List of Subscribers - 1907 Kerry Bk

List of Subscribers

These people subscribed to the book History of the Natural, Civil, Military and Ecclesiastical State of the County of Kerry, Corkaguiny*, written by Patrick Foley, Dublin 1907.

Thanks to Bob Commins for this contribution, which I transcribed here for all of us Kerry researchers!

*(Dingle Peninsula= Corkaguiney Barony)

List of Subscribers

C.C.= Catholic Curate
M.C.C. = Member of [Kerry] County Council
N.T.= National Teacher
P.L.G.= Poor Law Guardian
P.P.= Parish Priest
R.D.C. = Rural District Council
R.I.C.= Royal Irish Constabulary
S.R.I.C. = Sergeant Royal Irish Constabulary
Thanks to Pádraig de Brún for the abbrevations explanations! R.O. = Relieving Officer (Thanks to Thomas P Walsh & Edel Griffin)

If anyone knows what these initials may mean, please email me!


The Ven. Archdeacon D.O'Leary, P.P., V.G., Kenmare
Very Rev. Patrick Canon O'Leary, D.D., P.P., V.F. Dingle
Very Rev. Dean Houlihan, M.R., St. Mary's, Greencock, Scotland
Very Rev. John Canon Molyneaux, P.P. Ballybunion
Rev. P. Jeffcott, Rector, Toronto, Canada
Rev. John O'Leary, P.P., Ballyferriter
Rev. D. O'Connor, C.C., Ballybunion
Rev. Father O'Sullivan, U.S.
Rev. T. Trant, C.C., Lixnaw
Rev. John Sheehan, C.C., Dingle
Rev. Michael Flynn, C.C., Annascaul
Rev. P. Dillon, C.C.
Rev. Michael Galvin, Dingle
Rev. P. Courtney, C.C


Ashe, John, Boston U.S.A.
Ashe, Martin, Esq. R.D.C. Aughals
Ashe, Michael J., Esq., Annascaul
Ashe, Thomas T., Esq., Annascaul
Ashe, Thomas Matt., Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Ashe, Thomas, Esq., N.T., Minard
Annascaul Constabulary


Barrett, Margaret Miss, Holy Ground
Barry, Michael, Esq., Cloush, Dingle
Barry, Patrick, Esq., Dingle
Barry, John, Esq., Ballybowler
Bowler, Edmond, Esq., Castlegregory
Brooks, Thomas J., Esq., National Bank, Dingle
Brick, Michael, Esq., R.C. Ballinira, Ballyduff
Brick, Michael, Esq., R.D.C., Ballyquin
Brennan, Margaret Miss, Dingle
Brosnan, Mary, Miss, Dingle
Brosnan, Patrick, Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Burke, Louisa Frances, Miss, Kilfountain


Cahill, Michael, Esq., R.D.C.
Callaghan, Thade, esq., R.D.C. Drum
Callaghan, Ml. J., Esq., Castlegregory
Callaghan, John, Esq., R.D.C. Cloghane
Casey, P., Esq., Lispole
Cashman, W., Esq., Cork
Cleary, Patrick, Esq., Milltown, Dingle
Corcory, P., Esq., G.L.O
Courtney, Ml., Esq., Mahree
Curran, James, Esq., N.T.
Curran, James, Esq., Main Streeet, Dingle
Curran, Patrick, Esq., Flemingstown


Daly, Michael, Esq., Dunquinn
Daly, Mrs., Coumneenole
Dady, Michael, Esq., Lispole
Devane, T. Mrs., Annascaul
Dessitte, Michael, Esq., Dingle
Dillon, David, Esq., Dingle
Donoghue, Florence, Esq., Ballinaboula
Doud, Patrick J., Esq., Ballynalackon
Doud, John, N.T., Smerwick
Doud, Matt, Glenshannacurp
Doud, Thomas, Esq., Kilmore
Dowling, Patrick, Esq., Glenmore
Duckham, James
Duckham, T. Mrs., Mall Dingle


