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Full biographies of individuals from (or associated with) towns in the Palermo province are transcribed from various public domain publications.

Indexed biographies (which are unlinked) are from non-public domain works. For copies of these biographies, please contact me at porticello @ (remove spaces). Check the acronyms list for the books from which indexed names are taken.

Arena, Peter: UNKNOWN, Sicily to Whitefish, MT

Barranco, Frank E.: Cefalu to Staten Island, NY (SIAIP)

Bell, Joseph Turturici: Trabia to Pittsburgh, PA

Burrescia, Giuseppi: Palazzo Adriano to CO (OFFSITE)

Burrescia, Nicholas: Palazzo Adriano to CO (OFFSITE)

Cangialosi, Joseph: Marineo to Passaic, NJ

Cannova, Frank: Palermo to Passaic, NJ

Cascino, George: Baucina to Passaic, NJ

Chichi, Pietro: Geraci Siculo to Passaic, NJ

Chilli, Joseph: Valledolmo to Fredonia, NY

Cimino, Domenico and Mary: Cefalu to LA to CO (OFFSITE)

Di Fiore, Frank: Palermo Province to San Jose, CA

Dimaggio, Frank Paul: Palermo to Boston (LAIDM)

DiPaola, Antonio: Collesano to CO (OFFSITE)

Dolci, Charles J.: Polizzi to Passaic, NJ

Filetto, Philip: Terrasini to Gloucester (LAIDM)

Focarino, Joseph: Godrano to Lodi, NJ

Formusa, Vincent: Termini Imerese to Chicago, IL

Frontiera, Joseph: Terrasini to Gloucester (LAIDM)

Galanti, Benjamin: Balestrate to Passaic, NJ

Galbo, Joseph P.: Caccamo to Steuben County, NY (WWS)

Gentile, Antonio: Palermo to Boston (LAIDM)

di Giorgio, Rosario: Cefalu to Baltimore, MD

Guarcello, Joseph: Castelbuono to Quincy, MA (LAIDM)

Guardalibeni, Salvatore: Castelbuono to Lodi, NJ

Lo Presti, Daniel D: Misilmeri to Chicago

Messineo, Joseph: Castellano to Passaic, NJ

Militello, Antony: Province of Palermo to Westfield, NY

Misuraca, Faro and Patricia (Galati): Cinisi to New York City, NY (HFB)

Mole, Peter: Termini to Hollywood, CA (OFFSITE)

Palmisano, Joseph: Termini Imerese to Boston (LAIDM)

Passantino, Francisco: Province of Palermo to Coyote, CA

Piazza, Joseph: Termini Emeresi to Boston (LAIDM)

Pisco, Pausata (James): Palermo to Boston (LAIDM)

Runfola, Peter: Valledolmo to Buffalo, NY

Russo, Andrea: Termini Imerese to Chicago, IL

Russo, Joseph: Palermo to Oswego, NY

Saeli, Giuseppe: Valledolmo to Jamestown, NY (HASWNY)

Sciarrino, Peter: Valledolmo to Niagara Falls, NY

Spagnolo, Antonio: Palermo to Buffalo, NY

Triolo, James S.: Chicago to Palermo to San Joaquin County (HSJCC)

Vella, Salvatore: Valledolmo to Rochester, NY

Book acronyms used for indexed persons:

HASWNY: Historic annals of southwestern New York
HFB: Home Folks Book of the Darius Myers Family
HSJCC: History of San Joaquin County, California
LAIDM: Leading Americans of Italian Descent in Massachusetts
SIAIP: Staten Island and Its People: A History, 1609-1929
TIIC: The Italians in Chicago
WWS: Who's Who in Steuben