Jamaica 2nd Contingent WWI

Daily Gleaner

January 8, 1916


Full List of Officers and Men of Our Second War Contingent -JAMAICA BATTALION—Recruits who are Going to be Trained for the Firing Line.

Owing to the great demand on our space, the following list of officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Second Jamaica War Contingent, who have embarked for England, was crowded out of yesterday’s “Gleaner”.

List of Officers for Embarkation

Major C. Wood Hill, 1st W.I.R.
Lieut. J.V. Kirkland, 1st W.I.R.
Capt. C.S. Sanguinetti, B.W.I.R.
Capt. E.H. Quin, B.W.I.R.
Capt. C.D.A. Robinson, B.W.I.R.
Lieut. F. Gowenlock, B.W.I.R.
Lieut. H. F. Donald, B.W.I.R.
Lieut. C. F. Jacobs, B.W.I.R.
Lieut. C. E. Sharp (R.A.M.C) B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. W.L. Phillips, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. K. D. Andrews, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. F.D. McPhail, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. A.H. Spyer, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. J.A.V. Thompson, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. L.H. McKay, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. R.S. Martinez, B.W.I.R
Sec. Lieut. D.R. Ballard, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. J.E. Hart, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. E.M. Lord, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. S.F. Binns, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. H.D. O’Donnell, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. C.H. Delgado, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. W.H. Kieffer, B.W.I.R.
Sec. Lieut. C. Barrett, B.W.I.R.
(Sgd.) R.C. Waters. Lieutenant and Adjutant

[Note from compiler, I have alphabetized the names in the platoons into one list. The original was by platoon of about 56-62 men in each of 18 platoons.]

1,612Pte.Aiken, H.W.10th Platoon
1,652Pte.Allen, P.S.12th Platoon
2,130Pte.Allen, S.6th Platoon
1,088Pte.Allen. E.R.2nd Platoon
2,542Pte.Anderson,16th Platoon
2,541Pte.Anderson, A.16th Platoon
594Pte.Anderson, C.A.8th Platoon
1,425Pte.Anderson, C.N.8th Platoon
1,882Pte.Anderson, C.R.15th Platoon
1,813L. Cpl.Anderson, E.L.14th Platoon
1,397CQMSAnderson, E.V.8th Platoon
915Pte.Anderson, H.5th Platoon
2,288Pte.Anderson, H.B.12th Platoon
949Pte.Anderson, S.4th Platoon
949Pte.Anderson, S.13th Platoon
1,726Pte.Anderson, T.12th Platoon
796Pte.Anderson, W.G.4th Platoon
1,109Sgt.Andrade, H.V.15th Platoon
876Pte.Angel, N.C.2nd Platoon
2,285Pte.Anglin S.18th Platoon
1,414Pte.Anglin, L.8th Platoon
1,929Pte.Archer, E.16th Platoon
1,471Pte.Armstrong, F.7th Platoon
2,210Pte.Artry, R.10th Platoon
2,012Pte.Ascott, E.7th Platoon
2,028Pte.Ashford, A.5th Platoon
2,552Pte.Ashley, E.16th Platoon
1,555Pte.Austin, I.9th Platoon
1,990Pte.B------- (Line illegible)15th Platoon
1,286Pte.Bachelor, A.N.2nd Platoon
2,147Pte.Bailey, A.C12th Platoon
1,188Pte.Bailey, C.6th Platoon
2,044Pte.Bailey, F.17th Platoon
1,421Pte.Bailey, J.R.1st Platoon
2,047Pte.Bailey, P.C.5th Platoon
1,483Pte.Bailey, S.C.3rd Platoon
1,585Pte.Bailey, T.B.1st Platoon
880Pte.Baker, A.6th Platoon
1,676Pte.Baker, D.11th Platoon
2,195Pte.Balfour, C.17th Platoon
2,035Pte.Banks, G.8th Platoon
2,472Pte.Banton, J.17th Platoon
1,969Pte.Barclay, F.14th Platoon
1,443PteBarham, R.H.18th Platoon
2,085Pte.Barnett, E.3rd Platoon
869Pte.Barnett, H.4th Platoon
1,285L. Cpl.Barr, E.A.8th Platoon
1,052Cpl.Barrett, C.2nd Platoon
1,240Pte.Barrett, C.2nd Platoon
1,952Pte.Barrett, E.A.10th Platoon
1,713Pte.Barrett, H.11th Platoon
1,845Pte.Barrett, R.14th Platoon
1,713Pte.Barrett, S.12th Platoon
2,312Pte.Barrett, S.M.13th Platoon
2,621Pte.Barrett, W.15th Platoon
2,230Pte.Barry, U.V.9th Platoon
1,457Pte.Bartley, J.9th Platoon
2,449Pte.Barton, E.B.14th Platoon
2,351PteBaugh, L.18th Platoon
2,569Pte.Beans, C.U.13th Platoon
1,545Ptn.SgtBeaument, A.4th Platoon
2,529Pte.Beautitiel, P16th Platoon
1,667Pte.Beckford, J.11th Platoon
2,518Pte.Beckford, U.16th Platoon
1,857Pte.Bell, C.E.15th Platoon
1,904Pte.Bell, F.14th Platoon
1,123Pte.Bell, W.S.3rd Platoon
1,665Pte.Bennett, E.11th Platoon
943Pte.Bennett, R.W.3rd Platoon
1,290Pte.Bennett, S.3rd Platoon
1,519Pte.Bennett, S.9th Platoon
2,507Pte.Berkeley, A.16th Platoon
1,442Pte.Berry, F.G.8th Platoon
1,326Pte.Bertram, J7th Platoon
2,474Pte.Binns, A.C.14th Platoon
2,027C.S.M.Bird, E.N.1st Platoon
1,897Pte.Black, A.D.11th Platoon
2,580Pte.Black, G.12th Platoon
1,669Pte.Black, H.11th Platoon
1,610Pte.Black, W.10th Platoon
2,202Pte.Blackstock, B.M.6th Platoon
1,923Pte.Blackwood, W.17th Platoon
1,544Pte.Blain, D.L.5th Platoon
1,832Pte.Blair, W.N.15th Platoon
1,214Pte.Bogleet, N.6th Platoon
1,225Pte.Bonnar, J.5th Platoon
