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Lower Lake Gap Dunloe donkey trap
Killarney Photos by Anthony Lake

"Pictures of Irish Life"

These images appear in the book "Pictures of Irish Life". We've reproduced the Kerry-related images in the book for you here. The book has no date; we estimate it was published c. 1910. The only clue to its age is the last paragraph in the book which says:

"That Southern Ireland today enjoys but a mediocre of prosperity is mainly due to the indiffernece and neglect-local and Imperial -of industries and manufactures; and to this may be attributed the excessive emigration. During the season fully two thousand young men and women, mostly from the western and southern agricultural districts, leave Queenstown weekly to supply the labour markets of American cites. In the Munster counties alone, out of a population of 1,015,075, there was a decrease for the last decade (1891-1901), of 98,565."

These photos are shared by Kerry researcher Bridget Smith, her brother Richard Wilkie who scanned them for us, and Joe "Pops" Wilkie who's photos they are, and lastly his old friend in Killarney who gave the book to him as a going away present 40 years ago... thanks to all for sharing these photos with us!

Click on the image to see a larger copy.

Evict 1 Evict 2 Evict 3 To Mass To Market

Peasant Vendors cobbler Gatherer

Irish Life text p. 1 text p. 2


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