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**Long and very thorough article on Sicily from LoveToKnow Free Online Encyclopedia, based on the 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica

**Selected news articles from U.S. papers about events in Sicily. From 1885 and later.

**Information and maps regarding Sicily's incarnation as a province of the Roman empire. From (a fascinating site!)


** Excellent resource with lots of information and content. A great first stop to learning about Sicily and Sicilian culture.

**Mario Grifasi's Sicilian Almanac with photos, information about traditional foods, language and dress. The English translation is stilted at best, but this is still a very interesting site to peruse.

**Wonderful Sicilian culture site with information about traditional Sicilian language, music, dress, food and history. In French.

**About the Provincia di Palermo Coat of Arms

** Sicilian stuff at Cafe

**Photos by Nick Parrino, mostly from the WWII era, in various places around Palermo province and Sicily. From the Library of Congress.


**Agenzia Giornalistica Italia. Italian news in English.


**Albanians in Italy from the Albanian American Civic League, including a listing of surnames and villages of Albanian connection, as well as articles about the Albanian experience in Italy.

Palermo province villages include
: Santa Cristina Gela, Palermo, Palazzo Adriano, Mezzojuso, and Contessa Entellina

**More on the Arbereshe from

**Giussepe Tomasi di Lampedusa: born 1896, Palermo. Author of "Il Gattopardo" ("The Leopard")

**The Jews in Sicily


**Italian Treasury-Sicily. Alan Lomax (of the Smithsonian) recorded rural and folk singing and street performances in Sicily the 1950's. For details, click here. I personally own this album and highly recommend it for a true sense of the sounds of Sicily as mothers, fishermen, threshers and entertainers would have created them. Listen to clips of the songs here.

**Sicilian songs performed by California immigrants, recorded 1939. From the Library of Congress.

**Armos: Traditional Music from Sicily


**Article on Sicilian language and poetry

**Sicilian stories in English and Sicilian from Nino Russo's wonderful Sicilian language site

**Sicilian Folktales from Sicilianische Mahrchen.


**Diocese of Cefalu with a clickable map listing parishes in each area of the diocese. In Italian

**Diocese of Monreale. In Italian

**Palermo Archdiocese. In Italian

**Links for all Sicilian eclesiastical districts (click on Sicily, then choose regions from the pull-down menu). In Italian

St. Joseph and St. Joseph's Day Altars:
**St. Joseph's Day altars. Focus on the tradition as practiced by immigrants to New Orleans

**Josephine Martellaro and her St. Joseph's Day altar from the Library of Congress

La Madonna Nera:
**Short article about the Black Madonna of the old East Village Italian neighborhood.

**Another, longer article about la Madonna Nera from New York Folklore Society

Non-Catholic Religions:
**Baha'i in Sicily


**La Cucina Eoliana e Siciliana

** Arancini! Arancini! Arancini!

**About Sicilian citrus fruits


**History of the Targa Florio, the Sicilian road race

**One man's trace of the route of the Targa Florio road race which circuits towns including Buonfornello, Cerda, Caltavulturo, Collesano, and Campofelice

**Palermo's Soccer Team. In Italian.


**Take the Sicilian language quiz!. Requires FLASH.

**Technical article on the Sicilian dialect (cached Google version from PDF)

**Nino Russo's Sicilian Language Site dedicated to preservation of the Sicilian language

**Sicilian Language Course Online by Ninu Russu

**Arba Sicula, promoting the language and culture of Sicily

**Sicilian Proverbs



**About Italian Immigration to the United States from the Library of Congress

**Boston's North End Little Italy with information about the role of Sicilians along with other Italians

Buffalo's Lower West Side:
**Sicilians and the Lower West Side

**Sicilians in Buffalo, New York. Brief information about Sicilians on the Lower West Side, with architectural focus on the St. Anthony Church.

New Orleans:
**Sicilians in New Orleans, Louisiana, with focus on the Sicilian immigrant lynchings. From

**Sicilian influence on New Orleans dining and food from the Times-Picayune

**St. Joseph's Day altars. Focus on the tradition as practiced by immigrants to New Orleans

**Arrival of Sicilians on the Britannia, New Orleans, 1898

The South:
**Italians in Mississippi with some details on Sicilians who settled in Greenville and the Delta


**The Capuchin Catacombs outside of Palermo

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