Kerry Records in the Casey Collection
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Kerry Records in the Casey Collection

Find records specific to Kerry that are part of the Casey Collection, a project that collected
records from the O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater area of Ireland.

PagesVolume 2
VI-XNohavadaly & Kilcummin Parishes 1865 Townlands
559-622Deaths from Dublin Register Office, District Coom
654Photos of RC Church at Ballydesmond

PagesVolume 3
486-603Marriages, Barony of Magunihy, Jan 1, 1845 to Dec 31, 1870 (Reg Gen's Ofc, Dublin)
603-605Parishes & Townlands, Barony of Magunihy
606-610Parishes & Townlands, Barony of Trughanacmy
618-620Selected Families, Northeast Kerry 1851

PagesVolume 4
1-83Baptisms 1859-1869, Castleisland RC, B of Trughanacmy
84Maps showing churches in the Diocese of Kerry (Ballyvourney, New Market & Kanturkin Cloyne Diocese)
109-201 Baptisms 1801-1870, Currow RC Church (Killeentierna & CURRENS) Barony of Trughanacmy
201Map of RC Diocese, Cork & Kerry & Cloyne
291-299Excerpts from Annals of the Four Masters relating to North Cork & East Kerry 1172-1580
314-324 List of Townlands & Census of Heads of Families 1823-1829, Parishes of Kilcummin, Nohavaldaly, Ballincusland, Castleisland, Killeentierna, Dysert, Cullen, Ballyvourney, Kilnamarlery, Aghadoe, Dromtariffe & Brosna. Baronies of Magunihy & TR
328-347 4,836 Marriages, B of Trughanacmy, 1845-1874
348-432 Index to 5040 Prerogative Grants 15951810, PRO Dublin, Cork & Kerry


PagesVolume 5
1-85Marriages, B of Trughanacmy, 1874-1900, PRO Dublin
36-57Births, B of Trughanacmy, 1864-1868, PRO Dublin
58-88Householders, B of Trughanacmy, March 1853 (Griffith)
89-102Baptisms Rathmore, Knocknagree & Gneeveguilla RC Churches, Parishes of Nohovaldaly & Kilcummin
103-110Marriages, Rathmore, Knocknagree & Gneeveguilla RC Church Parishes of Nohovaldaly & Kilcummin, Kerry Diocese 1875-1900
147-175Marriages, B of Magunihy, 1871-1900, RGO Dublin
176-204Marriages & Baptisms, Kilcummin RC Church, Diocese of Kerry 1821-1900 (m. 1859-73 missing)
105-230Bap. Killarney & Fossa RC Parishes, B of Magunihy, Diocese of Kerry 1785-1803
231-248Marriages, Killarney & Fossa RC Ch Parishes, Diocese of Kerry, 1792-1839
248Priests & Curates, Killarney & Fossa RC 1785-1805
248Priests & Curates, Nohovaldaly & Kilcummen EAST RC Parishes, 556-1961
266-301Births 1864, Marriages 1891-1894, B of Magunihy RGO
301-306Index to Wills, Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe, C of E, Cork & Kerry 1690-1858
306Index to Administrations, Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe, C of E, Co Kerry 1782-1858, filed in Limerick District
307-396Selection of old Kerry Records, Historical & Genealogical by Mary Agnes Hickson 1872
397-490Selection of old Kerry Records, Historical & Genealogical by Mary Agnes Hickson, second series 1874
491-494Householders, Parishes of Killaha, Kilmeen, Dullen & Aghadoe, Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe, C of
500-503Emigration Scheme including Castlemaine, Parish of Kiltallagh, Kerry 1850 (Ellis book on this)
503-522King James Army List 1589, Items on Cork & Kerry
528-529DALYs & DUGGANs of Nohovaldaly
529-532CASEY Families of Cork & Kerry 1600-1900
532-533HOULIHAN & CREMIN Families, Cork & Kerry 1600-1900
539-542Downe Survey Map of B. Trughanacmy & Magunihy 1641


