Records Researchers in Jamaica

Records Researchers in Jamaica

Cynthia Roser is a records researcher in Jamaica, but she does not live in Jamaica. She worked for the RGD for some time before going into business "Digging up Dem Bones". She charges for her work which covers the costs of working at the Registrar General's Department (RGD). Her e-mail is Lately I have heard that she is not responding to emails, so she may no longer be undertaking work.

Diane Golding-Frankson is also a records researcher who lives in Jamaica. She charges daily fees for her work.

She says:

"I have experience in all areas of Jamaican research , I've volunteered at the RGD, and worked in the vault, with the wills deeds and law books. I'm well known at both the Jamaica Archives and the National reference Library , I've ways of getting info from several state bodies i.e Land Valuation and Inland Revenue Service if necessary. I've trolled several cemeteries on the island. But am based in Kingston, and travel regularly to Spanish Town. For thirty years I've collected enough information on my own family, that the manuscript now exceeds 1000 pages of wills , historical references and documentary details on all my ancestors in Jamaica and outside of Jamaica. I'm also an Archaeological Consultant and have written several reports for NEPA. And have written several unpublished manuscripts on my family and on the Pre -Colombian inhabitants of the island, whom I have researched in detail for the last 13 years."

I have not personally worked with her. Her email

Her web site for more information is:GenealogyplusJamaica

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