1,704Pte.Bonner, G.12th Platoon
1,704Pte.Bonner, J.11th Platoon
1,278Pte.Booth, J.M1st Platoon
1,013Pte.Bowen, C.A.5th Platoon
1,454Pte.Bowen, P.4th Platoon
1,581Pte.Boyd, E.W.2nd Platoon
2,576Pte.Boyd, G.S.18th Platoon
2,390Pte.Boyd, J.12th Platoon
1,082Pte.Boyd, L.6th Platoon
1,292Pte.Boyd, S.E.5th Platoon
1,246Pte.Bradshaw, V.B.12th Platoon
1,911Pte.Brady, A.4th Platoon
1,416Pte.Bramwell, A.9th Platoon
2,405L. Cpl.Branker, L.H.9th Platoon
2,203Pte.Braughton, J.3rd Platoon
1,717Pte.Brett, A.F.4th Platoon
1,986Pte.Broadley, U.14th Platoon
1,459Pte.Brooks, D.9th Platoon
2,450Pte.Brooks, D.E.7th Platoon
1,441Pte.Brooks, E.V.8th Platoon
989Pte.Brooks, J.7th Platoon
1,741Pte.Brooks, W.P.12th Platoon
2,024Pte.Brown A.A.12th Platoon
1,289Pte.Brown B.2nd Platoon
176Pte.Brown S.E2nd Platoon
1,659Pte.Brown, A.11th Platoon
2,425Pte.Brown, A.14th Platoon
1,041Pte.Brown, A.B.6th Platoon
2,532Pte.Brown, A.C.16th Platoon
2,193Pte.Brown, A.E.16th Platoon
1,161Dr.Brown, E.A.1st Platoon
1,692Pte.Brown, E.C.12th Platoon
2,341Pte.Brown, E.J.3rd Platoon
1,360Pte.Brown, G.E.9th Platoon
908Pte.Brown, G.W.5th Platoon
1,697L. Cpl.Brown, H.G.13th Platoon
1,229L Cpl.Brown, H.J.5th Platoon
1,377Pte.Brown, H.U.9th Platoon
1,656Pte.Brown, J.11th Platoon
1,656Pte.Brown, J.A.12th Platoon
2,515Pte.Brown, J.E.16th Platoon
1,785Pte.Brown, J.P.13th Platoon
821Pte.Brown, L.18th Platoon
2,265PteBrown, N.W.18th Platoon
2,256Pte.Brown, O.A.12th Platoon
Pte.Brown, P.A.4th Platoon
958Pte.Brown, P.A.6th Platoon
1,337Pte.Brown, S.7th Platoon
1,658Pte.Brown, S.11th Platoon
2,099Pte.Brown, S.E.8th Platoon
1,845Pte.Brown, T.A.14th Platoon
Pte.Brown, T.E.4th Platoon
1,375Pte.Brown, T.H.7th Platoon
1,591Cpl.Brown, W.A.4th Platoon
2,523Pte.Bruce, C.16th Platoon
1,095Pte.Brumley, J.5th Platoon
1,705Pte.Bryan, G.E.12th Platoon
1,223Pte.Bryan, H.E.4th Platoon
1,647Pte.Bryan, L.M.11th Platoon
1,323CplBryan, M.1st Platoon
2,070CplBuckley, H.A.12th Platoon
1,352Pte.Burnell, W.9th Platoon
1,528Pte.Burt, U.9th Platoon
1,884Pte.Burton, E.T.14th Platoon
1,819Pte.Bushnell A.15th Platoon
1,985Pte.Butler. B.2nd Platoon
2,083Pte.Byfield, C.5th Platoon
2,244Pte.C--------(Line illegible)15th Platoon
1,454Pte.Caison, I1st Platoon
1,605Pte.Cameron, F.18th Platoon
2,049Pte.Campbell, A.B.5th Platoon
1,958L. Cpl.Campbell, C.9th Platoon
1,806Pte.Campbell, C.I.13th Platoon
2,528Pte.Campbell, C.R.16th Platoon
1,734Pte.Campbell, D.4th Platoon
1,551Pte.Campbell, E.11th Platoon
2,186Pte.Campbell, E.17th Platoon
988Pte.Campbell, G.4th Platoon
1,578Pte.Campbell, G.S.3rd Platoon
1,617Pte.Campbell, H.10th Platoon
2,354Pte.Campbell, J.C.18th Platoon
1,832Pte.Campbell, J.T.14th Platoon
2,457Pte.Campbell, M.12th Platoon
2,109Pte.Campbell, W.T6th Platoon
2,500Pte.Carnegie, G.16th Platoon
1,886Pte.Carnegie, P14th Platoon
1,933Pte.Castle, N15th Platoon
1,953C.S.M.Chalmers, P.9th Platoon
1,068Pte.Chambers, N.6th Platoon
1,782Pte.Channer, S.H.13th Platoon
1,417Pte.Childs, R.A.13th Platoon
1,187Pte.Christie, P.16th Platoon
1,530Pte.Church, W.D.4th Platoon
1,358Pte.Clarke, A.9th Platoon
2,366Pte.Clarke, D.U.8th Platoon
1,840Pte.Clarke, E.6th Platoon
1,210Pte.Clarke, E.J.4th Platoon
2,003Pte.Clarke, H.3rd Platoon
1,070Pte.Clarke, J.11th Platoon
2,284Pte.Clarke, J.12th Platoon
1,003Pte.Clarke, L.C.6th Platoon
390Pte.Clarke, R.T.1st Platoon
828Pte.Clarke, S.6th Platoon
2,248Pte.Clarke, W.2nd Platoon
1,670Pte.Clarke.J.2nd Platoon
1,881Pte.Clayton, S.A.14th Platoon
2,269Pte.Clementson, A.18th Platoon
2,346Pte.Clifford, S.M.13th Platoon
1,943Pte.Coates, S.14th Platoon
1,356Pte.Codrington, R.9th Platoon
902Pte.Cohan L.2nd Platoon
1,785Pte.Coke, J.M.12th Platoon
2,271Pte.Coke, N.1st Platoon
1,829Pte.Collins, S.15th Platoon
1,787O.R.SCollman, C.H.1st Platoon
1,647Pte.Collymore, A.E.11th Platoon
1,255Pte.Constantine, H.10th Platoon
1,581Pte.Cook, W.H.10th Platoon
1,963Pte.Cookson H.C.2nd Platoon
1,406Pte.Coombs, S.A.8th Platoon
1,983Pte.Cooper, H.J.14th Platoon
2,296Pte.Cottrell, S.10th Platoon
2,486CplCousins, W.J.7th Platoon
2,183Pte.Cover, H.12th Platoon
1,568Sgt.Coward, A.H.14th Platoon
2,497Pte.Cox, J.16th Platoon
2,468Pte.Coy, G.E.V.8th Platoon
2,550Pte.Craddock, M.18th Platoon
1,168Cpl.Craimer, A.N.3rd Platoon
2,415Pte.Cranston, P.18th Platoon
2,317Pte.Crawford, E.T.18th Platoon
2,513Pte.Crooks, F.16th Platoon
855Pte.Crooks, J5th Platoon
2,380Pte.Crossdale, A.E.3rd Platoon
2,126Pte.Cummings, H.B.8th Platoon
1,823Pte.Cummings, R.17th Platoon
1,766Pte.Cunningham E.G.12th Platoon
111CplCunningham, C.E.1st Platoon
2,182Pte.Cunningham, G.17th Platoon
1,026Pte.Cxxxx, C6th Platoon
1,027CplDacres, e.8th Platoon
1,640Pte.Daley, J.11th Platoon
2,508Sgt.Dalhouse, I.16th Platoon
2,334Pte.Dalmage, J.17th Platoon
