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Kings and Dynasties of Mide and Brega

The Southern Uí Néill [not to be confused with O'Neill] were among the leading dynasties in the "middle kingdom" of Midhe from the 5th century up to the arrival of the Normans in the 12th century. Their main territories included the ancient areas about Mide and the plain of Brega, which included the modern counties of Meath and Westmeath, as well as portions of counties Longford, Offaly, Louth, Dublin and Kildare. Prior to the arrival of the sons of Niall of the Nine Hostages in the 5th century, the areas of Mide and Brega were ruled under dynasties which included the Laigin, as the area has been speculated to be previously a part of the kingdom of ancient Leinster. Of the sons and grandsons of Niall of the Nine Hostages who conquered territory in this area, there included Lóegaire, ancestor of Cenel Lóigaire; Conall Cremthann, ancestor of Clan Cholmáin (Mide) and Sil Áeda Sláine (Brega); Cairbre, ancestor of Cenel Cairpri Laigen and Cairpri Gabra; Fiachu, ancestor of Cinel Fiachach and dynast of Fir Cell; and Maine, dynast of Tethba.

Onomasticon Goedelicum describes the boundary of Brega as: "its bounds seem Belach dúin (alias Castlekieran in the barony of Kells Upper) and the sea; the Boyne and Cassán (at Annagassan, southeast of Castlebellingham)." Click here for a Physical Map of the Midland region.

Irish Dynasties of the Mide and Brega area
in the 12th century

Prior to the Cambro-Norman invasion of 1169 - 1172, the Gaelic septs listed below were noted within the territories of the southern Ui Neill. Some were dispersed as a result of the newcomers, whose names included de Lacy, de Hose (Hussey), de Tuit (Tuite), le Fleming, de Verdon, de Nangle (Costello), Tyrel (Tyrrell), Fitz Henry, le Petit (Petty), de Feypo, and de Muset.
Note: An asterisk indicates known septs of the southern Uí Neill, among others.

*Mac Giolla Seachloinn (Mac Glaughlin) of Síl nÁedo Sláine (Skreen & Ratoath baronies, Meath)
*Ua Caindealbahin (O'Kenellan, Connellan, Quinlan) of Cenél Lóigaire (Navan baronies, Meath)
Ua Ceallaigh (O'Kelly) of Brega (Navan baronies, Meath)
Ua Fallamhain (O'Fallon) of Crich na Cetach (Upper Moyfenrath barony, Meath)
Ua Dubhain (O'Duane or O'Devine) of Knowth (Upper Slane/Lower Deleek baronies, Meath)
Ua Maoil Lughdhach (O'Molluwey?) of Brug na Bóinne (Upper Slane/Lower Deleek, Meath)
Ua hAodha (O'Hay, O'Hea, O'Hugh) of Odba (Odra, sometimes Olbha) (Skreen barony, Meath)
Ua Duinn (O'Dunne) of Brega (Skreen barony, Meath)
Ua Leochain (O'Loughan) of Gailenga Mora (Morgallion barony, Meath)
Ua hAonghusa (O'Hennessy) of Uí Mac Uais Breg (Upper Kells/Lower Navan baronies, Meath)
*Ua Conghalaigh (O'Connolly) of the southern Uí Neill (Upper Kells barony, Meath) (later of Monaghan)
Ua Cernachain (O'Kernaghan) of Luigni (Lune barony, Meath)
Ua Braoin (O'Breen) of Luigni (Lune barony, Meath)
Ua hAonghusa (O'Hennessy) of Gailenga Becc (Co. Dublin/Meath border)
*Ua hUigin (O'Higgins) of the southern Uí Neill.
*Ua Maoil Seachlainn (O'Melaghlin or Mac Loughlin) of Clann Cholmaín (central co. Westmeath)
*Mac Eochagain (Mac Geoghegan) of Cenél Fiachach (Moycashel barony, Westmeath)
*Ua Braonain (O'Brennan) of Creeve [Cenél nÉnna] (Moycashel or Clonlonan barony, Westmeath)
*Mac Ruairc (Mag Rourke, Groarke) of Teallach-Conmasa [Cenél nÉnna] (Moycashel, co. Westmeath)
*Ua hAirt (O'Hart) of Síl nÁedo Sláine (Moygoish barony, Westmeath)
Ua Comhraidhe (O'Curry) of Uí Mac Uais Mide (Moygoish barony, Westmeath)
Ua Lachtnain (O'Laughnan) of Moygoish barony, Westmeath
Mac Fíodhbhaidhe (MacEvoy) of Moygoish barony, Westmeath (later of Co. Leix)
*Ua Dalaigh (O'Daly) of Corco Adaim [Uí Maine branch of southern Uí Neill] (Moyashel & Magheradernon barony, Westmeath)
Ua hIonnradhain (O'Heneran) of Corco Roide (Corkaree & Moyashel baronies, Westmeath)
*Mac Amhalghadha (MacAuley) of Calraige (Ballyloughloe, Clonlonan barony of Westmeath)
Ua Cairbre (O'Carbury) of Tuath Buada (Clonlonan barony of Westmeath)
Ua Braoin (O'Breen) of Conmaicne (Clonlonan barony area of Westmeath)
Ua Finnallain (Fenelon) of Delbna Mor (Delvin barony, Westmeath)
Ua Tolairg (O'Toler) of Quirene [Conmaicne Bec] (Kilkenny West barony, co. Westmeath).
Ua Dubhlaoich (O'Dooley) of Fir Tulach (Fartulagh barony, co. Westmeath)
Ua Braoin (O'Breen) [Uí Domnaill] of Bregmuine (Brawney barony, Westmeath)
Ua hAinbheith (O'Hanfey) of Fir Bile (Farbill barony, Westmeath)
Ua Scolaidhe (O'Scully) of Delbna Iathair (Delvin and Rathconrath baronies, Westmeath)
Ua Maoil Challan (Mulholland) of Delbna Bec (Fore barony, co. Westmeath)
Ua Maoil Tuile (Mac Tully) in Ui Maic Uais Mide (Fore barony, co. Westmeath)
Mac Aodha (MacGee) of Muintir Tlámáin (Rathconrath/Moyashel baronies, Westmeath)
Ua Donnchadha (O'Donoghue) of Tellach Modharain (Moyashel & Magheradernon barony, Westmeath)
Mac Carrgamhna (Mac Caron or Gaffney) of Muintir Mailsinna (west co. Westmeath & south co. Longford)
Mac Con Meadha (MacConway) of Muintir Laoghachain [or Laedagain] (west co. Westmeath & south co. Longford)
Ua Ronain (O'Ronan) of Cairpre Gabra (Granard barony, Longford)
Ua Fearghail (O'Farrell) of Annaly (centered near Moydow barony, Co. Longford)
Mac Cochlain (Mac Coughlan) of Delbna Ethra (Garrycastle, Co. Offaly)
Ua hUallachain (O'Holohan) of Clann Cholgaín in northern Co. Offaly
Mic Uallacháin (Mac Cuolahan) of Muintir Cionaetha (Garrycastle, Co. Offaly)
Ua hAonghusa (O'Hennessy) of Clan Cholgaín in northern Co. Offaly
Ua Maoil Mhuaidh (O'Molloy) of Fir Cell (Ballyboy & Ballygowan baronies, Offaly)
Ua Catharnaigh (O'Carney, Sinnach and Fox) of Tethba and of Muinter Tadgain (Kilcoursey, Offaly)
*Ua Chiardha (O'Keary, O'Carey) of Uí Cairpri Laigin (Carbury barony, Kildare)
Ua Riagain (O'Regan) of the Four Tribes of Tara (Dublin and Meath)
Ua Caitheasaigh (O' Casey) of Saithne (northern Dublin)
Ua Cearbhaill (O'Carroll) of Fir Arda Ciannachta (Ferrard barony, co. Louth)

