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Griffiths Valuation Index - By Last Name
County Kilkenny, Ireland
(circa 1849-1850)

Griffiths Primary Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland is commonly known as Griffith's Valuation. The valuable sidekick to this edition is The Householder's Index to Griffith's Valuation. Between 1849 and 1850 the land in County Kilkenny was surveyed, under the direction of Richard Griffith, for the purpose of establishing the level of rates (local tax) payable by each landholder or leaseholder. The Griffith Valuation lists a majority of land--holders or house-holders in the county giving the townland and description of the property (e.g. land; house; land and house; or house, outoffices/out buildings, and land). It also lists the landlord and the annual valuation. Because of the shortage of other records this is a very important 'census substitute', even though it does not list the age of the landholder or names of family members.

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