Descriptions for Coat of Arms


Descriptions for Coat of Arms


Alcamo - We come from the town of Vita in the province of Trapani (submitted by Chris Alcamo)

Cangelosi - This photo is of a painting my mother made when she was a young girl in New Orleans the early 1940s. She generated this painting from the family coat of arms on her father's stationary. His name was Frank Cangelosi. His family was from Cefalu, Sicily. (submitted by Avery Williams)

Castelletti - To the best of my knowledge, there are 3 different coats-of-arms used by this side of my family.  Two from the Maltese branch and the one I have attached which was brought to Sicily when my ancestors (14th or 15th great-grandfather) came to Palermo from Barcelona (submitted by Tony Castelletti )

Giuffre - Family of Spanish origin, and probably from Valenza, ...clearly from nobility and wealth, boasting of having many famous men, that are knowledgeable and become consulars, also found in the book of the Council of Valenza 1360-73-76.     One branch, an Alfonso under Carlo the V with supreme military characteristics passes through Milan; another branch a Guido also passes through Pisa, from which those in Sicily are descended; a John Giuffre with a great deal of wealth stopped/remained in Palermo; founding his family.  Coat of Arms: blue with two oars of gold, and a band/stripe through it all (submitted by Donna Guiffre).


Loiacono - The LoIacono surname seems to be associated with an occupation:  maybe a deacon (submitted by Frank Ioiacono).


Loiacono - Please add this to your website.  This Loiacono crest came from a Loiacono cousin in Italia -- he obtained this information from the Historical Genealogical Studio in Naples.  A brief explanation of the name:  "This Calabrese, Sicilian, Pugliese family of Loiacono is derived from Jewish words that mean (according to the writer, Renan):  'who follows God'."   "The family was 'noble' from Bitonto, and 'Patrick' from Barletta.


Antonio Loiacono (a nobleman from Lecce) was a good writer, a bishop -- Vescovo from Pozzuoli, and was Major Chaplain. He was buried in the Basilica in Pozzuoli.


Clorinda Loiacono was born in Naples in 1809. Her father (a General), compelled to leave this city, he entrusted her care with Colonel Ferdinando Visconti. The Colonel taught Clorinda science and foreign languages. She

excelled in music, became the wonder in the 'reign,' and she was the grand player of the piano in Italy. Clorinda died April 4, 1841.


Francesco Loiacono, a painter in Palermo, was renowned for his 'luminescent' Sicilian landscapes.


This family has their 'coat of arms' described as:


1. First section -- blue shade with a gold lion, in his right paw, a 'comet' in the same color.


2. Second section -- there are three red arched posts, with a red band at the top of this, made like the posts.

The stamp and sign of the Artistic, Historical Genealogical Studio in Naples"

 (submitted by Valerie Lacona - shortened from Loiacono by my grandfather upon his naturalization)




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