1,220Pte.Daly, H.2nd Platoon
2,485CplDaly, H.A.9th Platoon
887Pte.Dandie, H.S.5th Platoon
1,206Pte.Daniels, W.A.5th Platoon
1,883Pte.Danvers. L.14th Platoon
1,522Pte.Davids, P.9th Platoon
1,451Pte.Davis, C.6th Platoon
1,151Pte.Davis, C.11th Platoon
2,013Pte.Davis, D.17th Platoon
2,487Sgt.Davis, D.S7th Platoon
2,178Sgt.Davis, D.S.6th Platoon
2,160CplDavis, J.11th Platoon
1,919Pte.Davis, O.10th Platoon
1,001Pte.Davis, P.S.1st Platoon
1,734Pte.Davis, U.H.12th Platoon
857Pte.Dawkins, N.3rd Platoon
2,377Pte.Dawkins, T.U.9th Platoon
1,057Pte.Deacon, S.6th Platoon
1,057Pte.Deacon,.6th Platoon
1,554Pte.Deans, J.5th Platoon
2,209Pte.Deans, Z.18th Platoon
2,116Pte.DeCambra, H.V.8th Platoon
588Pte.Deeble, S,4th Platoon
2,240Pte.Dell, B.18th Platoon
1,515Sgt.DeMercado, L.A.7th Platoon
1,928Pte.Demetrius, H.E.11th Platoon
148Pte.Dennis, N.2nd Platoon
1,330Pte.Denton, G.7th Platoon
1,437Pte.DePass, L.N.10th Platoon
1,574Pte.DePass, V.G.10th Platoon
1,567Pte.Dicard, A.S5th Platoon
2,097Pte.Dixon, A.13th Platoon
1,315Pte.Dixon, B.7th Platoon
1,789Pte.Dixon, B.13th Platoon
124Pte.Dixon, W.I.3rd Platoon
1,478Pte.Donaldson, S.4th Platoon
1,404Pte.Donerlon, B.1st Platoon
1,543L. Cpl.Douglas, C.D.7th Platoon
1,613Pte.Douglas, W.H.10th Platoon
1,625Pte.Downer, H.10th Platoon
1,200L. Cpl.Dray, D.11th Platoon
1,707Pte.Drummond, J.11th Platoon
1,784Pte.Duffas, E.A.13th Platoon
1,629Pte.Dunbar, L.L.11th Platoon
1,730Pte.Duncan, P.N.12th Platoon
2,582Pte.Duncan, T.J.10th Platoon
2,501Pte.Duncombe, H.16th Platoon
2,435Pte.Dundas, A.R.9th Platoon
1,979Pte.Dunn, F.L.A.7th Platoon
720Pte.Durrant, H.2nd Platoon
1,482Pte.DuVerger, M.7th Platoon
1,357Pte.Dwyer, G.7th Platoon
2,365Pte.Dwyer, M.M.13th Platoon
2,356Sgt.Dwyer, T.D.13th Platoon
1,387Pte.Dyce, W.A.8th Platoon
1,026Pte.Dyer, C.A.3rd Platoon
1,092Pte.Earle, R.3rd Platoon
2,614Pte.Echran, R.11th Platoon
1,913Pte.Edmondson, H.14th Platoon
1,456Pte.Edmundson, D.E.9th Platoon
2,117Pte.Edwards, A.G.6th Platoon
2,496Pte.Edwards, C.16th Platoon
981Pte.Edwards, H.G.2nd Platoon
2,072Pte.Edwards, O.4th Platoon
1,227Pte.Edwards, P.3rd Platoon
1,687Pte.Edwards, R.16th Platoon
1,686Pn.SgtEllington, S.T.9th Platoon
1,320Pte.Elliott, S.7th Platoon
1,833Pte.Ellis, E.15th Platoon
1,449Pte.Ellis, J.N.8th Platoon
1,818Pte.Ellis, T.A.15th Platoon
1,241Pte.Elliston, W.4th Platoon
2,259Pte.England, J.15th Platoon
1,777Sgt.England, P.A.18th Platoon
2,065Sgt.Ennever, R.V.15th Platoon
1,345Q.MS..Escala, C.L.1st Platoon
1,653L. Cpl.Evans, J.A.13th Platoon
2,540Pte.Evans, W.16th Platoon
1,967Pte.Ewan, A.13th Platoon
2,451Pte.Ewart, S.14th Platoon
2,035Pte.Ewers, T.E.15th Platoon
1,828Pte.Fagan, N.15th Platoon
1,370Pte.Fairclough, J.7th Platoon
1,668Cpl.Farquharson, G.E.7th Platoon
938Pte.Farquharson, H.13th Platoon
1,839Pte.Farquharson, J.11th Platoon
1,852Pte.Farquharson, J.14th Platoon
1,578Pte.Fearon, H.W.10th Platoon
1,925Pte.Fearson, D.G.5th Platoon
1,548Pte.Ferguson, P.A.10th Platoon
1,809Pte.Ferguson, S.A.13th Platoon
2,433Pte.Fielding, W.17th Platoon
1,662Pte.Flake, T.9th Platoon
1,431Pte.Flemming, E.8th Platoon
1,218Pte.Fletcher, E.3rd Platoon
2,422Pte.Fletcher, W.S.13th Platoon
1,580Pte.Flowling, W.11th Platoon
1,767Pte.Forbes, C.13th Platoon
2,040CplForbes, F.N.15th Platoon
2,177Pte.Forbes, H.4th Platoon
2,049Pte.Forbes, L.O.5th Platoon
1,408Pte.Forbes, N.8th Platoon
2,145Pte.Forbes, O.E11th Platoon
2,264Pte.Forbes, S.18th Platoon
2,570Sgt.Forde, C16th Platoon
1,380Pte.Forrester, S.7th Platoon
1,786Pte.Forrester, S.14th Platoon
1,198Pte.Forrester, S.Z.4th Platoon
1,582Pte.Forrester, W.A.9th Platoon
2,561Pte.Forster, J.11th Platoon
1,901Pte.Forsythe, A.11th Platoon
369Pte.Foster, D.E.2nd Platoon
2,561Pte.Foster, J.E.12th Platoon
1,596Pte.Foster, W.1st Platoon
1,405Pte.Foules, S.C.8th Platoon
1,908Pte.Francis, E.15th Platoon
1,199Pte.Francis, R.N.5th Platoon
1,230Pte.Francis, R.W.3rd Platoon
1,641Pte.Francis, S.12th Platoon
1,390Pte.Francis, S.A.8th Platoon
1,721Pte.Francis, T.D.12th Platoon
1,821Pte.Francis,J.2nd Platoon
2,483Q.M.SFraser, J.1st Platoon
2,493Pte.Fraser, W.16th Platoon
1,104Pte.Fray, A.3rd Platoon
814Pte.Fyffe, W.C.4th Platoon
1,206Pte.Gallimore, T.4th Platoon
2,193Pte.Galloway, G.17th Platoon
2,367Pte.Garrick, S.2nd Platoon
Pte.Garrick, S.6th Platoon
2,058Pte.Garvey, A.J.5th Platoon
1,444Pte.Garwood, R.F.6th Platoon
2,538Pte.Gayle, A.2nd Platoon
2,466Pte.Geddes, C.7th Platoon
1,861Pte.Gibbs, L.14th Platoon
2,048Pte.Gillespie, E.17th Platoon
1,392Pte.Gimling, R.8th Platoon
1,538Pte.Glave, C.E.10th Platoon
1,304PltnSgtGobay, L.O.8th Platoon
2,216Pte.Goffe, W.18th Platoon
1,777Pte.Goode, E.15th Platoon
1,635Pte.Goodlet, G.12th Platoon
1,894Pte.Gordon, A.14th Platoon
1,341Pte.Gordon, A.E.7th Platoon
