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Early Irish History and Saga
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Ancient Kingdoms, Kings, and Territories           ( Tribe & Territory Index )

This site is a tribute to the names of early Irish territories and population groups, what reference to them may exist in the Annals and Genealogies, where they were located, who their kings may have been, and what surnames and modern place-names may have evolved from them. Sources are provided in Italics whenever possible. The history of many familes and sub-groups who lived within the recorded tribal or family territories is largely lost to us. There is precedent to believe these sub-groups were a mixture of ancient and minor septs with origins and pedigrees varying from those of the ruling septs where they lived.

Kingdom of Cruachain - Cruachan & the Kings of Connacht
Kingdom of Laigin - Mapping Ancient Leinster
Kingdom of Mumhan - Mapping Ancient Munster
Kingdom of Uladh - Mapping Ancient Ulster
Kingdom of Midhe - Mapping the Middle Kingdom
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