Falvey, Patrick, Esq., N.T., Annascaul
Falvey, Stephen, Esq., Goat Street, Dingle
Farrell, James, Esq., Doonshean
Ferriter, John, Esq., R.D.C., Ballyduff
Ferriter, Maurice, Esq., R.C. ,Teervane
Ferriter, Patrick, Esq., Main Street, Dingle
Ferriter, Michael, Esq., Ballyoughter
Ferriter, Thomas, Esq., Cahirquin
Field, Nora Miss, Strand Street, Dingle
FitzGerald, Daniel, Esq., Arcade, Tralee
FitzGerald, Thomas, Esq., R.D.C., Brandon
FitzGerald, Maurice, Esq., Spa Road, Dingle
FitzGerald, Maurice, R.S. and R. O., Boherba, Cloghane
FitzGerald, John Esq., Clashatlia
FitzGerald, Bridget, Mrs., Cahiratrant, Ventry
FitzGerald, Ellie Miss, Kilfountain
FitzGerald, Honora Miss, Ballyna
FitzGerald, Patrick, Esq., Retired S.R.I.C., Dingle
FitzGerald, Esq., Holyground, Dingle
FitzGerald, John, Esq., Cloghaneduff
FitzGerald, Maurice, Esq., Cappa, Cloghane
Flahive, John J., Junr., Esq., Wood, Dingle
Flahive, __, Esq., R.D.C., Annascaul
Flahive, Michael, Esq., N.T., St. Brendan's National School
Foley, Daniel, Mrs., Annascaul
Foley, James, Mrs., Castle Street, Tralee
Foley, John, Esq.
Foley, John, Godfrey Place, Tralee
Foley, Patrick, Senr., Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Foley, Thomas, Esq., R.C., Inch
Flynn, Maurice, Esq., Mahrees


Galvin, Michaeld Rev., London
Galvin, T., Esq., N.T.
Galvin, T., Esq., Auctioneer, John Street, Dingle
Galvin, Thomas, Esq., Tralee
Garvey, Margaret Miss, Dingle
Garvey, John, Main Street, Dingle
Garvey, Thomas, Emlaghslath
Gloster, Kate Miss, Gallerous, Kilmalckedar
Gould, Jeremiah, Esq., Green Street, Dingle
Gould, Patrick, Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Graham, John, Esq., Holy Ground
Graham, Mary Miss, Emlah West
Graham, Thomas Mrs., Dykegate Lane
Greany, Patrick, Glenshannacurp
Griffin, Daniel, Esq., R.O., Dingle
Griffin, Denis, Esq., 27 Bridge Street, Tralee
Griffin, Daniel Mrs, Spirit Merchant, Main Street, Dingle
Griffin, Denis, Upper Main Street, Dingle
Griffin, James A., Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Griffin, James, Esq., Faherough-More, Lispole
Grommell, Patrick, Ballydavid, Dingle


Hand, P., Esq., Mall, Dingle
"H____, Friend," Dingle
Hare, John, Goat Street, Dingle
Hennessy, D. J. Esq., Cork.
Herity, W.R., Esq., Dingle
Hickson, J. Esq., N.T., Lispole
Hoare, Patrick, Esq., Lisnakeelive, Cloghane
Hoffman, George, Esq, Annascaul
Houlihan, Patrick, Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Houlihan, Michael, Esq., R.D.C., Brandon
Houlihan, Michael, Esq., Milltown, Dingle
Houlihan, E., Miss Lathive, Marhin
Hurley, Charles, Esq., 3 Paromand, Cork


Ivers, Thomas, Esq. Clerk of the Dingle R.D.C. and P.L.G.


Kane, W. Dr., J. P., Annascaul
Kane, Edward, Esq., Clerk of the Dingle Union
Kane, J., Esq., Balynalackan, Cloghane
Kane, Thomas, Esq., Ballyferriter
Kavanagh, John, Esq., N.T., Minard
Kavanagh, Michael, Esq., N.T. St. Brendan's National Schools
Kavanagh, Mary Mrs., Ballinvounig
Kearn, John, Esq., Ballyquin, Cloghane
Kelliher, Maurice, Esq., Green Street, Dingle
Kelliher, Thomas, Ballinvounig, Dingle
Kennedy, John, Esq., Solicitor, Dingle
Kennedy, Michael, Esq., N.T., Annascaul
Kennedy, Johanna, Mrs., Matron Dingle Union
Kennedy, Thomas Mr., Ballinluska
Kennedy, Patrick, Esq., Ballymore
Kennedy, Patrick, Junr., Esq., Annascaul
Kennedy, Patrick, Esq., Moanree
Kennedy, Thomas, Esq., Doonshaun
Kennedy, T. P., Esq., Annascaul
Kevane, W., Esq., Ballynaraha, Dunquin


Leonard, Thomas, Esq.
Leyne, Mrs., Annascaul
Lenihan, Daniel, Mr., Goat Street, Dingle
Long, Michael, R.D.C. and P. L. G., Ventry
Long, P. Mrs., Green Street, Dingle
Long, James, Esq., Quay, Dingle
Long, Michael, Esq, Harbour Master, etc., Dingle
Long, Thomas, Esq., Vice-Chairman Dingle Board of Guardians
Long, Joseph, Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
Long, Stephen, Esq., Dingle
Long, Thomas, Esq., Fahan, Ventry
Long, William, Esq., N.T. Ballyferriter
Lovitt, Mrs., Wood, Dingle
Looney, Daniel, Esq., 79 Strand Road, Tralee
Lynch, Jeremiah, Esq., N.T., Smerwick
Lynch, Patrick, Esq., Milltown, Dingle
Lynch, John, Esq., Ballinrannig
Lynch, Patrick Mrs., Gallerous
Lynch, Ellen Mrs., Mall, Dingle
Lyne, Michael, Esq., Strand Street, Dingle