2,489Pte.Gordon, C.16th Platoon
2,570Pte.Gordon, E.10th Platoon
2,184Pte.Gordon, H.8th Platoon
1,759Pte.Gordon, J.A.13th Platoon
1,680Pte.Gordon, L.11th Platoon
1,307Pte.Gordon, P.7th Platoon
2,371Pte.Gordon, R.18th Platoon
1,738Pte.Gordon, W.A.3rd Platoon
1,420Pte.Gordon, W.M.8th Platoon
1,282Pte.Gordon, Z.N.6th Platoon
936Pte.Goslin, D.3rd Platoon
1,213Pte.Gowie, T.4th Platoon
827Pte.Graham, A.T.1st Platoon
1,511Pte.Graham, C.S.18th Platoon
771CplGraham, H.S.1st Platoon
907Pte.Graham, I.B.1st Platoon
1,256Pte.Graham, N2nd Platoon
1,622Pte.Graham, P.H.10th Platoon
1,014Pte.Grandson, L.5th Platoon
1,975Pte.Grant J.N.10th Platoon
2,509Pte.Grant, A.A.16th Platoon
1,987Pte.Grant, H.10th Platoon
1,854Pte.Grant, R.14th Platoon
1,005Pte.Grant, T.E.3rd Platoon
1,078Pte.Gray J.A.6th Platoon
1,065Pte.Gray, A.1st Platoon
1,403Pte.Gray, B.E.8th Platoon
1,860Pte.Gray, D2nd Platoon
1,998Pte.Gray, G.17th Platoon
1,073Pte.Gray, J.3rd Platoon
2,303Pte.Gray, J.L.3rd Platoon
973Pte.Gray. L.4th Platoon
1,423Pte.Green, F.S.1st Platoon
1,858Pte.Green, J.14th Platoon
2,179Pte.Green, J.17th Platoon
1,772Pte.Green, T.13th Platoon
1,974Pte.Green, U.W.14th Platoon
2,391Pte.Green, Z.18th Platoon
2,495Pte.Griffiths, J16th Platoon
882Pte.Griffiths, R.4th Platoon
1,954Pte.Grose, W.14th Platoon
1,171Sgt.Grossett, H.D.13th Platoon
1,497Pte.Groves, H.9th Platoon
1,408Pte.Gumbs, W.8th Platoon
1,367Pte.Gunter, A.M.7th Platoon
1,517Pte.Guy, L.A.9th Platoon
1,140Sgt.Hall G.A.5th Platoon
Pte.Hall, A.17th Platoon
2,373Pte.Hall, E.15th Platoon
1,440Pte.Hall, G.H.4th Platoon
1,216Pte.Hall, J.6th Platoon
1,214Sgt.CkHall, J.H.1st Platoon
1,438L.CplHall, O.H.8th Platoon
2,525Pte.Hall, P.16th Platoon
1,963Pte.Hall, U.3rd Platoon
2,005Pte.Hallingsworth, S.8th Platoon
2,435Pte.Hamilton, B.17th Platoon
2,561Pte.Hamilton, H.7th Platoon
2,011Pte.Hamilton, H.C.6th Platoon
1,288Pte.Hammond, T.6th Platoon
2,332Pte.Hanchard, C.M.8th Platoon
803Pte.Hanson, A.N.3rd Platoon
2,400Pte.Hanson, C.H.2nd Platoon
1,302SgtHardy, H.18th Platoon
846Pte.Harison, J.1st Platoon
729Pte.Harper, J.1st Platoon
1,685Pte.Harris, C.11th Platoon
942Pte.Harris, E.5th Platoon
2,444Pte.Harris, E.6th Platoon
1,914Pte.Harris, H.14th Platoon
1,573Pte.Harris, M.A.10th Platoon
1,830Pte.Harris, O.14th Platoon
2,138L. Cpl.Harty, D.H.9th Platoon
1,898Pte.Haughton, C.M.14th Platoon
2,522Cpl.Haughton, J16th Platoon
Pte.Haughton, P.A.17th Platoon
1,324Sgt.Haughton, P.S.17th Platoon
2,323Pte.Hawkes, R.12th Platoon
2,276Pte.Hawthorne, E.J.7th Platoon
2,199Pte.Hawthorne, J.18th Platoon
2,452Pte.Hay, C.B.7th Platoon
1,011Pte.Hayden E.C.5th Platoon
1,649Pte.Hayden, E.C.11th Platoon
2,535Pte.Hayle, G.16th Platoon
1,597Pte.Hayles, J.H.10th Platoon
2,095Pte.Haynes, R.S.16th Platoon
1,327L. Cpl.Headman, R.7th Platoon
1,577Pte.Helps, H.H.10th Platoon
2,154Pte.Henderson, O.8th Platoon
2,596Pte.Henlin J.H.15th Platoon
1,895Pte.Henlon, E.14th Platoon
1,393L. Cpl.Henriques, D.C.11th Platoon
2,337Pte.Henry B.17th Platoon
2,225Pte.Henry E.6th Platoon
2,321Pte.Henry, C.16th Platoon
2,410Pte.Henry, G.11th Platoon
868Pte.Henry, J.4th Platoon
2,221Pte.Henry, J.15th Platoon
477Pte.Henry, J.A.5th Platoon
1,709Pte.Henry, L.11th Platoon
1,507Pte.Henry, S.9th Platoon
1,305Pte.Henry, S.A.12th Platoon
1,435Pte.Henry, T.8th Platoon
2,050Pte.Henry, W.9th Platoon
1,968Pte.Henry, W.14th Platoon
2,076Pte.Henry. A.C.5th Platoon
2,373Pte.Herman, c.3rd Platoon
1,776Cpl.Heywood, A.13th Platoon
2,361Pte.Hickey, F.14th Platoon
1,669Pte.Higgins, H.11th Platoon
1,354Pte.Higgins, L.G.9th Platoon
1,029Pte.Hill, O.V.6th Platoon
2,471Pte.Hinds, A.18th Platoon
1,506Pte.Hinds, D.9th Platoon
1,365Pte.Hinds, M.7th Platoon
1,058Pn SgtHinds, S.J.1st Platoon
1,554Pte.Hines, L.R.11th Platoon
1,301Pte.Hines, T.7th Platoon
2,492Pte.Hines, W.16th Platoon
1,824Pte.Hood, F.14th Platoon
2,362Pte.Horrabin, E.4th Platoon
2,164Pte.Howell, A.12th Platoon
2,418Sgt.Howell, N.A.12th Platoon
1,226sgt.Huggith, J.E.17th Platoon
1,381Pte.Hughes, M.7th Platoon
2,009Pte.Humphrey, J.6th Platoon
1,623Pte.Humphreys, A.10th Platoon
1,499Pte.Hunter, A.12th Platoon
730Pte.Hunter, E.C.2nd Platoon
1,215Pte.Hunter, J.6th Platoon
1,557Pte.Hussey, M.C.10th Platoon
1,017Pte.Hussey, N2nd Platoon
2,166Pte.Hutchinson, A.17th Platoon
1,056Pte.Hutchinson, H.G.4th Platoon
1,935Pte.Hylton, H.P.3rd Platoon
1,560Sgt.Hylton, V.F.14th Platoon
1,540L.CplIrons, E.S.9th Platoon
1,321L. Cpl.Irons, H.J.7th Platoon
2,241Pte.Irving, C.18th Platoon
1,183Pte.Ivey, C.3rd Platoon
2,443Pte.Jackson, G.3rd Platoon
2,026Pte.Jackson, P.13th Platoon
2,026Pte.Jackson, R.15th Platoon
2,503L. Cpl.Jacobs, C.16th Platoon
1,259Pte.James, A13th Platoon
1,306Pte.James, A.2nd Platoon
626Pte.James, B.4th Platoon
