This Benedict Family Bible came into an antique shop in El Paso, Texas about 2 years ago. The owner of the shop gave the Bible to his mother, Diane Brown Payne, knowing she is an avid genealogist. Diane has entrusted me with this Bible so that we may share this valuable information with others. In order for you to read these wonderful entries yourself, rather than my typed interpretation, I have had to make the pages quite large. You will have to use your vertical & horizontal bars and move around the pages. It does make for slower reading, and slower loading, but this Bible is well worth it!! Neither Diane, nor I, have any knowledge of the people in this Bible....we just want to help you break through that brick wall!! And please, if you do find something you can use, please let me know....I love the fun of the Hunt, but when we find something worthwhile, it's a big thrill!!! Happy Reading!!

This is an American Bible Society publication, 1858. There are actually 2 sets of Bible records here, as you can see by the page borders. One set has been sewn into the other, and at some time, tape was used to hold all this together. From what I can deduce, ADDESSA BENEDICT was born in 1848. She became a school teacher and in 1865, her students gave her this Bible. She married ALBERT J. STEWART in 1870. The first 3 images are a written dedication to Addessa on the 3 fly pages in the front of the Bible. The bottom of the 3rd page contains a date in 1865 and the names of the students. This is a bit dark, but is now easier to read than the original scanned page.

Later Note: No sooner did I announce that these records were available, an email came stating "Adessa Templeton Benedict was born 30th of 3rd month 1848. She was dau of Aaron born 1819 and Caroline Dague. Aaron was son of William born `1776 and Alse Hoag or Polly Williams. Family was from Peru Ohio.
Benedicts in America Volume One page 408.

My own curiousity led me to the 1880 census where I found Addessa Benedict Stewart living with her husband & 8 yr old daughter in Palmyra, Lenawee Co., Michigan.
Benedict Bible Fly Page
Benedict Bible Fly Page
Benedict Bible Fly Page
Benedict Bible Page 1
Benedict Bible Page 2
Benedict Bible Page 3
Benedict Bible Page 4
Benedict Bible Page 5
Benedict Bible Page 6
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Benedict Bible Fly Page


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