The bulk of my genealogical research is available on My genealogy pages. I have just started to add photographs. Notes pages are available for a lot of folks in my files. I still have a lot of notes to add and have to clean up the existing notes quite a bit.

I am currently working on my Young line, my Dad's Mother's folks and have added a story about my parents' parents meeting to the Files Section.

The Photos page will include various photos from time to time. I intend to have the bulk of my photos on either Flickr and/or Facebook, accessible through my Links page. I have only begun my Facebook and Flickr photo project, so files there may come and go, get renamed, have comments added and changed. I hope to have a large collection of photos available by the end of 2010.

The Links page will also include links to off-site resources I have found interesting in my genealogical research.

The Files page will include, from time to time, some files I think may be of interest. Right now it contains PDFs of the research pages from my mother's mother that got me started and two versions of family event lists, one from my Dad's mother and one a handwritten copy of the same with added information.

I have a Family Stories section where I plan to add some tales I've heard or learned concerning my ancestors.

This outer site is done with RapidWeaver 3 while the genealogical "inner" site is done with Reunion 9. Hence the different appearance of the two parts. I hope someday to have the design better integrated.