1,978Pte.James, B.15th Platoon
1,855Pte.James, D.13th Platoon
1,570Pte.James, H.A.11th Platoon
961Pte.James, J.2nd Platoon
1,706Pte.James, L.A.11th Platoon
1,690Pte.James, P.11th Platoon
2,091Pte.Jeffrey, C.10th Platoon
1,660Pte.Jenkins, C.11th Platoon
1,357Pte.Jenkins, S.W.3rd Platoon
1,512Pte.Johnson, E.9th Platoon
1,941Pte.Johnson, E.14th Platoon
910L.CplJohnson, F.C.15th Platoon
1,178Sgt.Johnson, I.3rd Platoon
1,518Pte.Johnson, I.12th Platoon
1,762Pte.Johnson, I.D.6th Platoon
408Pte.Johnson, J.2nd Platoon
1,382Pte.Johnson, N.O.8th Platoon
2,291Pte.Johnson, P.10th Platoon
1,257Pte.Johnson, R.1st Platoon
2,502Pte.Johnson, W.16th Platoon
2,405Pte.Johnson, W.A.6th Platoon
979Pte.Johnson, W.S.4th Platoon
2,402Pte.Johnson,J.4th Platoon
1,789Pte.Jones, A.P.13th Platoon
2,836Pte.Jones, E.18th Platoon
2,435Pte.Jones, H.10th Platoon
1,338Pte.Jones, L.E.1st Platoon
909Pte.Jones, T.C.2nd Platoon
1,196Pn.Sgt.Jones, V.M.11th Platoon
2,447Pte.Jones, W. N.14th Platoon
2,447Pte.Jones, W.N.13th Platoon
2,527Pte.Jordon, S.16th Platoon
2,178Pte.Josephs, C.17th Platoon
2,419Pte.Keating13th Platoon
880Pte.Kelly, D.1st Platoon
1,682Pte.Kelly, D.E10th Platoon
1,328Pt. SMKennahan, J.5th Platoon
2,414Pte.Kerr, I.E.17th Platoon
1,677Pte.Kerr, I.W.12th Platoon
2,001Pte.Kerr, P.17th Platoon
2,441Pte.Kinnomouth, H.J.4th Platoon
1,999L. Cpl.Kirton, J.12th Platoon
1,008Pte.Knibbs, C.3rd Platoon
1,019Pte.Knight, L.5th Platoon
2,062Pte.Lake, H.C.15th Platoon
2,473Pn SgtLambkin, J.S.12th Platoon
2,441Pte.Lamont, A.R.15th Platoon
176Pte.Lamont, S.3rd Platoon
1,396Pte.Landells, D.8th Platoon
895Pte.Largie, J.5th Platoon
1,337L. Cpl.Larracque, W.G.7th Platoon
2,322Pte.Lattibeaudier, S.1st Platoon
1,490Pte.Lawrence, F.9th Platoon
2,056Pte.Lawrence, J.5th Platoon
1,754Pte.Lawrence, J.E.13th Platoon
1,470Pte.Lawrence, W.9th Platoon
1,561Pte.Lawson, E.H.11th Platoon
905Pte.Lawson, J.5th Platoon
1,569Cpt.Lawson, V.A.4th Platoon
2,549Pte.Lecruise, A.A.11th Platoon
2,490Pte.Ledgister, C.16th Platoon
1,695Pte.Leech, N.J.11th Platoon
2,304Pte.Lennon G.17th Platoon
1,448Pte.Leonard, R.9th Platoon
2,219Pte.Leslie, F.10th Platoon
1,448Pte.Levers, H.G.8th Platoon
2,325Pte.Levy, C.A.9th Platoon
1,399Pte.Levy, H.J.8th Platoon
1,455Pte.Lewis, A.G.3rd Platoon
1,727Pte.Lewis, G.A.18th Platoon
1,527Pte.Lewis, H.9th Platoon
939Pte.Lewis, H.18th Platoon
2,488Pte.Lewis, J.S.16th Platoon
1,364Pte.Lewis, N.18th Platoon
2,189Pte.Lewis, R.17th Platoon
1,961Pte.Lindo M.G.15th Platoon
2,511Pte.Lindsay, J.16th Platoon
1,473Pte.Linton, D.K.10th Platoon
2,368Pte.Linton, H.J.10th Platoon
1,792Pte.Livingston, N.13th Platoon
1,860Sgt.Livingstone, R.2nd Platoon
1,316Dr.Loban, A.8th Platoon
1,156Cpl.Locke, E.A.17th Platoon
1,759Pte.Lowe, S.P.13th Platoon
1,744Pte.Lucas, R.11th Platoon
1,756Pte.Lugg, V.S.13th Platoon
1,308Pte.Lynch, L.S.11th Platoon
1,891Pte.Lynch, M.15th Platoon
1,053Pte.Lynch, N.3rd Platoon
1,055Pte.Lynch, P.3rd Platoon
2,405Pte.Lynch, U.11th Platoon
991Pte.MacFarlane, W.A.6th Platoon
1,846Pte.Mack, J.14th Platoon
2,441Pte.Mackay, L.E.14th Platoon
1,812Pte.Madden, L.4th Platoon
1,352Pte.Madden, L.M.18th Platoon
2,073Pte.Madden, W.E.18th Platoon
2,059Cpl.Magnus, A.D.13th Platoon
1,646CQMSMais, D.C.12th Platoon
2,426Pte.Malcolm, C.11th Platoon
1,803Pte.Manning, A.P.13th Platoon
1,513Pte.Manning, D.A.9th Platoon
752Pte.Mannings.H.V.2nd Platoon
2,401Sgt.Manton, R.C.8th Platoon
1,558Pte.March, C.11th Platoon
1,434Pte.Marriott, M.8th Platoon
2,148Pte.Marsh, D.15th Platoon
1,778Pte.Martin, E.1st Platoon
834Pte.Martin, J.4th Platoon
1,597Pte.Martin, L.J.10th Platoon
1,325Cpl.Maschke, G.O.9th Platoon
2,180Pte.Matham, E.12th Platoon
1,254Pte.Mathieson, H.A.2nd Platoon
1,827Pte.Matthews, A.14th Platoon
836Pte.Matthews, E.A.4th Platoon
874Cpl.Maxwell, W.G.8th Platoon
2,617Pte.Mc Beth, S.15th Platoon
186Pte.McBean, G.3rd Platoon
1,336Pte.McBean, N.13th Platoon
1,209Pte.McBean, S.J.4th Platoon
1,310Pte.McCadden, E.7th Platoon
1,683Pte.McCall, O.A.12th Platoon
1,331Pte.McCarthy, E.7th Platoon
1,036Pte.McCleary J.E.5th Platoon
1,779Sgt.McCormack, A.R.3rd Platoon
1,679Pte.McCormack,J.11th Platoon
815Pte.McCulloch, A.1st Platoon
2,091Pte.McDermott, A.7th Platoon
1,441Pte.McDermott, Z.8th Platoon
1,131Cpl.McDonald, B.G.17th Platoon
812Pte.McDonald, J.1st Platoon
954Pte.McDonald, J.A.3rd Platoon
1,152Pn SgtMcDonald, J.R.1st Platoon
1,735Pte.McDonald, R.13th Platoon
1,233Sgt.McDonald, W.O.6th Platoon
2,272Pte.McDougall,A.17th Platoon
1,797Pte.McDowell, L.13th Platoon
1,942Pte.McFarland, B.E.15th Platoon
1,098Pte.McFarlane, C.3rd Platoon
1,662Pte.McFarlane, C.11th Platoon
2,430Pte.McFayden, J.17th Platoon
2,207Cpl.McHardy, N.R.14th Platoon
1,564Sgt.McHorgh, W.W.9th Platoon
