lee was son of Rebecca and Edwin Lee. Edwin died spring of 1881. Edwin's (maybe Wm. T.'s, possible mistake in notes) wife Sarah. Children: Columbus Arnold Lee, John E. Lee, Jr., Ivey Lee, Grace Lee and Laura Lee. All deceased except John, Jr. who is in the Army in the Phillipines. 15 May 1902. Sarah the widow is now married to Steve Abego and living in West Lake, LA

Book G, P 441
Lee, Petiller, 50 acres from Seth Ingram, 24 May 1849

Book K, p. 110
Lee, Pertiller to the Chief Justice; Bond as Justice of Peace (after 1855)

Book K, p. 381
Lee, Daniel; sale of cattle

Book K, p. 111
Lee, Edwin to Gov. of State: Bond for Constable

Book G, page 441, #2725
Partillar Lee buys above land for $50.00 (50 acres out of the SW corner of a half league of lands granted to Henry Williams and lying on the river Colorado in Bay Prairie. Said land to run off in oblong running back from the river twice its width)

Book K, p 110
George Burkhart and Edwin Lee sureties on bond for Pertiller Lee elected Justice of the peace, Beat #3. Pertiller's Oath, BooK, page 111

Book K, page 111
George Burkhart and Pertiller Lee bond for Edwin Lee, elected as Constable, Beat 3 (19 Aug 1864)

Book K, page 381
Conveyance of Stock cattle from Pertiller Lee to Dan'l Wheeler. $500.50 for 200 head of cattle branded (an H and an L. The L is attached to the H; HL but without two verticle lines; they are conjoined) Cattle now running in Bay Prairie. Seem to be collateral for Pertiller (note by researcher, Bobbie Lee)

Cattle Brands registered
I am not going to try to draw the brand, but will show the registration and/or relinquishment date of each brand
Lee, Sarah B. $615, 24 Feb 1863

Lee, John E., #616, 24 Feb 1863; relinquished 5 April 1869

Lee, P. #837, 12 Aug 1867

Lee, John, $618; 24 Feb 1863

Lee, P. T. #619, 24 Feb 1863

Lee, C. W. $620; 24 Feb 1863; 1/2 circle above the initials CL was added 25 Sept. 1869

Lee, Edward, $677; 16 July 1864 (?) Rel. to wife & assigns 2 April 1864 (?)

Lee, R. L., Mrs. #769; 23 Aug 1866

Lee, Amos, #839; 12 Aug 1867

Lee, Doretha Adaline, $937; 20 Oct. 1868

Lee, John E. # 965; 5 April 1969 (seems to be the same brand as #616 above.


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