Co. Galway, Diocese of Clonfert, Parish of Kiltulla (Townland of Gloves) Baptisms: June 25, 1844 - January 15, 1854
Extractions from LDS Film #0979689

Contributed by Carol Granville

Anne KEAGHRY Born: August 24, 1845
Bapt: August 27, 1845
Parents: Thomas Keaghry and Honora Kelly
Sponsors: William Whelan and Catherine Lally

Anne CUNNANE Born: November 15, 1845
Bapt: November 23
Parents: Patrick and Mary Mannion
Sponsors: Laurence Kennedy and Winfreda Kennedy

Bridgit MANNION Born: January 19, 1846
Bapt: January 22, 1846
Parents: Mortimer Mannion and Margaret Hardiman
Sponsors: Patrick Cunnane and Mary Cunnane

Anne GLYNN Born: January 20, 1846
Bapt: January 30, 1846
Parents: Patrick Glynn and Catherine Kean
Sponsors: John Creaghan and Mary Cannon

John Joseph BURKE Born: April 25, 1846
Bapt: April 27, 1846
Parents: Michael Burke and Margaret Gilmore
Sponsors: Patrick Gilmore and Bridget Gilmore

Michael KEOGH Born: July 30th, 1846
Bapt: August 5, 1846
Parents: Michael Keogh and Joanna Browne
Sponsors: Charles Murry(?) and Mary Kennedy

Michael CORMACKAN (?) Born: September 7, 1846
Bapt: September 8, 1846
Parents: Thomas Cormackan(?) and Bridget Morrissee
Sponsors: D___(?) Lynsky and Bridget McHugh

Mortimer COPPINGER Born: November 10, 1846
Bapt: November 13, 1846
Parents: John Coppinger and Mary Leary
Sponsor: Patrick Ward

Michael KEAN Born: November 24, 1846
Bapt: November 30, 1846
Parents: Patrick Kean and Mary Coen
Sponsors: Michael Kean and Mary Hughes

Patrick PRENDERGAST Born: December 26, 1846
Bapt: January 3, 1847
Parents: Thomas Prendergast and Katherine Cunn(?)
Sponsors: Martin Lally and Mary Nolan

Bridget Briens Born: November 1, 1847
Bapt: November 5, 1847
Parents: Charles Briens and Mary Kelly
Sponsors: Timothy Mannion and Jane Brien

Martin BURKE Born: July 30, 1847
Bapt: August 1, 1847
Parents: Michael Burke and Margaret Gilmore
Sponsors: Matthew Gilmore and Bridget Burke

John KENEDY Born: August 2, 1848
Bapt: August 6, 1848
Parents: Laurence Kenedy and Winfreda Fahy
Sponsors: Edward Fahy and Gridget Scarry

Catherine FORDE Born: November 18, 1848
Bapt: November 28, 1848
Parents: Michael Forde and Margaret Mannion
Sponsors: Patrick and Margaret Mannion

Patrick MANNION Born: January 12, 1849
Bapt: January 16, 1849
Parents: Mortimer Mannion and Margaret Hardiman
Sponsors: Patrick and Eleanor Hardiman

Patrick CORMACAN(?) Born: January 24, 1849
Bapt: February 2, 1849
Parents: Thomas Cormacan(?) and Bridget Murry
Sponsors: Patrick and Honora Kearney(?)

John GLINN Born: May(?) 12, 1849
Bapt: May(?) 15, 1849
Parents: Patrick Glinn and Katherine Keane
Sponsors: Thomas Donaughe and Honora Laughnane

Elphin Gloves
Mary COPPENGIN(?) Born: May 29, 1849
Bapt: June 5, 1849
Parents: John Coppengin(?) and Mary Green
Sponsors: Dennis Cunnane(?) and Mary Ward

John CLANCY Born: Date Illegible (before Sept. 1849)
Bapt: Date Illegible
Parents: Thomas Clancy and Catherine Holland(?)
Sponsors: Edmund Cunnane and Mary Holland

Michael KOYNE Born: October 13, 1849
Bapt: ?
Parents: Denis Koyne and B. Kelly
Sponsors: M. Hynes and Mary Joyce

Michael FAHY Born: September 26, 1850
Bapt: September 30, 1850
Parents: Peter Fahy and Mary Nilan
Sponsors: Patrick and Bridget Cussor(?)

Bridget KENEDY Born: May 1, 1851
Bapt: May 12, 1851
Parents: Laurence Kenedy and Winfreda Fahy
Sponsor: Mary Clansey

Lower Gloves
Thaddeus MANNION Born: July 1, 1851
Bapt: July 6, 1851
Parents: Mortimer Mannion and Margaret Hardiman
Sponsors: Thomas Hardiman and Mary Lansky

Elphin Gloves
Bridget COPPINGER Born: July 23, 1851
Bapt: July 30, 1851
Parents: John Coppinger and Mary Gorman(?)
Sponsor: Bridget ?

Elianor HESSIAN Born: April 12, 1852
Bapt: April 25, 1852
Parents: John Hessian and Anne Dononagh
Sponsors: Patrick and Margaret Smyth

South Gloves
Mary BURKE Born: August 5, 1852
Bapt: August 6, 1852
Parents: Michael Burke and Margaret Gillimore
Sponsors: Patrick Mannion and Mary Joyce (alias) Noone

Mary KENEDY Born: September 4, 1852
Bapt: September 15, 1852
Parents: Laurence Kenedy and Winfreda Fahy
Sponsors: Patrick Burke and Catherine Kenedy

Margaret COPINGER Born: April 20, 1853
Bapt: April 30, 1853
Parents: John Copinger and Mary Green
Sponsor Philip ?

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