2,063Pte.McIntosh, P.16th Platoon
2,375Pte.McIntosh, S.17th Platoon
2,491Pte.McIntryre, I.16th Platoon
2,383Pte.McIntyre, A.A.13th Platoon
1,995Pte.McKenzie, C.14th Platoon
1,458Pte.McKenzie, H.9th Platoon
1,072CplMcKenzie, O.A.18th Platoon
2,180Pte.McKenzie, R.17th Platoon
1,631Pte.McKnight, L.18th Platoon
2,187Pte.McKoy, H.17th Platoon
975Pte.McKoy, I.3rd Platoon
1,485Cpl.McLarty, A.K.7th Platoon
2,614Pte.McLean, D.16th Platoon
1,869Pte.McLean, I.15th Platoon
1,825Pte.McLean, J.14th Platoon
1,089Pte.McLean, S.2nd Platoon
717Pte.McLennon, A.J.2nd Platoon
1,688Pte.McNeil, C.A.13th Platoon
1,460Pte.McNeil, R.J.9th Platoon
1,788Pte.McPherson, R.E.13th Platoon
1,859Pte.Meikle, H.A.12th Platoon
1,818Pte.Melere, G.15th Platoon
1,921Pte.Melere, I.15th Platoon
1,947Pte.Melhado, B.17th Platoon
2,475Pte.Melish, J.R.12th Platoon
1,361Pte.Mendez, H.C.18th Platoon
1,451Pte.Menzie. R.9th Platoon
2,069Pn Sgt.Mercier, T.C.10th Platoon
1,537L. Cpl.Messias, F.E.E.4th Platoon
1,642Pte.Miller, A.S.11th Platoon
1,915Pte.Miller, F.15th Platoon
945Pte.Miller, F.S.5th Platoon
1,876Pte.Miller, J. L.14th Platoon
1,871Pte.Miller, J.M.15th Platoon
1,520Pte.Miller, S.N.9th Platoon
1,671Pte.Miller, T.16th Platoon
1,976Pte.Miller, W.15th Platoon
1,728Pte.Mills, J.E.12th Platoon
1,436Pte.Milson, H.W.8th Platoon
2,248Pte.Ming, A.A.15th Platoon
1,765Pte.Mirie, L.A.13th Platoon
1,111Pte.Mitchell, A.R.2nd Platoon
2,015Pte.Mitchell, H.7th Platoon
1,144Pte.Mitchell, H.A.4th Platoon
1,468Pte.Mitchell, J.6th Platoon
926Pte.Mitchell, W.2nd Platoon
1,172Pte.Mitchell, W.M.1st Platoon
1,403Pte.Moiston, D.6th Platoon
1,696Pte.Montague, A.12th Platoon
2,360Pte.Moore, A.T.4th Platoon
1,433Cpl.Moore, L.A.3rd Platoon
1,992Pte.Moore, S.12th Platoon
1,529Pte.Moore, T.J.9th Platoon
1,539Pte.Morgan, G.O.9th Platoon
2,477Pte.Morgan, J.12th Platoon
2,531Cpl.Morgan, L16th Platoon
1,437Pte.Morris, I.4th Platoon
864Pte.Morris, S.A.5th Platoon
1,077Pte.Morrison, H.H.6th Platoon
1,599Pte.Moyston, H.E.10th Platoon
2,023Pte.Mullett, G.17th Platoon
2,393Pte.Mullings, J.12th Platoon
1,384Pte.Mullings, T.A.8th Platoon
2,172Pte.Munro. A.1st Platoon
2,505Pte.Murray, J.16th Platoon
1,089Pte.Murray, L.4th Platoon
1,592Pte.Myles, N.10th Platoon
1,542Sgt.Dr.Myrie, J6th Platoon
1,073Dr.Myrie, J.V.5th Platoon
2,558Pte.Nanton, S.A.13th Platoon
2,093Pte.Neil, S.E.17th Platoon
1,729Pte.Nelson, A.9th Platoon
839Pte.Nelson, E.S.6th Platoon
1,659Pte.Nelson, F.G.12th Platoon
1,840Pte.Nelson, J.A.14th Platoon
1,916Pte.Nelson, W.15th Platoon
2,258Pte.Nembard, W.18th Platoon
1,440Pte.Nicholas, A.A.8th Platoon
2,469L.CplNightingale, C.F.8th Platoon
2,298Pte.Nisbett, G.16th Platoon
2,298Pte.Nisbett, L.17th Platoon
856Pte.Northover, I.3rd Platoon
2,257Pte.Nugent,P.A.18th Platoon
2,515Pte.Nunes, T.S.9th Platoon
2,319Pte.O’Connor, G.H.18th Platoon
1,871Pte.Oakley, J1st Platoon
1,253Pte.Oakley, R.5th Platoon
1,771Pte.Olaf, H.13th Platoon
806Pte.Osborne, Z.2nd Platoon
1,826Pte.Paisley, R.15th Platoon
2,075Pte.Paisley, W.A.6th Platoon
1,674Pte.Palmer, E.N.12th Platoon
1,163Pte.Palmer, M.1st Platoon
1,481Pte.Palmer, T.S.7th Platoon
1,032SgtParclay, S.5th Platoon
2,152Pte.Parke, H17th Platoon
1,300Pte.Parker, C.7th Platoon
1,514Pte.Parker, S.T.9th Platoon
1,042Pte.Parkins. S.E.4th Platoon
2,349Pte.Parks, F.A.1st Platoon
1,475Pte.Patterson, D.G.13th Platoon
1,186Pte.Patterson, G.E.1st Platoon
2,516Pte.Peart, C.16th Platoon
1,971Pte.Peart, R.10th Platoon
2,016Pte.Peck, G.4th Platoon
2,007Pte.Penrose C.17th Platoon
1,354Pte.Perry, R.W.9th Platoon
2,510Pte.Peterkin, E.16th Platoon
1,688Pte.Petrie, L.A.11th Platoon
856Pte.Petter, J.S.6th Platoon
2,006Pte.Phillips, B.3rd Platoon
1,020Pte.Phillips, H.6th Platoon
1,831Pte.Phillips, W.13th Platoon
2,038C.S.M.Phillipson, S.A.R.13th Platoon
2,600Cpl.Phinn, B.12th Platoon
1,451Pte.Pinnock, D1st Platoon
648Cpl.Dr.Plummer, J.15th Platoon
1,839Pte.Plummer, R.C.14th Platoon
810Pte.Plummer, R.N.4th Platoon
1,305Pte.Pollack, T.7th Platoon
563Pte.Pottinger, E.5th Platoon
397L,CplPowell, C1st Platoon
2,206Pte.Preston H.S.16th Platoon
1,926Pte.Price, E.W.14th Platoon
2,533Pte.Pusey, W.16th Platoon
1,366Pte.Rae, C.14th Platoon
2,128Pte.Rae, J.G.8th Platoon
1,342Pte.Raffington, E.7th Platoon
1,715Pte.Ramsay, D.C.9th Platoon
1,459Pte.Ramsay, M.6th Platoon
931Pte.Rankine, F.2nd Platoon
2,717Pte.Redgard, A.18th Platoon
1,292Pte.Reid, A.6th Platoon
2,220Pte.Reid, A.18th Platoon
1,416Pte.Reid, E.H.4th Platoon
1,135Pte.Reid, S.1st Platoon
1,702Pte.Reid, S.12th Platoon
2,679Pte.Reid, T.7th Platoon
2,081Pte.Reid, W.17th Platoon
1,602Pte.Reid, W.C.12th Platoon
1,446Pte.Rennie, D.7th Platoon
1,416Pte.Rennie, K.G.8th Platoon
2,585Pte.Rennie, W.E.8th Platoon
1,322Pte.Reynolds, S.7th Platoon