PagesVolume 6
281-317Prerogative Wills, Index 1536-1810, Cork & Kerry (cont from Vol #4)
386-789Baptisms, Killarney & Aghadoe, RC Par's 1803-1833
538a & bGlenageenty West of Castleisland (photo) & Knocknagree Natl School 1840-1962 (photo)
762bKilcummin Parish photo of Holy Well
930-1101Baptisms Castleisland (including Cordal & SCARTAGLEN in Parishes OF Castleisland & Ballincuslane RC
1168Parish Priests & Curates, Currow RC Church 1801-1961
1169-1205Marriages, Currow RC Church (Civil Parishes of Killeentierna & Currens) 1803-1900
1257-1263Extracts from Land Records of Nohovaldaly Parish (East) 1690-1830
1264-1275Heads of Family (Tithe) Parishes of Drishane1832 (Cork) and Nohovaldaly 1834 (Kerry)

1311-1312GneeveguillaNohovaldalyK Magunihy
1344-1347RathmoreKilcumminK Magunihy
1348Rathmore (old)KilcumminK Magunihy
1349-1353RathmoreKilcumminK Magunihy
1396-1411Cork-Kerry families supporting King James II 1685-1699. Outlawed or pardoned by King William III 1689-1699.
1412-1453Cork-Kerry families in John Burke's HISTORY OF THE COMMONERS OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND (1833)
1454-1499Baptisms, Currow RC Parish, Catholic Parishes of Curreen & Killeentierna 1809-1823 & 1871-1900
1500-1635Items relating to Cork & Kerry & neighboring parts Munster (abstract copy taken from Establishments of Ireland, Book I)
1638aTHATCHER of Barley Mount, Killarney (photo)
1638bFamous Herd of Pure-Bred Kerry Cattle (photo)
1682Monasteries of Kerry
1683-1839Kenmare Estates Records: Journal No 2, containing Mr. Charles Hume's Dayly Receipts of the Rt Honble. Thomas Lord Visct. Kenmar's Rents, May 2, 1740 - Nov 30, 1756.
Tombstone Records: Baronies of Duhallow (C), Muskerry West(C), Trughanacmy (K) & Magunihy (K) (Co Kerry as follows:)
1887-1893Brosna Cemetery
1893-1894Interior of Brosna Church
1894-1897Gneeveguilla Churchyard, Parish of Rathmore
1897-1899Kilquane Cemetery, Parish of Rathmore
1899Church of Sacred Heart, Barraduff
1899-1901St Agatha's church, Glenfesk Cemetery
1901-1914Aghadoe Ruins, X & XII Century
1914-1917Killeentierna Cemetery
1918-1919Arcribe Cemetery
1919-1920Interior of Currans Ch, Parish of Killeentierna
1921Molahiffe Cemetery, Parish of Killeentierna
1921-1923Aardcribe Cemetery, Parish of Fieres
1924Cordal Cemetery, Parish of Killeentierna
1924-1927Kilmurry Cemetery, Parish of Castleisland
1927-1928Dysert Cemetery, Parish of Castleisland
1928-1941Kilbannivane Cemetery
1941-1942Castleisland Protestant Cemetery
1942-1951Castleisland Protestant Church
1951-1952Kilcummin Cemetery
1952-1953Kilnanare Cemetery
1953Aglish Cemetery, Parish of Firies
1954-1955Kilcummin Cemetery
1956-1958Kilsarcon Cemetery
1958-1960Kilsarcon Tombstones
1960-1963Kilsarcon Cemetery
1963-1964Muckross Abbey
964-1970Muckross Abbey Graveyard Tombstone Inscriptions
1970-1971Muckross Cemetery
1971-1974Muckross Abbey Tombstones
1975Tablets on Interior of Protestant Church, Killarney
1975-1977 Vicars of Killarney
1977On walls, Interior Cathedral, Killarney
1977Tombstones Outside Cathedral, Killarney
1977Fossa Church (Aghadoe) Killarney
1977-1978Fossa Church yard
1978-1979Aghadoe Protestant Cemetery, Killarney
1979Tombstone Inscriptions at back of C of I, Killarney
1980-1987New cemetery (Catholic) Killarney
2018 a&bMap of Upper Maine (Mang) River in Kerry 1812
2053-2063Kenmare EstateS
2064-2371All Births, Deaths & Marriages in Kerry Evening Post 1828-1864.
2404-2405RC Diocese of Kerry 562-1963
2406-2417LUCY family of Cork & Kerry
2418-2421PIERCE family of Cork & Kerry
2428-2434O'KEEFFE family of Cork & Kerry
2447-2448MILLINGTON-SINGE of Cork & Kerry


