El Paso 1914


If you're from El Paso...born here or raised here...or are new to this City, you will enjoy this look back at the way it was in 1914. This little "brag book" entitled EL PASO was discovered in the belongings of Henry Van Bruggen & his wife Cornelia. It appears to have been issued in 1914 by The El Paso Chamber of Commerce, however it has no copyright information. Some of these scans are a bit tilted, but this book is old and fragile and I don't want to twist and turn it too much. It has been scanned and put here solely for the pleasure of those who visit this site, and is not to be used by anyone for monetary gain.

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Any additional information, comments, or questions are welcome and if you have old El Paso pictures you'd like to share, please email me

Jan Parsons Armstrong

Front Cover of El Paso Book Back Cover of El Paso Book 1914 Overview of El Paso scan0008 Downtown Business District scan0001 The Mills Building scan0002 Downtown Business District scan0004 The Banner Building scan0005 The First National Building scan0006 Downtown Business District scan0007 San Jacinto Plaza and Other Parks scan0009 Ascarate Park scan0010 The Sheldon Hotel scan0011  Hotel Paso Del Norte scan0012 The Dome, this room is now a unique bar scan0013 The Main Hall El Paso Chamber of Commerce scan0014 YMCA, another young men's club & The Masonic Temple scan0015 Main Reading Room at Masonic Temple scan0016 The El Paso Country Club scan0017 The El Paso Public Library scan0018 Small insert is now UTEP!! Go Miners!  Anyone know these other schools? scan0019 Early Churches, St. Clements Episcopal is bottom middle scan0020 Ahhh, a Complex Education scan0021 A Luxurious El Paso Home scan0022 A Luxurious El Paso Home(note the hose and sprinkler! scan0024 A Luxurious El Paso Home scan0028 A Luxurious El Paso Home scan0029 Luxurious El Paso Homes scan0030 Early El Paso Homes scan0031 El Paso Apartment Houses (2 of which are still standing, I think!) scan0032 El Paso Hospitals scan0033 An El Paso Department Store scan0034