Deaths - August-September, 1867 - Volume 14, Page 207 

Superintendent Registrar's District MOUNTBELLEW, Registrar's District CLONBROCK 
1867 Deaths Registered in the District of Clonbrock in the Union of Mountbellew in the County of Galway

No. Date and Place of Birth Name and Surname Sex Condition Age Last Birthday Rank, Profession or Occupation Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant When Registered Signature of Registrar
312 21st August 1867 Ballyderny Michael Rorke Male Married 37 years Labourer Liver complaint, 6 mos. uncertified, no medical attendant John Fahy, present at death, Ballyderny 26th August 1867 J. Ferguson
313 6th August 1867 Fohana Catherine Flanagan Female Widow 70 years Mendicant Liver complaint, 3 mos. uncertified, no medical attendant Patt. Geraghty present at death Fohona 3rd September 1867 J. Ferguson
314 7th September  1867 Greenville Michael Clark Male Bachelor 19 days Farmer's child Convulsions, 15 hours uncertified, no medical attendant Patt. (his mark) Clarke occupier, present at death Greenville 8th September 1867 J. Ferguson
315 11th August 1867 Barrone(?) Ellen Tanniane Female Widow 83 years Householder Debility and old age uncertified, no medical attendant Patt. (his mark) Tanniane Inmate present at death Barrone(?) 16th September 1867 J. Ferguson
316 13th September 1867 Ballyderny Mary Rorke Female Widow 60 years Householder Lump in throat, 3 mos. uncertified, no medical attendant Mary (her mark) Rorke Inmate present at death Ballyderny 18th September 1867 J. Ferguson
317 14th September 1867 Trihil Mary Tully Female Married 63 years Wife of Labourer Crippled, 6 years uncertified, no medical attendant Ellen (her mark) O'Brien present at death Trihil 18th September 1867 J. Ferguson
318 18th August 1867 Ballinahotna(?) Julia Conheeny Female Spinster One fortnight Labourer's child Convulsions, 12 hours uncertified, no medical attendant James (his mark) Conheeny Occupier, present at death Ballinahotna(?) 20th September 1867 J. Ferguson
319 14th September 1867 Ballinlass Michael Donohoe Male Widower 60 years Labourer Debility and old age, 3 weeks uncertified, no medical attendant Patt. Donohoe Inmate present at death Ballinlass 21st September 1867 J. Ferguson
320 17th September 1867 Castleblakeney John Lally Male Widower 69 years Labourer Fever, 7 days, uncertified no medical attendant Catherine (her mark) Manion.  Inmate present at death Castleblakeney 26th September 1867 J. Ferguson
321 28th August 1867 Kieves Thomas Concannon Male Married 60 years Farmer Rupture of blood vessel in the stomach, five minutes Information received from Martin Pelly, Coroner for the County of Galway 28th September 1867 J. Ferguson

I, John Ferguson, Registrar of Births and Deaths in the District of Clonbrock, in the Union of Mountbellew, in the County of Galway, do hereby certify, that this is a true Copy of the Registrar's Book of Deaths within the said District from the 
Entry of the Death of Michael Rorke, No. 312, to the Entry of Death of Thomas Concannon, No. 321. 
Witness my hand this 17th day of October, 1867, John Ferguson, Registrar.

I have examined the above and have compared it with the said original Registrar's Book and hereby certified it is a true copy.
Witness my hand this 30th day of October, 1867. Bartholomew Reilly, Superintendent Registrar.