PagesVolume 7
Front Cover Map of Baronies of Magunihy & Trughanacmy, County Kerry 1845
1-155Kenmare Estate Books
156-245Castleisland, Cordal & Strataglin, Kerry, 1822-1891
524-540Castkeuskabdm Cirdak & Strataglin, Kerry, RC Church Marriages, 1878-1900
250-255Tithe Applotment Book, Kilcummin Parish, Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe, County Kerry, 1833
256-366Marriages, Killarney RC Church 1839-1900
509-523Marriages, Killarney RC Church
406-448Baptismal Records 1820-1832, Glenflesh Parish (RC) Diocese & County of Kerry
449-508Baptisms, Killarney RC Church 1833-1840
509-559Births, Barony of Trughanacmy, Co Kerry, 1869
560-646Items on Families, Cork & Kerry, in the Establishements of Ireland, Liber Hiberniae, Vol II
1175-1208List of Claims as they are entered with the Trustees of Chichester House on College Green, Dublin, on or before 10 August 1700.
1209-1320Baptisms, Glenflesk Parish (RC), Killala Civil Parish, Magunihy Barony, 1832-1862
1321-1350Marriages, Glenflesk Parish (RC), 1831-1900
1473-1543Genealogies of North Cork & East Kerry by John Windele, 1801-1865
2188-2306Fiants of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603) relating to Counties Cork & Kerry (Deputy Keepers Reports)
2394-2470Tithe Applotment Books, Magunihy & Trughanacmy Baronies (K) and Muskerry & Duhallow Baronies (C)
2583-2590Book of Survey & Distribution 1641-1669, Barony of Trughanacmy, County Kerry, Downe Survey
2591-2592Townlands in Barony of Trughanacmy, 1641-1660
2593GUNN Family of Caithness, Kerry and New England
2596-2641Photo copies of 39 townland maps of Kenmare Estate 1720-1725
2642-2659Index to Civil & Church Archives of Cork & Kerry

PagesVolume 8
81-165Baptisms, Glenflesk RC Parish, Barony of Magunihy, 1862-1894
166-218Appointments of the English Crown in Cork, Kerry & Limerick from Establishments of Ireland, Vol II (cont from Vol 7, p. 645)
219-224Marriages, Brosna RC Church, Barony of Trughanacmy, Diocese of Kerry, 1872-1900
225-292Baptisms, Brosna RC Church, 1866-1900
293-387Marriages, Firies RC Parish, County & Diocese of Kerry, 1881-1900
542-549(Kenmare Estate Accounts, Estate Office, Killarney
550-645Cork & Kerry parents of Trinity College Students Dublin, 1593-1860
652-681Baptisms, RC Parish of Ardfert, Diocese of Kerry, Co. Kerry 1818-1839
682-706Marriages, RC Parish of Ardfert, 1825-1843
707-738Kenmare Estate Ledger Book, Estate Office, Killarney, 1811-1870
739-933Births, Magunihy Barony, Kerry, 1870-1876, Registrar General's Office, Dublin 1870
1284-1585Baptisms, RC Parish of Killarney, Barony of Magunihy, Diocese & County of Kerry, 1840-1865
1586-1590Decrees, Tryall of Innocents, 1663 (Cork & Kerry names only)
1678-1757Baptisms, RC Parish of Ardfert, Barony of Trughanacmy, Diocese & County of Kerry, Apr 18, 1839 - Oct 2, 1846
1758-1807Lismore Papers
1837-1918Tombstone Inscriptions, copied by Mrs Eileen Sheahan, Tralee Cemetries, Barony of Trughanacmy, Kerry
1919-1968Primary Valuation of Tenements (Griffiths), 1853 Union of Killarney, Barony of Magunihy, Kerry (Vol #1 for Nohovaldaly & Kilcummin Parishes) Aghadoe, Aglish, Currans, Kilbonane, Kilcolman, Kilcredane, Killaha, Killarney, Killeentierna, Killo
1969-2017Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-1833, Parishes in the Diocese of Ardfert & Aghadoe, Barony of Trughanacmy, Co Kerry: Kiltallagh (Kiltalla), Killorglin, Killarney*, Clogherbrien, Annagh, Kilcredane*, Kilgarrylander, Ratass, Tralee, Fenit (Feinit) and O'Brennan; Clonfert (Newmarket), Barony of Duhallow, Diocese of Cloyne, Cork
2018-2064Lismore Papers
2065-2085Tombstone Inscriptions, Clogherbrien Cemetery, Tralee, Barony of Trughanacmy, Ardfert Cemetery, Tralee
2086-2098Tombstone Inscriptions, Barony of Trughanacmy: Killorglin Cemetery, Ballymacelligott Cemetery, O'Brennan Cemetery, Nohaval Cemetery
2157-2205Book of Rights, Cork & Kerry
2364-2382Abstracts of Wills, 1858-1864, Baronies of Magunihy & Trughanacmy, Co Kerry (Original wills in PRO, Dublin)
2385-2500Cork & Kerry Births, Marriages & Deaths & Misc. events abstracted from Limerick & other newspapers 1781-1821
2549-2576Towns & Roads in Cork & Kerry 1777-1783
2582-2597Townlands, Co Kerry, 1851, According to Parish & Barony from Jeremiah King's COUNTY KERRY PAST & PRESENT.
2598-2606Townland Index, Baronies of Magunihy & Trughanacmy, from Griffiths Valuation, 1851-1853
2607-2638Barony, Parish & Townland Index, Counties Cork & Kerry 1641-1851 (Civil Survey & Downe Survey with maps) Griffiths Val of Magunihy


