Miami Indian Cemetery
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Grant County Indiana
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Miami Indian Cemetery

"In the early day each Indian tribe observed its own particular burial customs. Burial underground seemed to be foreign to their thinking. When they finally adopted this custom they dug shallow graves. In these they placed a warrior's favorite blankets, war accouterments and weapons. Having killed his dog or best pony it was placed upon the grave. An Indian woman was given cloth or other things she would appreciate in the spirit world. When TawaTaw's wife died her daughters bought a bolt of silk cloth which, with her jewelry was buried with her."
("Lest We Forget", by Cora Straughn)

"Our father has gone to a mansion of rest
From a region of sorrow and pain
To the Glorious land by the Diety blessed
Where he can never suffer again."

"Frances Peconga died February 22, 1904 - age 71"
"William Peconga died June 3, 1916 - age 70"
"Lucy Peconga died March 24, 1924 - age 62y.9m.4d."
"Willie Peconga died September 28, 1925 - World War I,  born 39 Aug 1887."
"Thomas Peconga died April 27, 1932 - aged 74"


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