Property Owners of County Cork circa 1870

Property owners in County Cork circa 1870

transcription by Jean Rice

Per genealogy library reference books, the following listed individuals owned an acre or more of land in County Cork, Ireland, the latter part of the 1870s. Note, an unusual first or middle name may be the surname of an allied family.

This list only represents those who owned an acre or more. In Ireland, in 1876, for example, most of the land was owned by only 2,000 individuals, while millions owned less or none at all, working on a patch of land owned by someone else.

Wonderful resources for you would include a genealogy library as well as your local LDS (Mormon) Family History Center. The FHCs are free and open to the general public and contain millions of Irish and worldwide records! Check out their microfilmed and microfiched information in their FHC Catalogue computer diskettes for civil registration, censuses, census substitutes, etc. A volunteer will assist you. I suggest you ask to see their MICROFICHED IGI INDEX FOR IRELAND. Located in catalogue card type drawers under the heading "British Isles," subheading "Ireland," you will find 1-4 little black squares of fische containing much birth/christening/marriage information for each Irish county.

This information is alphabetized, (includes alternate spellings as found in that county), pertains mostly to the latter part of the 1860s, but also with some earlier and later dates. If you use the microfiche, ask the FHC volunteer to place the largest magnifying lens into the microfiche reader for easy viewing before you get started. You can make a photocopy of a whole list of your surnames in Co. Cork right at the machine with a touch of the button!

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                                                                             by Jean Rice


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