PagesVolume 11
 Births, Deaths, Marriages and Miscellaneous events in Cork, Kerry and Limerick Counties Abstracted from Kerry, Limerick & other Newspapers, 1749-1872 by Basil O'Connell, K. N. (Only the County Kerry events are listed below)
1-45Kerry Evening Post, 1864- 1872
174-176Munster Journal, 1749-1850
2020-2251Kerry Evening Post, 1874-1902
2252Kerry Star 1902
926-930Kerry & Cork Items, 1337-1893, Abstracted from Leyne Manuscript 1965.
1034-1205Gravestone Inscriptions, West & North Kerry: Tralee, (Churchill, Spa, Stjohn's), Killorglin, Ballymacelligott, O'brennan, Nohoval, Ballybunion, Listowell, Duagh
1206-1210Marriages, Ballydesmond (Kingwilliamstown) RC Parish, Diocese of Kerry
1390-1721Abstracts of Wills & Administrations, Cork & Kerry, 1858-1900

PagesVolume 14
1-280Baptisms, RC Parish of Killarney, Barony of Magunihy, Diocese of Kerry 1865-1900
514-563Inquisitions Postmortem (wills & administrations) Provinces of Munster & Connaught, 1563-1700, from PRO of Ireland, Supplement to 8th Report 1819
627-779(Abstracts of Munster Wills 1528-18591521-2233 - (Church of Ireland
1175-1450by Richard Griffith, Commissioner of Valuation: Barony of Dunkerron North, Glanarought, Iraghticonner, Magunihy (Index) 1851
1517-1520Cork & Kerry, 1675-1746
2676-2678Registrar Generals Office, Custom House, Dublin

PagesVolume 15
1-100Deaths, Slieve Lougher & Environs, North Cork & East Kerry 1864-1900
101-254(Additional deaths, 1850-1900,1045-1120 - (North Cork & East Kerry
1458-1674Alphabetical by place of death
486-1044Memorials to dead, Cork & Kerry
1161-1280Kerry Evening Post, 1903-1917
1832 Dates of Catholic Parish Registers, Co Kerry
1833-1835Kerry Landowners 1876, from Thom's Directory
1838-1853Bibliography of County Kerry, 1599-1917, from Kerry Evening Post
1916-2001County Kerry Past & Present

Thanks to Ray Marshall for transcribing this information for County Kerry, Ireland at
This page created June, 1999.


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