McCarthy, Patrick, Esq., Coumneenole
McCarthy, Denis Mrs., Milltown, Castlemaine
McCarthy, John, Esq., Goat Street, Dingle
McCarthy, Michael, Esq. U.S. America
McDonnell, P., Junr., Esq., Clerical Student, Emlagh
McDonnell, J., Killnaglerig
McDonnell, Nellie, "__"
McDonnell, Esq., M.C.C. Killiney
McDonnell, John, Ballyferriter
McElligott, Mrs., Annascaul
McGuire, Dr. Gerald, J.P. Dingle
McGuire, Thomas, Parish Clerk
McMahon, Esq., Law Clerk, Tralee


Mahony, T.H., Esq., Clounard, Blackrock, Cork
Manning, Tim, Esq., Ballyferriter
Manning, Patrick, Esq., Main Street, Dingle
Manning, D., Esq., Ballyferriter
Martin, Hanna Miss, Kilquane
Molone, Michael, Esq., Lough
Moran, Michael, Esq., Dingle
Moran, John, Esq., Ballybeg, Dingle
Moriarty, Michael, Esq., Knocknahow
Moriarty, Michael T., Esq., R.D.C., Strand Street, Dingle
Moriarty, John, Esq., Castlegregory
Moriarty, Thomas, Esq., Vice-Chairman, Rural District Council
Moriarty, Michael, Esq., Clounsharrough
Moriarty, Edmond, Esq., Mullaghveal
Moriarty, Denis, Esq., Ballyferriter
Moriarty, Maurice, Esq., Glens.
Moriarty, Thomas Junr., Esq., Dykegate Lane, Dingle
Moriarty, Robert, Esq.,  R.O., Annascaul
Moriarty, Johathan, Esq., R.D.C., Dingle
Moriarty, Patrick, Esq., R.D., Clounsharrough, Cloghane
Moriarty, Parrick,. Esq., Holy Ground
Moriarty, Thomas J., Esq., John Street, Dingle
Moriarty, Edmond, Esq., Cloghane
Moriarty, T.R., Esq., Rahanane
Moriarty, Michael J., Esq., Grove
Moriarty, Jeremiah J., Esq., John Street, Dingle
Moriarty, Michael, Esq., Holy Ground, Dingle
Moriarty, Rowland, Esq., Ventry
Moriarty, James, Esq., Mullaghveal
Mullins, William, Esq., 5 Boherbee, Tralee
Murdock, J.C., Esq., Dingle
Murphy, Jereamiah, Esq., Ballynasear
Murphy, Patrick, Esq., Spa Road, Dingle
Murphy, Patrick, Esq., Green View, Tralee, Builder
Murphy, Timothy, Esq., Dernamocka, Cloghane
Murphy, Mary Miss, Cahiratrant
Murphy, Jeremiah, Milltown, Dingle
Murphy, Thomas, Ballyquin
Murphy, Martin, Esq. Deputy County Surveyor
Murphy, Jeremiah, Esq., Agricultural Overseer


Neil, Michael, Esq., Arcade, Tralee
Neligan, P., Esq., G.T., etc., Ballymore, Dingle
Neligan, Michael, Esq., R.C., Main Street, Dingle
Neligan, Patrick, Esq., Upper Main Street, Dingle
Noble, __ R.I.C., Dingle
Nolan, John, Castle Street, Tralee
Nolan, Michael, Rock Street, Tralee


