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Death and burial records were recorded different ways over the years in Ireland. Starting in 1864, the government required civil registration of births, marriages and deaths for all of Ireland. These were organized by registration district and volume.

Prior to 1864, no civil registration was required for births or deaths, and only non-Catholic marriages were recorded starting in 1845. For Catholic baptisms and marriages prior to 1864 we are left researching local Catholic parish registers.

Read more about Researching Catholic Parishes and Using Civil Registration Records in Ireland.

Also view the Map of Registration Districts.

These changes in registration present problems for organization here, and means the researcher must check the multiple ways we "file" the data.

How we organize it here is determined by the source and by the researcher. Some of the submitted records are from books where the author has listed them by barony and civil parish. Those from church records are by church parish and can cover more than one civil parish, and sometimes more than one barony. Sometimes the data is from civil registration, and is organized by registration district.

Please contact the contributors if you have questions. They are listed on the individual pages.

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