These notes were made when I spent a day, in 1965, at the Ouachita Parish, La. Courthouse. You'll see that much of this data ties in with the Scriber-Miller Bible records. My apologies for lack of detail in some cases, but I do feel there are some good clues here. If anyone can give me more information on these HARDY people, please email me. Thanks.

Jan Parsons Armstrong


Nelson, Alex F. -- Brinson, Sarah 28 Feb 1819
Nelson, Alex F. -- Brinson, Sarah 28 Feb 1821
Hardy, Sarah -- Roane, Ewing H. Book M, page 406
Hardy, John S. -- McClendon, Frances Book L, page 548, 1852
Miller, John -- A701-1818, B203 Conveyance Bk. E88
Miller, Abel -- A704-1810, A31, A44, A72, A119, A169, A935, and many more (if interested, email me please)


Hardy, Alanson B. died 1873, mentions Olivia aged 5, Emma aged 3, Mildred aged 5 months and Emilda.

Scriber, Abraham died Monday 28 April 1834, at the home of John Smith on Bayou Barthalomew. Mentions Widow, Lydia White and daughter Jane, aged 2. Three sons by former wife, Jamima Counts(Courts?), Benna, John and Eli. "Considerable estate of property."


George W. Brown to Bettie Hardy 11 Feb 1880 by W. S. Rhodes, J. P.
E. H. Rills to Mrs. T. M. Hardy 28 Jan 1881, witness: C. D. Bry
Robert M. Hardy to Sena A. Duty 4 Nov 1879
James Owens to Maria Klady 29 July 1816
John Pirkey to Madline Cavit 23 Nov 1827
John Harris to Mary Pirkey 26 Aug 1810

Eli Scriber to Edna Hickman 4 April 1830
Benna (Benjamin) Scriber to Elizabeth Miller 12 Jan 1831
John S. Scriber to Elizabeth Jane Ailes 7 June 1832
Joshua Scriber to Mary Sanders 13 July 1872
William J. C. Scriber to Martha Frances Lundy 13 Mar 1882
H. M. Scriber to Carrie I. (Izola) Scriber 12 Sept 1887
E. L. Scriber to Mrs. Florence Turner 10 Aug 1907
John G. Miller to Mary A. E. Scriber 26 May 1856
B. F. Miller to Elizabeth Collett 21 Mar 1869


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