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World GenWeb Project


What is the WorldGenWeb?

The WorldGenWeb is a non-profit volunteer organization that is dedicated to the free use and access of public domain genealogical information. To further this goal, the WorldGenWeb uses internet websites to create "local repositories" of information that researchers worldwide can access. Each project website (generally) will contain local resource addresses of county/country public records offices, cemetery locations, maps, library addresses, archive addresses, and association addresses including Family History Centers or other genealogical or historical societies, and some history and culture of the region. Other resources include query pages or message boards, mail lists, historical data including census records, cemetery records, biographies, bibliographies, and family/surname registration websites.


Ireland GenWeb Project

Every Ireland county maintains a system for submitting queries. Please visit the county site for instructions on posting queries and other pertinent resource and reference information.

Ireland and Northern Ireland have been separate countries since the Civil War of 1922. For information pertaining to the six irish counties that make up Northern Ireland, please visit the Northern IrelandGenWeb Project.

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Welcome to the BritishIslesGenWeb Project homepage. This site is part of the WorldGenWeb Project and is the regional resource page for research in Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

To learn more about the history of this project or to contact us for more information, please visit our About This Project page.  If you need assistance with this website, please utilize the BritishIslesGenWeb Project Help Desk

The pages contained in this website are meant for the purpose of historical genealogical research. These pages contain records that have been transcribed from various churches, parishes and other sources throughout Galway by various volunteers and other sources. Enter to find links to genealogy resources and information about The GenWeb Project.