O'Connell, Daniel, Esq., Spirit Merchant, Annascaul
O'Connell, J., Esq., Law Clerk, Tralee
O'Connor, "Mollie", Miss, Main Street, Dingle
O'Connor, Mrs., late Matron, Dingle Union
O'Connor, Tim T., Esq., Lower Main Streeet, Dingle
O'Connor, John, Esq., Holy Ground
O'Connor, Michael, Esq., N.T. Ballyferriter
O'Connor, James, Esq., Strand Street, Dingle
O'Connor, Batt. J., Esq., Mall, Dingle
O'Connor, Kate Mrs., Mall, Dingle
O'Connor, J. J., Esq., Upper Main Street, Dingle
O'Connor, Laurence, Esq., Ballyeighteragh
O'Connor, John T., Esq., Lower Main Street, Dingle
O'Connor, Ellen Mrs., Cloghane, Ventry
O'Connor, John, Esq., Railway Guard
O'Connor, "Freind", Lispole
O'Crowley, P., Esq., Jeweller, Castle Street, Tralee
O'Donnell, F., Esq., Annascaul
O'Donnell, Michael, Esq., 14 Russell Street, Tralee
O'Donnell, Michael, M., Esq., M.C.C., KillKiney
O'Donnell, Thomas, Esq., Castlegregory
O'Donnell, Daniel, Esq., Ardroe, Inch
O'Donnell, Francis J., Esq., County Chambers, Tralee
O'Donnell, John P., Esq., M.C.C., Trallee
O'Donnell, Michael, Esq., Liscarney, Ballyduff
O'Donoghue, John, Esq., Upper Main Street, Dingle
O'Donoghue, Thomas, Esq., M.C.C., Dingle
O'Flaherty, Thomas, Esq., R.D.C., Ballyduff
O'Flaherty, Joseph, Senr., Esq., Emlagh West
O'Flaherty, Thomas, Esq., Milltown
O'Flaherty, Thomas, Esq., N.T., Tralee
O'Flaherty, Daniel, Esq., N.T., Mahree
O'Flaherty, Timothy, Esq., Teerwren
O'Flaherty, Michael, Esq., Cappa
O'Flaherty, Nicholas, Esq., Brandon
O'Flaherty, Nellie, Miss, Emlagh West, Dingle
O'Flaherty, Thomas, Auchsla, Deelis
O'Holloran, Mr., Tralee
O'Holloran, P., Esq., Manager National Bank, Dingle
O'Leary, Michael, Esq., R.D.C., Killiney, Castlegregory
O'Neil, Patrick, Esq., Ballymore
O'Neil, Miss, Derrynamucka, Cloghane
O'Neil, P., Esq., Cloghane, Parish
O'Regan, Thomas, Esq., 18 Castle Street, Tralee
O'Riley, John, 33 Nelson Street, Tralee
O'Shea, Kate Miss, Coumneenole
O'Shea, Joseph, Esq., Wood, Dingle
O'Sullivan, Thomas, Esq., Castlegregory, Tralee
O'Sullivan, Michael, Esq., Castlegregory
O'Sullivan, Elizabeth, Miss, N.T., Annascaul
O'Sullivan, Donal D., Esq., Irish Home, Cahireciveen
O'Sullivan, Michael, Esq., Dingle
O'Sullivan, Sergt. Esq.
O'Sullivan, Patrick J., Esq., St.  Louis, U.S.A.
O'Sullivan, __ Esq., Light House Keeper, Dingle
O'Sullivan, Michael, Esq., R.D.C., Auchasla


Parks, R. A., Esq., Manager Tralee and Dingle Railway
Pike, D. Mr. and Co., Ltd., 123 King Street, Toronto, Canada
Power, Michael, Esq., Tralee


Quinlan, Laurence, Esq., Tralee
Quin, H., Esq., Dingle


Rayel, P., Esq.,  Beenbawn


Scully, Mary Miss, Annascaul
Segrue, Patrick G.T.
Shea, John, Esq., R.D.C., Kilballylahive
Shea, Denis, Esq., Brandon
Sheehan, Mary James, Miss, Annascaul
Sheehy, Bridget Miss, Strand Street, Dingle
Sheehy, James, Mrs., Glens
Sheehy, Patrick, Esq., Ballyaglisha
Sheehy, Patrick, Esq., Milltown
Sheehy, Michael, Esq., Holy Ground
Slattery, Con., Esq., Milltown, Castlemaine
Slattery, Bridget, Mrs., Leamerlia
Sullivan, James, Esq., Ballyhea
Sullivan, Michael, Esq., Dingle
Sullivan, Thomas, Esq., Dingle
Stack, Mary. Green Street, Dingle
Sweeney, John, Esq., Station Master


Talbot, C., Esq., 64 Boherbee, Tralee
Thomas, Richard, Esq., Upper Main Street, Dingle
Tuohey, John, Esq., Grove, Cloghane
Tuohy, Michael, Esq., Cloghane
Twomey, T. Jeremiah, Esq., Castlegregory
Tuomey, C., Esq., Tralee
Tuomey, Thomas, Junr., Castlegregory


Walker, Richard, Esq., Waterside, Dingle
Walsh, Patrick, Esq., 61 Fountain Street, Holyoke, U.S.A.
Walsh, Kate, Mrs., Milltown, Dingle
Walsh, Nora, Miss, Glens
Walsh, P., Esq., Green Street, Dingle
Walsh, Michael, Esq., Mall, Tralee
Wren Michael, Esq., Dingle, Creamery Manager Rathmore


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