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Map Collection
B.C. xxx - Ice Ages and the Arrival of Humans.
B.C. xxx - Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages.
B.C. xxx - Celtic Ireland - Sons of Milidh.
A.D. 100 - Conn of the Hundred Battles - The 'Annals'.
A.D. 150 - Early People - Ptolemy's Map.
A.D. 200 - Legendary Kings
A.D. 300 - Royal Provinces and Sites.
A.D. 400 - Arrival of Christianity.
A.D. 500 - Provinces and Tribes.
A.D. 600 - The Golden Age.
A.D. 700 - Kingdoms and Dynasties.
Province History and Maps

A.D. 800 - The Viking Era.
A.D. 900 - Viking Settlement and Impact.
A.D. 1000 - Age of Brian Boru, Kingdoms & Settlements.
A.D. 1100 - Pre-Norman, Territories and Surnames.
A.D. 1200 - Norman Invasion, Irish Surnames and 1st landings.
A.D. 1300 - Medieval, Irish and Anglo Surnames.
A.D. 1300a - Counties, Liberties & Irish Dynasties.
A.D. 1400 - Gaelic Resurgence - Boundaries of Lordships.
A.D. 1500 - Counties & Chiefdoms.
A.D. 1600 - Plantation and Earldoms.
A.D. 1700 - Protestant Ascendancy.
A.D. 1800 - Defense and Rebellion.
A.D. 1840's - Years of the Great Famine.
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Kingdoms, Clans and Surnames
  • Old Irish Kingdoms and Clans - Historical reference to supplement the Maps.
  • The Tuath and Barony of Ireland - the baronies of Ireland and the clans associated with them.
  • Old Irish-Gaelic Surnames - Anglo and Gaelic equivalents, search your surname history.
  • Norman Surnames of Ireland - including Cambro-Norman, Welsh and Flemish.
  • Surnames by County - a mixture of historic and numerically important names.
  • Castles of Ireland - A compilation of What, Where, Who and When
  • Dioceses of Ireland - Formation from Dynastic Territories.

    Early History
  • Ice Ages and the Arrival of Humans. - The birth of an Island.
  • Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. - The coming of the Celts.
  • Celtic Language - Before there were Irish.
  • Before there were Counties. - an Irish Territorial History.
  • Cambro-Norman Invasion of Ireland. - A summary of events and people.

    Early Irish History and Saga - People, Place, and Province           ( Tribe & Territory Index )
    (Cross-Referencing the Annals and Genealogies)

    Kingdom of Cruachain - Cruachan & the Kings of Connacht
  •     Dynasties & Territories - Mapping Ancient Connacht
  •     The Bréifne Region - Tribes and Clans of Bréifne
  •     The Ui Maine Region - Septs of Ui Maine

  • Kingdom of Laigen - Mapping Ancient Leinster
  •     Tribes of Laigen - Early Tribal Genealogy of Leinster
  •     The Ossory Region - Tribes and Clans of Osraighe
  •     Kings of Leinster - and the Lords of Osraighe
  •     Annals of Laigen - Early Leinster and the Irish Annals

  • Kingdom of Mumhan - Mapping Ancient Munster
  •     The Thomond Region - Dál gCais, et al
  •     Kings of Munster - Lords of Mumhan
  •     Annals of Mumhan - Early Munster and the Irish Annals

  • Kingdom of Uladh - Mapping Ancient Ulster
  •     The Airghialla Region - Descent from the three Collas
  •     Tribes of Northern Ui Neill. - Cenél Eóghain, Cenél Conaill, et al.
  •     Kings of Uladh - Dál Araidhe, Dál Fiatach, et al.
  •     Kings of Ui Neill - and the Sovereigns of Ireland
  •     Annals of Uladh - Ancient Legends of Ulidia

  • Kingdom of Midhe - Mapping the Middle Kingdom
  •     Kings and Dynasties - The Southern Ui Neill, et al.
  •     Annals of Mide & Brega - Early Midhe and the Irish Annals

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