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The Kerry Mail List is a discussion email list for anyone who has an interest in family genealogy, history or culture related to County Kerry.

Important Information About the Mail List

Use the IRL-KERRY-L list for discussion of the history of Kerry County, Ireland, and the genealogy of Kerry County families. Discussion of migration patterns, folk lore, immigration, heraldry, historical sketches, settlements, census data, wills, family Bibles, vital records, web sites, books etc. as relates to Kerry and Kerry surnames is encouraged. Public announcements of information of interest to Genealogists in general, though not Kerry-specific, is permitted but please use discretion.
Message format and attachments
• Please submit messages only in plain text, and don't submit attachments. Many of our subscribers are using software that cannot read attachments.
• Use a helpful subject line like "John DOE d. 1800 in KER Co IRL", rather than a generic one like "inquiry about my family line". All postings are archived for future searching so relevant subjects heading help your relatives find you.
• Technically, RootsWeb has a "no commercial use" policy. Like all RootsWeb policies, though, the last thing that we want is for policy to get in the way of our doing genealogy. Therefore, the IRL-KERRY list will accept brief announcements of books and other resource material for sale that are specifically related to this county.
• Don't include prices and ordering info; just include a pointer to a URL, a commercial mailing list, or an e-mail address where the complete ordering information can be found.
• Please do not submit virus alerts, chain letters, or other off-topic material to the list.
• Don't send copies of copyrighted material.
• Vulgarity and personal attacks on other list members are also unwelcome.
• Don't send messages exceeding 60 kilobytes in length.
• If someone else violates these rules, please do not send their message back to this list in any reply! That just magnifies the problem, and defeats our anti-spam defenses at Rootsweb.
• Do not impose any other list's rules or conditions, expressed or implied elsewhere, upon this list. Rules of other forums may not necessarily apply here.
• Do not try to regulate this list. If you do not like the way someone formats their queries or responses, or the content of their subject titles, take it up with the Listowner/administrator, NOT in the list. The list is for genealogy and history of Kerry and Ireland.
Keep quoting to a minimum
"Quoting" is repeating text of the message you are replying to. Some quoting is necessary to remind other readers what the thread is about but do try to use good judgement. Quoting the previous writer's signature block or surname list is totally unnecessary.

How to Join the Irl-Kerry mailing list:

There are two different "modes" or versions of mailing lists:
• Regular mode: you receive each individual posting. It is quicker this way, hot off the press so to speak.
• Digest mode "D": the individual postings are gathered together in one mailing. You don't get the messages as fast, but you do get less frequent emails. If you get too many emails as it is, you might like this mode. Generally, Digests have a maximum of ten messages. So if the list is very busy you occasionally might receive more than one Digest message a day.
  1. To subscribe to the Digest version, send an email to:     [email protected]

    In the Subject Line and in the Message Body, use the word 'subscribe' without the quotes.
  2. To subscribe to the Regular version, send an email to:       [email protected]

    In the Subject Line and in the Message Body, use the word 'subscribe' without the quotes.

How to Post a Message

Once you are subscribed to either the Full or Digest version, use this address to post your message to BOTH versions:

[email protected]

How to Unsubscribe

  1. To unsubscribe from the Regular version of the list, send an email to:      [email protected]

    In the Subject Line and in the Message Body, use the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes.
  2. To unsubscribe from the Digest version of the list, send an email to [email protected]

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How to Write a Well Worded Query

What is it you want to know?
Choose the surname for your query... a person/family to focus on who you want the information on the most. Start with the information that you are seeking. Narrow your query down to a specific location or region if possible. If your query is for a very common the surname, try mentioning an area or you may get too many false leads. Narrow it down to a specific time frame if you can. Mention the religions if known. Try to be clear - use upper case letters for SURNAMES. List females by maiden name.
An effective query looks like this:
Looking for information on the descendants of Alex O'CONNOR b abt. 1860 in Some Co., State. He was the oldest son of Thomas O'CONNOR and Sally FITZGERALD of Ireland, possibly Co Kerry. He married Mary GREANEY in 1885 in Another Co., State and were likely the parents of John, James, Mary, Catherine, Bridget, Patrick, Johanna. They were Catholic.
Also researching the MARTIN, MURPHY, HEFFRON, MORIARTY related families.

This query mentions a time frame, localities, and related surnames and family given names (maybe family pattern clue). The families mentioned aren't just other families in a tree but are interrelated with this primary surname, which will help cut down false leads.
Queries can start off like this: Wanting information regarding... Looking for descendants of... Seeking information on... Wishing to communicate with others researching... Need parents (wife, husband, children, etc.) of... Lastly- read it back to yourself ... is it clear?



How to Search Old Messages in the IRL-KERRY Mailing List Archives

If you want to search all the old messages for your surname or a location or any keyword in the mail list:

Search the Archive of Messages for IRL-KERRY Mailing List

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