2,233CplReynolds, W.B.6th Platoon
2,308Pte.Rhoden, W.7th Platoon
2,499Pte.Richard, G.16th Platoon
1,274Pte.Richards, A.R.5th Platoon
1,698Pte.Richards, J.12th Platoon
1,951Pte.Richards, N.15th Platoon
2,420Pte.Richards, R.4th Platoon
2,258Pte.Richards, S.18th Platoon
1,583Pte.Richards, V.10th Platoon
1,500Pte.Richardson, J.L.9th Platoon
1,748Pte.Richketts, C13th Platoon
2,043Pte.Ricketts, C.17th Platoon
2,261Pte.Ricketts, J.15th Platoon
1,661Pte.Ricketts, W.11th Platoon
2,395Pte.Ritchie, W.17th Platoon
1,319Cpl.Roach, D.E.14th Platoon
1,427Pte.Roberts, L.L.9th Platoon
1,562Pte.Robertson, J.A.11th Platoon
2,215Pte.Robinson, A.18th Platoon
1,447Pte.Robinson, C.6th Platoon
1,343Pte.Robinson, G.7th Platoon
2,519Pte.Robinson, G.16th Platoon
1,283Pte.Robinson, H.2nd Platoon
1,723Pte.Robinson, I.12th Platoon
896Cpl.Robinson, J.N15th Platoon
2,548Pte.Robinson, N.16th Platoon
1,747Pte.Robinson, R.F.13th Platoon
1,666Pte.Rochester, R.A.12th Platoon
1,024Pte.Rodriques, B6th Platoon
2,484Pte.Rogers, C.H.7th Platoon
972Pte.Rollingham, L.6th Platoon
1,242Pte.Rose, D.F.8th Platoon
283Pte.Rose, J.4th Platoon
901L. Cpl.Rose.6th Platoon
1,262Pte.Rowe, J.6th Platoon
904Pte.Rowe, R.2nd Platoon
2,099Pte.Rudd, C.L.6th Platoon
1,816Pte.Ruddock, J.15th Platoon
481Pte.Russell, G.4th Platoon
1,508Pte.Russell, H.A.9th Platoon
1,851Pte.Russell, L.14th Platoon
1,037Pte.Russell, R.G.3rd Platoon
2,374Pte.Rutty, G.14th Platoon
2,412Pte.Sadler, E.13th Platoon
1,643Pte.Salmon, C.O.11th Platoon
1,730Pte.Salmon, R.12th Platoon
559Pte.Salmon, T.J.4th Platoon
1,481Pte.Sammes, D.A.9th Platoon
1,481Pte.Samms, C.7th Platoon
2,526Pte.Sampson, D.16th Platoon
2,058Pte.Samuels W.4th Platoon
894Pte.Samuels, A.S.2nd Platoon
1,621Pte.Samuels, D.10th Platoon
1,429Cpl.Samuels, E.L.2nd Platoon
1,648Cpl.Samuels, L.W.5th Platoon
2,137Pte.Samuels, M.7th Platoon
2,429Pte.Samuels, R.7th Platoon
1,273Pte.Samuels, W.5th Platoon
2,559Pte.Saunders, E.18th Platoon
327Pte.Saunders, E.P.10th Platoon
1,402Pte.Scott, A.W.A.8th Platoon
1,790Pte.Scott, D.S.13th Platoon
2,577Pte.Scott, H.D.7th Platoon
1,575Pte.Scott, I.J.10th Platoon
1,549Pte.Scott, L.18th Platoon
1,437Pte.Scott, M.M.8th Platoon
2,196Pte.Scott, S.17th Platoon
877Pte.Searchwell, S.3rd Platoon
2,504Pte.Searchwell, S.16th Platoon
1,209Pte.Searl,T.6th Platoon
1,939Pte.Seville, E.1st Platoon
1,608Pte.Sewell, J.18th Platoon
2,581Pte.Seymour, E.G.2nd Platoon
1,590Pte.Shakes, J.10th Platoon
2,271Pte.Shand, G.18th Platoon
2,104Pte.Sharpe, A.8th Platoon
1,740Pte.Sharpe, C.12th Platoon
1,946Pte.Shaw, A.14th Platoon
1,033Pte.Shaw, S.A3rd Platoon
2,104Cpl.Sherman, C.C.C.11th Platoon
85L. Sgt.Sherwood, W.18th Platoon
2,124Pte.Sibley, O.P.10th Platoon
985Pte.Simmonds, C.1st Platoon
2,096Pte.Simmonds, D.15th Platoon
1,299Pte.Simmonds, I.2nd Platoon
1,082Pte.Simmonds, L.C.5th Platoon
1,780Pte.Simpson, A.K.10th Platoon
977Pte.Simpson, A.U.6th Platoon
848Pte.Simpson, C.L.1st Platoon
1,705Pte.Simpson, H.13th Platoon
2,481Pte.Simpson, L.5th Platoon
1,739Pte.Sinclair, E.12th Platoon
1,332Pte.Slater, H.7th Platoon
1,609Pte.Smalling, J.B.10th Platoon
799Pte.Smith, A.1st Platoon
1,509Pte.Smith, A.9th Platoon
2,423Pte.Smith, A.17th Platoon
1,766L. CplSmith, A.C.2nd Platoon
2,376Pte.Smith, A.H.18th Platoon
2,061Pte.Smith, B.17th Platoon
1,504Pte.Smith, J.R.9th Platoon
1,670Pte.Smith, O.16th Platoon
229Pte.Smith, O.P.14th Platoon
1,822Pte.Smith, S.14th Platoon
913Pte.Smith, W3rd Platoon
862Pte.Smith, W.2nd Platoon
861Pte.Smith, W.A.6th Platoon
2,562Pte.Smith, W.G.2nd Platoon
1,791Pte.Snaith, C.P.13th Platoon
1,750Pte.Spalding, D.A.13th Platoon
2,368Pte.Speed, T.W.13th Platoon
1,009Pte.Spence, A.1st Platoon
2,428Pte.Spence, E.E.13th Platoon
902Pte.Spence, F.2nd Platoon
902Pte.Spence, R.L.6th Platoon
442CQMS.Spratt, W.N.13th Platoon
1,644Cpl.Stedman, F.H.5th Platoon
2,051Pn.Sgt.Stedman, H.C.11th Platoon
2,103Pte.Sterling, D.U.5th Platoon
1,113Pte.Sterling, J.6th Platoon
1,533Pte.Stevens, J.A.10th Platoon
1,391Pte.Stevens, U.C.8th Platoon
2,387Pte.Stewart, G.3rd Platoon
2,014Pte.Stewart, H3rd Platoon
1,097Pte.Stewart, H.M.4th Platoon
1,620Pte.Stewart, P.F.10th Platoon
891Pte.Stewart, W.2nd Platoon
1,849Pte.Stewart, W.15th Platoon
2,422Sgt.Stockhausen, A.G.10th Platoon
1,493Sgt.Stockhausen, D.L.4th Platoon
2,423Cpl.Stockhausen, S.H.10th Platoon
1,856Pte.Stoddart, L.14th Platoon
1,714Pte.Stoddart, N.12th Platoon
1,279Pte.Strachan, B.S.B.8th Platoon
1,981Pte.Surgeon, C.14th Platoon
1,594Pte.Sutherland, J.10th Platoon
1,080Pte.Swift, J.N.5th Platoon
1,243Pte.Sylvera, A.3rd Platoon
1,436Pte.Syne, G.6th Platoon
1,589Pte.Syng, T.11th Platoon
1,367Pte.Taylor, E.7th Platoon
1,480Pte.Taylor, H.7th Platoon
1,061Pte.Taylor, P.4th Platoon
