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The region of Lazio is located along the west coast of central Italy.  It was the ancient home of the Etruscans and then the centre of the Roman Empire.

Obtaining Genealogical Records from Lazio

As with most of Italy, Lazio has 4 sources of genealogical records:
1) Civil records in the comune (town);
2) Civil records in the Archivio di Stato (regional government archive);
3) Church records in the comune; and
4) Microfilms of the above records, available on loan from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

Civil Records in the Comune
Photocopies of birth, marriage, death, legal, and miscellaneous records are available by writing to the civil registration office at:

If you only have the village/ hamlet name (borgata/ frazione in Italian), you must find the name of the comune (seat of municipal government) that it falls under.  In my experience, I have found that some records were destroyed during World War 2; but the registry authorities may still be able to reconstruct the records that you are looking for.  They will tell you how much they cost for the photocopies and you can make payment upon receipt of them.  Here is an excellent web page that explains how to write a letter in Italian and gives examples: Research Guidance: Italian - Letter - Writing Guide

Civil Records in the Archivio di Stato
Photocopies of birth, marriage, death, legal, and miscellaneous records are available by writing to the Archivio di Stato of the province where the town is located.  The addresses are listed here on the Italian State Archives page .  A letter to the Archivio di Stato should look somewhat the same as the above letter to the civil registry office in the comune.

Church Records in the Comune
This is the most difficult way to obtain genealogical records, but probably the most rewarding if you succeed, since church records predate civil ones and can go back as far as the 16th century.  To find the name and address of the parish your ancestor was born/ married in, look-up the parish by comune name .  Italian priests seem to be over-worked (?) and under-paid, so enclosing some lire in cash (at your discretion) may increase your chances of getting a response.

LDS Microfilms
This source can prove to be invaluable if the LDS has filmed your comune's archives.  To obtain a film(s), you must go to your local LDS Family History Center (FHC).  These exist around the world - look at the LDS Web site for FHC locations worldwide .  Alternately, look in your local phone book under "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (or its equivalent in the local language - e.g., "Eglise de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jour" in French) to find your local FHC.  At the FHC the staff will look up your comune, and print out a list of the available films.  You can then order a film(s) and pay a rental fee (a small amount) for 3 or 6 months.  When the film arrives you must view it at the FHC on one of their viewing machines.  The advantage with these films is that you have all the births (or deaths, depending on the type of film you ordered) in the town over a period of a number of years.  In this way you may be able to construct a significant part of your family tree without having to order lots of photocopied documents from the registries in Italy.

The civil records for births, deaths and marriages generally use a standard form, whether it is hand-written or partly type-written.  The Comunes of Itlay web site has kindly provided transacriptions of these forms: Italian LDS Record Transcriptions .


The following surname message boards include ones for a single province and others for the entire region of Lazio.  If you know of any others, please e-mail me with the link(s).  It is somewhat unfortunate that there is this duplication of effort with these various query boards, but given the time and effort that went into setting them up and posting to them, it would be impractical to try and consolidate them now.  I would however, suggest posting messages to multiple boards because it will give your posts more exposure since there are some people who visit one message board but not another.  *Don't forget to include any relevant web site links in your message, and look for those of others when you read their messages.

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