Also see a map of the areas described above.

High Kings of Ireland with Southern Uí Néill Connections

The southern Uí Neill are well represented in the early "Ard Rí" list of Irish kings and included:
  • Lóegaire, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, circa 454 AD.
  • Cairpre, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, circa 485 AD (not a Sovereign of Ireland).
  • Lughaidh, son of Lóegaire, circa 503 AD.
  • Tuathal Máelgarb, grand-son of Cairpre, circa 534 AD.
  • Diarmat, g-grandson of Niall of the Nine Hostages, circa 544 AD.
  • Aed Sláine, son of Diarmat, circa 598 AD.
  • Diarmat, son of Aed Sláine, circa 658 AD.
  • Blathmac, son of Aed Sláine, circa 658 AD.
  • Sechnussach, son of Blathmac, circa 665 to 669 AD.
  • Cenn Fáelad, son of Blathmac, circa 670 to 673 AD.
  • Finsnechtae Fledach, son of Donchadh, grand-son of Aed Sláine, circa 674 to 693 AD.
  • Fogartach, grandson of Cernach Sotal, and g-g-grandson of Aed Sláine, circa 719 to 719 AD.
  • Cináed, son of Irgalach, and a g-g grandson of Aed Sláine, circa 720 to 722 AD.
  • Domnall Midi, son of Murchadh, son of Diarmaid, of Clan Cholmain, circa 739 to 758 AD.
  • Donnchad Midi, son of Domnall Midi, of Clan Cholmain, circa 766 to 792 AD.
  • Conchobar, son of Donnchad Midi, of Clan Cholmain, circa 818 to 831AD.
  • Máel Sechnaill, son of Máele Ruanaid, grandson of Donnchad Midi, circa 845 to 860 AD.
  • Flann Sinna, son of Máel Sechnaill, circa 877 to 90? AD.
  • Donchad Donn, son of Flann Sinna, circa 919 AD.
  • Congalach Cnogba, son of Máel Mithig, of Sil Aedo Sláine, circa 944 AD.
  • Máel Sechnaill, grandson of Donchad Donn, circa 980.

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