2,439Pte.Thelwell, C.A.2nd Platoon
1,476Pte.Thomas, A9th Platoon
818Pte.Thomas, A.2nd Platoon
818Pte.Thomas, A.4th Platoon
2,018Pte.Thomas, A.11th Platoon
1,191Pte.Thomas, A.H.3rd Platoon
1,910Pte.Thomas, C.15th Platoon
2,448Pte.Thomas, C.15th Platoon
2,431Pte.Thomas, G.15th Platoon
1,017Pte.Thomas, J.1st Platoon
2,135Pte.Thomas, J.8th Platoon
1,138Pte.Thomas, J.N.15th Platoon
1,430Pte.Thomas, W.B.8th Platoon
1,853Pte.Thompson, A.15th Platoon
1,075Pte.Thompson, A.C.5th Platoon
1,987Pte.Thompson, C.17th Platoon
2,398Pte.Thompson, D.15th Platoon
462Pte.Thompson, E.T.5th Platoon
1,068Pte.Thompson, H.1st Platoon
999Pte.Thompson, I.2nd Platoon
1,826Pte.Thompson, I.15th Platoon
2,098Pte.Thompson, J.4th Platoon
1,949Pte.Thompson, J.14th Platoon
1,247Pte.Thompson, J.E.2nd Platoon
1,154Pte.Thompson, M.L.3rd Platoon
2,346Pte.Thompson, N.5th Platoon
879Pte.Thompson, R.U.5th Platoon
1,526Pte.Thorne, C.N.5th Platoon
2,163Pte.Thorpe, A.17th Platoon
1,878Pte.Thorpe, C.15th Platoon
1,531Pte.Timpson,L.P.10th Platoon
951Pte.Tomlinson, J.6th Platoon
897Pte.Trought, A.5th Platoon
981Pte.Trout J.H.2nd Platoon
935Pte.Tucker, T.2nd Platoon
1,596Pte.Tucker, W.C.10th Platoon
2,524Pte.Turpin, J.16th Platoon
2,434Pte.Tyne, E.J.3rd Platoon
1,867Pte.Tyrrell, B.7th Platoon
1,842Pte.Urquhart, M.3rd Platoon
1,962Pte.Vanzie, D.14th Platoon
2,506Pte.Vassal, C.16th Platoon
906Pte.Virgo, D.S.5th Platoon
2,448Pte.Waite, T.13th Platoon
1,997Pte.Walden, J.10th Platoon
1,745Pte.Walker, D.12th Platoon
911Pte.Walker, J.5th Platoon
1,523Pte.Walker, J.9th Platoon
1,900Pte.Walker, K.16th Platoon
1,298Pte.Walker, L.13th Platoon
3,195Pte.Wallace, C.J.8th Platoon
1,847Pte.Wallace, E.15th Platoon
2,455Pte.Wallace, J.17th Platoon
1,664Pte.Wallace, T.T.4th Platoon
1,054Pte.Wallace, W.3rd Platoon
1,601Pte.Wallen, A.10th Platoon
2,594Pte.Walsh, E.17th Platoon
1,275Pte.Walters, A.16th Platoon
1,261Pte.Walters, D.V.5th Platoon
1,376Pte.Walters, W.7th Platoon
1,839Pte.Walters, Z.N.15th Platoon
1,497L. Cpl.Wareham, C.F.10th Platoon
1,372Pte.Warren, X.W.7th Platoon
1,412Pte.Washington, G.S.18th Platoon
835Pte.Watson, A.1st Platoon
1,317Pte.Watson, J.7th Platoon
1,114Pte.Watson, O.1st Platoon
735Pte.Watson, W.3rd Platoon
1,472Pte.Watson, W.P.9th Platoon
1,636Pte.Watt, C.1st Platoon
1,359Pte.Webley, L.H.9th Platoon
805Pte.Weise, S.2nd Platoon
1,637Pte.Wellesley, I.M.12th Platoon
1,493Pte.West, C.N.9th Platoon
1,211Cpl.West, E J.6th Platoon
2,080Pte.West, H.B.5th Platoon
339Pte.West, I.3rd Platoon
1,657Pte.West, W.12th Platoon
1,481Pte.Wharpe, R.6th Platoon
2,162L. Cpl.Wheatley, P.17th Platoon
1,450Pte.White, A.6th Platoon
1,991Pte.White, C.15th Platoon
1,346Sgt.White, H.G.14th Platoon
1,038Pte.White, J.A.10th Platoon
2,067Pte.White, J.H.17th Platoon
1,124Pte.White, J.M.1st Platoon
960Pte.White, R.2nd Platoon
1,867Pte.Whitfield, H.1st Platoon
2,517Pte.Whittaker, L.16th Platoon
1,318Pte.Whittingham, E.7th Platoon
2,389Pte.Whyns, S.1st Platoon
2,379Pte.Wight, A.B.18th Platoon
1,910Pte.Wildman, A.15th Platoon
1,108Pte.Wildman, W.4th Platoon
2,440Pte.Wilds, F.13th Platoon
1,270Sgt.Wilkes, H.2nd Platoon
1,660Pte.William J.N.1st Platoon
1,946Pte.William, R.S.14th Platoon
2,476Pte.Williams G.14th Platoon
2,460Pte.Williams H.17th Platoon
2,270Pte.Williams J.18th Platoon
1,231Pte.Williams J.A.1st Platoon
2,521Pte.Williams, A.16th Platoon
2,400Pte.Williams, A.17th Platoon
956Pte.Williams, A.S.1st Platoon
1,571Pte.Williams, C.A.10th Platoon
1,587Pte.Williams, D.A.10th Platoon
1,865Pte.Williams, E.3rd Platoon
1,858Pte.Williams, E.15th Platoon
2,233Pte.Williams, E.17th Platoon
2,416Pte.Williams, E.H.18th Platoon
1,796Pte.Williams, F.J.13th Platoon
1,363Pte.Williams, H.G.4th Platoon
257Pte.Williams, J.2nd Platoon
2,032Pte.Williams, J.A.5th Platoon
1,965Pte.Williams, J.T.17th Platoon
1,398Pte.Williams, L.V.G.8th Platoon
2,227Pte.Williams, N.S.4th Platoon
1,552Pte.Williams, V.10th Platoon
2,227Pte.Williams, W.18th Platoon
1,184Pte.Williamson, D.5th Platoon
521Pte.Willis, J.S.10th Platoon
2,465Pte.Willis, R.7th Platoon
2,607Pte.Wilson, C.10th Platoon
1,795Pte.Wilson, H.J.5th Platoon
1,950Pte.Wilson, L.11th Platoon
1,428Pte.Wilson, R.A8th Platoon
948Pte.Wint, I.3rd Platoon
1,045Pte.Winter, J.R.5th Platoon
1,409Pte.Witter, J.T.8th Platoon
969Pte.Woodstock, S.3rd Platoon
1,712Pte.Woolery, U.11th Platoon
2,175Pte.Wray, L.17th Platoon
2,071Pte.Wright, C.E.18th Platoon
1,752Pte.Wright, C.S.1st Platoon
2,066Pte.Wright, E.E.5th Platoon
2,067Pte.Wright, H11th Platoon
1,681Pte.Wright, J.A.16th Platoon
258CplWright, R.18th Platoon
2,229Pte.Wright, T.18th Platoon
1,945Pte.Wright, U.A.8th Platoon
1,495L.CplWright, W.7th Platoon
1,205Pte.Wxxxx, E.M.1st Platoon
607Pte.Wynter, J.A2nd Platoon
2,280Pte.Young A.18th Platoon