County Galway, Diocese of Clonfert, Parish of Kiltulla
Townlands of Gloves, Lower Gloves, Elphin Gloves
 Deaths, Baptisms and Marriages

Extractions from LDS Film 1279216

Contributed by Carol Granville


Bridget Keating, Died March 15, 1831
Jim Keating, Died March 19, 1833


Bridget CANNON (or GANNON) Born: December 25, 1844
Bapt: January ?, 1845
Parents: John Cannon/Gannon and Bridget Fahy
Sponsors: Michael Keogh and Mary Kelly

Anne MORIACY(?) Born:
Bapt: January 20, 1845
Parents: Michael Moriacy(?) and Bridget McDonaugh
Sponsors: William Lindsey and Katherine Larkin

Ellen MANNION Born: January 14, 1845
Bapt: January 20, 1845
Parents: Patrick Mannion and Mary Mannion
Sponsors: John Finagan and Margaret Lally

Anne CARMODY(?) Born: January 18, 1845
Bapt: January 20, 1845
Parents: Patrick Carmody(?) and (?)
Sponsors: Michael Linskey and Julia (?)

Anne KEAGHRY Born: August 27, 1845
Bapt: ?
Parents: Thomas Keaghry and Honora Kelly
Sponsors: William Whelan and Catherine Lally

Anne CUNNANE Born: ?
Bapt: November 23, 1845
Parents: Patrick Cunnane and Mary Mannion
Sponsors: Laurence Kennedy and Margaret Kennedy

Michale LALLY Born: ?
Bapt: December 2, 1845
Parents: Thomas Lally and Celia Connelly
Sponsors: Michael Conroy and Margaret Sheehan

Bridget MANNION Born: ?
Bapt: January 22, 1846
Parents: Mortimer Mannion and Margaret Hardiman
Sponsors: Patrick Connuenan(?) and Mary Hardiman

Anne GLYNN Born: January 20, 1846
Bapt: Januarh 30, 1846
Parents: Patrick Glynn and Catherine Kean
Sponsors: John Creaghan and Mary Cannon

John Joseph BURKE Born: ?
Bapt: April 25, 1846
Parents: Michael Burke and Margaret Gilmore
Sponsors: Patrick Gilmore and Bridget Gilmore

Michael KEOGH(?) Born: ?
Bapt: July 30, 1846
Parents: John Keogh(?) and Bridget (?)
Sponsors: Charles (?) and Mary Kennedy

Michael CORMOCKAEN Born: September 7, 1846
Bapt: ?
Parents: Thomas Cormockean and Bridget Morrissey
Sponsors: Dennis Lynsky and Bridget McHugh

Mortimer COPPINGER Born: October 10, 1846
Bapt: October 13, 1846
Parents: John Coppinger and Mary Greene
Sponsors: ?

Patrick PRENDERGAST Born: December 26, 1846
Bapt: January 3, 1847
Parents: Thomas Prendergast and Katherine Cunna?
Sponsors: Sally and Mary Nilan

Elphin Gloves
Bridget BURNS Born: April 1, 1847
Bapt: April 5, 1847
Parents: Charles Burns and Mary Kelly
Sponsors: Timothy Mannion and Jane Brian

Mortimer BURKE Born: July 30, 1847
Bapt: August ?, 1847
Parents: Michael Burke and Mary Gilmore
Sponsors: ? Gilmore and Bridge Burke

Catherine FORDE Born: November 18, 1848
Bapt: November 18, 1848
Parents: Michael Forde and Margaret Mannion
Sponsors: Patrick and Margaret Mannion

Patrick MANNION Born: January 12, 1849
Bapt: January 16, 1849
Parents: Mortimer Mannion and Margaret Hardiman
Sponsors: Patrick and Eleanor Hardiman

Patrick CORMACAN(?) Born: January 24, 1849
Bapt: February 21, 1849
Parents: Thomas Cormacan(?) and Bridget Murry
Sponsors: Patrick and Honora Kearney

John GLINN Born: ? 12, 1849
Bapt: ? 15, 1849
Parents: Patrick Glinn and Mary Greene
Sponsors: Dennis Cunnane and Mary Ward

Michael KOYNE Born: October 13, 1849
Bapt: ?
Parents: Denis Koyne and B. Kelly
Sponsor: M. Hynes and Mary Joyce

Lower Gloves
Michael FAHY Born: September 26, 1850
Bapt: September 30, 1850
Parents: Patrick Fahy and Mary Nilan
Sponsors: Patrick and Bridget ?

Birdget KINEAN(?) Born: May 1, 1851
Bapt: May 12, 1851
Parents: Laurence Kinean(?) and Winfred Fahy
Sponsor: Mary Clancy

Mary DALY(?) Born: June 18, 1851
Bapt: June 20, 1851
Parents: Thaddeus Daly(?) and Mary Burke
Sponsors: Connor and Bridget Walsh

Lower Gloves
Thaddeus MANNION Born: July 6, 1851
Bapt: July 7, 1851
Parents: Mortimer Mannion and Margaret Hardiman
Sponsors: Thomas Hardiman and Mary Lynsky

Elphin Gloves
Bridget COPPINGER Born: July 23, 1851
Bapt: July 30, 1851
Parents: John Coppinger and Mary Gargon
Sponsors: ?

Elphin Gloves
Mary MOYAN(?) Born: March 30, 1852
Bapt: April 2, 1852
Parents: Thomas Moyan(?) and Mary Hynes
Sponsors: Thomas Broderick and Mary Joyce

Eleanor HESSIAN(?) Born: April 12, 1852
Bapt: April 25, 1852
Parents: Connor Hessian(?) and Anne Donoghue
Sponsors: Patrick and Margaret Smythe

Mary BRADY(?) Born: September 9, 1852
Bapt: September 15, 1852
Parents: Laurence Brady(?) and Winfreda Fahy
Sponsors: Patrick Burke and Catherine Kenedy

Margaret COPINGER Born: April 20, 1853
Bapt: April 30, 1853
Parents: John Copinger and Mary Green
Sponsors: Philip and Honoria ?


February 4, 1828
Michael Mannion and Mary Small
Witnesses: Edmund Mitchell and ?

January 10, 1831
Michael Lawless and Ellen Whyte
Witnesses: Catherine Lally and Patrick Whyte

January 22, 1831
Patrick Loftus and Mary Cunniffe
Witnesses: Patrick Whyte and ? Lally

February 5, 1831
Patrick Concannon and Margaret Daly
Witnesses: Patrick Daly and Peter Whyte

February 8, 1831
Patrick Whyte and Sara(?) Coffy
Witnesses: Owen Coffy and Patrick ?

February 10, 1831
James Doherty and Bridget Shaughenessy
Witnesses: Winfred Hynes and John Cunnane