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This is not a complete list, just data that was copied about 40 years ago by a friend who has since died. This has been sitting on a shelf all these years and it is now my intention to put it where it can be shared by all.

Fort Bend County Seat: Richmond. Created 1837, organized 1838, from Austin County.

Adam Cobb to Mary Metcalf 31 Dec 1837
Pascal C. Borden to Frances M. Herd 6 Feb 1838
James Powell to Emily Pike 22 Feb 1838
Thomas Hancock to Polly Bird 11 Mar 1838
Daniel Bradley to Aroline Powell ___1838
Josiah W. Pilant to Lenora Balance 12 June 1838
Charles W. Converse to Eveline E. Wheeler 24 June 1838
Ephraim Evans to Nancy Lindsey 28 June 1838
William H. Shadburn to Eliza Wheeler 19 July 1838
Joseph H. Moore to Delila Isaacsa 25 July 1838
James W. McClelland to Ellen Powell 26 July 1838
Joseph H. Walker to Clarinda Hodge 26 July 1838
James L. McKenzie to Rachel Ann Northington 17 Jan 1839
Silas M. Durrett to Sarah Carpenter 3 Apr 1839
John J. Carson to Anne E. Perina 18 Apr 1839
James M. Hamm to Nancy Stuart 17 July 1839
Thomas Nathaniel Mudd to Delphana Metcalf 20 Aug 1839
Raleigh G. Ford to Nancy Eliza Jones 15 Sept 1839
Wilson T. Lightfoot to Sarah Scott 30 Jan 1840
William Flint to Mahala Tuttle 30 Apr 1840
William P. Morton to Emily Anderson 2 Apr 1840
William H. Foster to Louisa Jane Scott 25 Oct 1840
Abraham Peveyhouse to Mary Hodge 26 Nov 1840
Dr. G. A. Feris to Lavinia Thompson 2 Jan 1841
L. M. Armstrong to Mrs. Sarah Scott 19 Jan 1841
Ira Fuller to Grace E. Pentecost 19 Apr 1841
George W. Hansel to Sarah P. Bryan 22 Apr 1841
Daniel S. Harbert to Nancy W. Kirk ___1841 (not returned)
James W. McClain to Catherine Anna C. Payne 18 May 1841
Cornelius P. Hermans to Mary Ann Brush 22 May 1841
Joseph H. Barnard to Nancy M. Danforth 30 July 1841
Allen Sampson to Margaret Ann Hawkins 3 Dec 1841
William H. Battle to Nancy Medcalf 3 Dec 1841
Emory H. Durst to Mary Ann Moore 24 Dec 1841
Oliver H. Rundell to Jane E. Walker 6 Apr 1841
John B. Goodman to Lucinda Olds 5 May 1842
Thomas Dresser to Mary Amanda Brookshear 31 May 1842
Arch Hodge to Frances C. Perris 5 July 1842
Thomas McDugal to Lucinda Jeter 9 July 1841
Pascal P. Borden to Martha Stafford 19 July 1842
Adam Stafford to M. E. Hawkins 28 July 1842
James Denman to Julia M. Lugen ___Aug 1842
James Harp to Julia Thompson 1 Aug 1842
Gustov A. Parker to Mrs. Susan Summers 1 Oct 1842
E. Earle Hartridge to Sarah J. Dunlavy 10 Nov 1842
William S. Jones to Mariann Barnett 23 Jan 1842
Oscar A. Ross to Anne Marie Harris 29 Dec 1842
Miles W. Battle to Mrs. Treasy Springer 29 Dec 1842
Archibald McPhil to Algonda Hooper 2 Jan 1843
Benjamin B. Nuget to Mary Jane Foster 18 Jan 1843
Samuel Brookshire to Mary Elizabeth Potten 26 Jan 1843
Samuel M. Frost to Mrs. Harriet H. Head 2 Mar 1843
James Croft to Sarah Bird 30 Apr 1843
Washington S. Kegins to Mrs. Elizabeth File 27 Apr 1843
Jonathan Lewis to Mrs. Mary Pevehouse 8 May 1843
George W. Pleasants to Jane A. Brush 24 June 1843
Lambert Smith to Martha Ann Coates 5 Sept 1843
Svante M. Sevenson to Janette W. Long 12 Dec 1843
William Crawford to Sarah Shropshire 10 Jan 1844
Samuel G. Fowler to Mrs. Rebecca Masterson 3 Feb 1844
Stephen H. Rector to Mary A. Pentecost 25 Mar 1844
George P. Foster to Mrs. Susan Foster 31 Mar 1844
James S. Sullivan to Mrs. Ann R. Stiff 2 Apr 1844
James Jarmon to Mrs. Mary Walker 9 Apr 1844
Casper Habermaker to Miss Eliza Jane Cates 18 Apr 1844
Ely F. Ross to Mary Hodge 4 June 1841
James W. Sansbury to Sarah A. Jones 25 June 1844
Edward S. Walker to Martha Hunter 19 Dec 1844
Perry F. McMahan to Nancy Kirk 21 Jan 1845
Granville W. Rose to Ruth Hodge 11 Feb 1845
John Keggins to Miss Clarinda Pevehouse 18 Feb 1845
Frederick Whithurse to Mary Bird 20 Feb 1845
Meredith Tongate to Mahala Hancock 20 Mar 1845
William Ryan to Mary Jane Jones 15 Apr 1845
Thomas M. Grey to Mrs. Nancy Barrett 7 June 1845
Edward Kemp to Harriet Roberts 10 June 1845
Andrew Jackson Ford to Margaret Ann Jane Parker 15 July 1845
J. E. Bundick to Miss R. Abbot 22 Sept 1845
John C. Boone to Ann Elizabeth Jones 8 Oct 1845
Richard A. Johnson to Lodema Hibbard 25 Oct 1845
John C. Hyde to Nancy Hancock ___1845
Levi Mercer to Sarah B. Hawkins 29 Oct 1845
Tom Pratt to Mrs. Susan Parker 8 Nov 1845
Colin Cocke to Sarah E. Fenn 4 Dec 1845
Ebenezer Cheny to Mrs. Mary Neal 4 Dec 1845
Andrew J. Beard to Mrs. Susan Pentecost 6 Jan 1846
William Johnson to Amanda Bennett 25 Jan 1846
Henry Woodlands to Mary Ann Fike 4 Feb 1846