Land Of Fire And Ice

We don't know the size of this drifter, but we do know clear water when we see it.

This photograph was taken by a tool pusher on an offshore drilling platform between Iceland and Greenland. It give graphic meaning to the saying that an iceberg is 90% below sea level.

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Iceland Genealogy and History records date back to the ninth century. 

These records explode notions that only Danes settled here. Within a hundred years after first settlement, a few Scots, Swedes  and Irish settled here.

Surnames over time evolved as in my 4gfather's name Rikardson (Son of Rikard (Richard) in America became Richardson.

We host a stable population; a few people come and a few people go, but the fabric of our society for eleven centuries is insulated from outside influences.  

Stability is also expressed in record keeping; with no catastrophic events to destroy records, repositories contain prodigious amounts of hand written records.

Life here has not ways been idyllic, as in the late 19th century, violent and protracted volcanic eruptions ruined the economy and drove 20% of the population to mainland Canada and America. Some became LDS  and moved  to Salt Lake City. There is a memorial to those Mormon emigrants at Reykjavik.


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