"History of the Cherokee Indians and their legends and folk lore"


This humble effort is attempted for the purpose of perpetuating some of the facts relative to the Cherokee tribe, that might otherwise be lost. The object has been to make it as near a personal history and biography of as many Cherokees as possible.
    Without the assistance of the magnanimous, wholesoul membership of the nation, the work would not have been possible and for that reason I wish to thank each and every member, for their hearty collaboration and express my regret that the work has not the merit with which many others might have invested it.
Emmet Starr.
Claremore, Okla.
December 12, 1921.

It's Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men

The Cherokee's


To the Indian Territory—Its Chiefs, Legislators and Leading Men:
In placing this work before the public, we do so, not only with a view of satisfying the universal demand for a more thorough and accurate knowledge of the five civilized tribes, but to perpetuate for years to come the memories of many of the most illustrious of the Indian legislators.
It would reflect upon the philantrophy of the present generation—in this era of literary enterprise—to have permitted the aborigines of our great Republic to pass into oblivion; more especially now that the tribal governments are threatened with approaching dissolution.
Much that is mischievously false concerning the social condition of the five tribes has appeared from time to time in the press of the United States, and in many instances they have been grossly misrepresented. Let us hope that this work, setting forth, as it does, the self-reliance and legislative independence of each distinctive government, as well as the rapid progress in education and agriculture, will serve as a strong protest against any undue action on the part of the United States to deprive these people of a country which they purchased and paid for, and which is theirs by treaty "as long as grass grows and water runs."
Preceding the biographies of leading men will be found historic sketches of the Cherokees, including the ancient customs, rites and superstitions of those tribes. The compilers of the Indian Territory are under obligations to several of the oldest citizens of each nation for valuable contributions to this work.
H. F. & E. S. O'BEIRNE.

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