Popish Parish Priests in Co. Kerry in 1704

List of "Popish Parish Priests" in Kerry, 1704

"Kerry Sentinel" newspaper of Saturday morning May 14th 1892

Recently I came across a part of a made-much-smaller page than the usual size from the "Kerry Sentinel" newspaper of Saturday morning May 14th 1892. In it was a list of the "Popish Parish Priests", as they were registered at a General sessions of the Peace, held for the said (Kerry) County, the eleventh day of July 1704. The list was returned to the Council Office in Dublin, pursuant to a clause in the "late" Act of Parliament: "An Act for registering the Popish Clergy".

Naturally, with the tiny (now rather blurred) print, it made it extremely difficult to read, even with the aid of a magnifying glass. The names of the Priests were given first, followed by (in this order) their places of abode, their ages, the Parishes "in which they pretend to be Popish Priests", the years in which they were ordained, and by whom, or where. It was interesting to note the number of Priests ordained in other European countries in those times due to persecution at home. The infamous Penal Laws were in vogue in 1704.

I hope you will bear with me in my efforts at trying to "decipher" under rather "blinding" circumstances, the names of townlands, etc., in other parts of Kerry that I am unfamiliar with, and also some of the ages of the Priests were rather blurred, as well as alot of the names of the places of abode and Parishes whose names (and spellings of) have no doubt changed alot over the years. Please forgive me if, in the course of trying, I make a dog's dinner or a cat's posterior of some of those names, but I hope that somebody who knows those places far better than I do, will later be able to vastly improve on my "efforts". So here goes:

The names of the Priests were given first, followed by (in this order) their places of abode, their ages, the Parishes "in which they pretend to be Popish Priests", the years in which they were ordained, and by whom, or where.

Name, Places of Abode, Ages, Parishes They Served,Year of Ordination, By Whom, Where

OWEN CARTHY, Fohomore, (-), "Injosista" (Tuosist ?), 1689, ordained by the Bishop of Nantes, France

JAMES CAHANE, Finuge, 40, "Kilaine", Finuge, and Disart, 1689, by Bishop of Bourdoux, France

MORRIS CAHANE, Killycaribeg, (-), Duagh and Broanagh, 1688, by Bishop of Meath

ROBERT FITZMORRIS, Ballydonoghue, (-), "Lisbattin, Galy, and Kill", 1680, by Bishop of "Bogey"

PATRICK KENNELLY, Cluontubrid, 42, Lishtohill and part of Disart, 1685, by Bishop of Clonfert

MARTIN COSTELLOE, Ballyrehane, 47, Kiltomy, part of Abbeydorney, Kilfine, and part of Disert, 1679, by Bishop of .......

DENISH KENELLY, Farrannaned, (-), Killnaghlen and Aghavalin, 1679, by Bishop of Xantos

HUGH SWINEY, Ardfert, 40, ardfert, Kilmoiley, and part of Abbeydorney, 1681, by Bishop of Angiers, France

TEIGE SULLIVAN, "Leirugh", 40, Kilgobbin, Killine, Stradbally, Ballyduff and Clahane, 1687, by Bishop of Cambray, France

EDMUND HORGAN, "M"agh, 36, Ballymacelligott and Ballysheeda, 1690, by Bishop of Bourdaux, France

CHARLES DEVANE, "Ballyplimoth", 37, Ballincushane and Castleisland, 1691, by Bishop of Cassel (Cashel ?)

ENEAS LINE (Lyne ?), Lyvane, 52, Kilcolman and Kilbonane, 1678, by Archbishop of Thoulon

DERMOD CHONANE, Knockaderrig, 61, Mollahi"ff"e and Kilnan"_"are, unclear, ordained in France

OWEN DUNLEA, Seantor, 63, Kelcommen, 1688, ord. in France; "ELEMIUS" (William ?) LEARY, Killarney, 64, Killarney, 1674, ord. in France

BRYAN CONNOR, Leitrim, 53, "Murhurr and Knockane", 1674, ord. in France

MARRAGH SHEA, "Killurien", 60, "Killinae and Kahirr", 1669, by Bishop of Dublin

JOHN FITZMORRIS, Tralee, 40, Tralee, Raghlass, Anagh, and Clogherbrien, 168"0", by Bishop of Bordeux, France

ANTHONY STACK, Glanbegh, 36, Glanbegh, 1693, ord. in Germany

TIEGE DALY, "Roghnriogh", 52, Currens, Killenterna, and Disart, 1680, by Bishop of Ossory

DERMOD SULLIVAN, Grenane, 52, Templenoe and Kilmore, 1679, ord. in France

RICHARD CONNELL, "Meanus", 58, Knockane and Killorglin, 1676, ord. in France

JOHN CONNOR, not given, 60, Killcomen and Killahy, 1674, ord. in France

DENIS MORIARTY, Dingle, 53, Dingle and the district thereof;, 1677, by Archbishop of Rheims, France

TIEGE LIEN (Leen ?), Fern........, 42, "Killgerrydander, Killtallagh" and part of Ballinvoher, 1684, by Archbishop of Toulosa, France.

The last two seem to be in Co. Cork, but close to the Kerry border, and in what would now be in the Diocese of Kerry.

OWEN FERRIS, Ballydaly, 40, Drishane etc. (along by Millstreet), 1687, ord in Antwerp

TIEGE CRONEEN (Cronin), place of residence not given, 43, Cullen and Nogvall, 1685, ordained in France.

THOMAS DOOLING, Ballyno, 54, Ballyheige, Killurly, and Ratno, 1669, ordained in France

EDMUND LYNCH, Ballynana, 56, Ventry and Killquane, 1669, ord. in France

JOHN DILLANE, Arnarap, 55, Ballynacourty and Mineard, 1675, by Bishop of Cashel

CHARLES DAILY, Dronmollane, 53, Castleisland and Ballycashland, 1675, ord. in France

GODFREY DAILY, Gortaromagarry, 57, Murbur and Knockane, 1678, ord. in France

MORROUGH CONNELL, Iveragh, 59, Prior and Valencia, 1670, by Bishop of Cashel

OWEN M'CARTHY, "Sallaghigg", 55, Dromod, Ahadoand, and Aglish, 1671, ord. in Catalonia, Spain

DANIEL FALOY, Darrannane, 50, Killicrogane and Templenoe, 1680. ord. in France

MORTAGH SULLIVAN, Killgarvane, 70, Killagarvane and Kenmare, 1665, ord. in France by the Bishop of Dublin.

Hope somebody will be able to improve on those versions of the places of abode and on the versions of a number of the Parishes, but, at least, 'tis a start.

Best wishes to all, RIOBARD.

Riobard O' Dwyer

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