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"Clare (county, Republic of Ireland), county in western Republic of Ireland, in Munster Province, northwest of the Shannon River. The terrain is hilly, especially in the northern and eastern sections of the county, with extreme elevations reaching about 533 m (about 1749 ft). Slieve Bernagh, a peak in the east central region, is 532 m (1745 ft) above sea level. Numerous lakes and marshes are found in the interior. Along the Shannon River in the south are large areas suitable for cultivation and pasturage. The coast is generally rugged, Liscannor Bay being the only safe anchorage on the Atlantic Ocean. The estuary of the Shannon contains a number of good harbors, notably at Moneypoint Jetty, which is one of the deepest harbors in Europe. Tourism is the major industry in this area, with The Burren, a unique limestone karst region, being the best-known feature. Agricultural activity, mostly small-scale, consists mainly of stock farming. The principal crops are oats and potatoes. The Shannon Industrial Estate, a tax-free zone, is the major industrial center, based around Shannon International Airport. Various modest mineral deposits were formerly worked in the county, and flagstone, slate, and marble are currently quarried.

County Clare has a large number of old castles and abbeys, several ancient towers, and numerous raths (earthworks of ancient Irish chieftains) and  cromlechs (circles of standing stones). Ennis is the county town. Other important towns include Shannon, Kilrush, Ennistimon, and Kilkee. Area of county, 3188 sq km (1231 sq mi); population (1991) 90,918."

"Clare (county, Republic of Ireland)," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 98 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.  



County Clare, from Lewis' 1837 Atlas, Counties of Ireland 

Civil Parishes of County Clare

 Poor Law Unions of County Clare

Baronies of County Clare

County Clare Towns and Map

Ireland's History in Maps


County Clare - Family Heritage Center
Church Street,  Corofin, Co Clare, Ireland
Tel: + + 353 65 37955


East County Clare Heritage Company

The East Clare Heritage Company is a totally voluntary and community based Company dedicated to giving a future to our past. The Company was formed in 1989 and within three years a 10th century church at Tuamgraney, County Clare was re-furbished for use as a Heritage Center.  They publish an annual Historical and genealogical Journal called Sliabh Aughty and have also published histories of Scariff Tuamgraney and Mountshannon and are presently publishing a History of the O'Gray Clan.

The General Record Office

  The General Register Office (Oifig An Ard-Chláraitheora) is the central repository for records relating to Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Republic of Ireland. It is concerned with civil registration matters only, and does not engage in genealogical research. Records of marriages other than Roman Catholic marriages date back to 1st April 1845. Records of Births, Deaths and Roman
Catholic Marriages date to 1st January, 1864.

An excellent resource for County Clare genealogy researchers


  Fianna's Guide to Irish Research, includes links to maps, Irish history, FHC film #'s, census records and anything important  for the Irish genealogy researcher


County Clare Library  Their website includes some very good articles on the history of the county.  You can search the Griffiths Valuation and the tithe applotments for County Clare at this site.  Also available for search:  Origins of Heraldry, Parishes and Church Records, Land Owners in Clare 1876, Deaths in the Liscannor area 1864-1870, List of Tenants on Colonel O'Callaghan's Estate, Bodyke, 1890s, Biographical Notices appearing in The Clare Champion newspaper from 1935-1985.

The Clare Champion  County Clare's local newspaper

A complete guide to County Clare newspapers and periodicals
published in the past.

County Clare Roman Catholic Church Registers.  A table showing the available records
and the earliest date when records are available.  It is listed by both Civil Parish
and corresponding Catholic Parish.

A Guide to County Clare, genealogy, heritage and historical sites.

Church of Ireland Parish Registers.  A table by parish with corresponding earliest dates when records are available, includes baptism, marriage and death records.

1855 Griffiths Valuation, This Full Name Index to the valuation gives Surname, Forename, Town or Townland, Parish and Poor Law Union of individuals named in the published valuation. A person owning or leasing property in more than one townland will appear separately for each townland. Thetype of property held (i.e. house, garden, office or acreage of land), its valuation and map reference numbers are not included and theprinted valuation will have to be consulted for this information.

The LDS Family Search listing of County Clare holdings.  This site lists all microfilms, fiche and publications that can be found in the LDS Family History Library near you.  You can get the film numbers on line at this site and order the film at you library.

Irish Parish/town History Book Website  Many town and/or parishes in Ireland have written histories.  The Parish History Book website is a central point where local history books are listed by county and can be very helpful to the Irish genealogical research.  First, they tell the history of the area, recount many local stories and at times include the tithes and  Griffiths Valuation data for the area.



Boland, Boyle, Brady, Brew, Bryant, Burke, Casey, Clancy (21), Clohessy, Coffey, Conway, Cotter, Cullen, Cusack, DeClare, Deegan, Devin, Dillon, Doolaghty, Dundon, Ennis, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, Flanagan/Flannigan, Gallery, Griffin (27), Griffith, Harrigan, Harte, Healy, Henchy, Hickey Hoar, Keane (33), Kelly (38), Kilroy, Kincora, Kitson, Lynch, Lynch (22), Lysaght, MacBrodin, MacBrody, MacCanny, MacCarrigy, MacClancy, MacClune, MacConsidine, MacCurtin, MacDonnell, MacEncroe, MacEnright, MacGillereagh, MacGorman, MacGrath, MacInerney (39), MacKeane, MacLysaght, MacMahon (74), MacNamara (61), MacNestor, MacSheedy, MacSweeney, Maher, Minogue, Moloney (61), Mullens, Mulqueen, Murphy (29), O'Aherne, O'Boland, O'Brady, O'Brien (47), O'Breen, O'Callaghan, O'Carmody, O'Clohessy, O'Connell, O'Conor, O'Conran, O'Considine, O'Creagh, O'Cullenan, O'Culligan, O'Curran, O'Curry, O'Daly, O'Davoran, O'Day, O'Dea, O'Deegan, O'Dermody, O'Donnell, O'Dorman, O'Drinan, O'Durack, O'Felan, O'Flahavan, O'Flattery, O'Flynn, O'Galvin, O'Geary, O'Gorman, O'Grady, O'Griffey, O'Grotty, O'Halloran (26), O'Hally, O'Hanrahan, O'Haren, O'Heffernan, O'Hehir, O'Hickey, O'Hogan, O'Holloran, O'Honeen, O'Howley, O'Kearney, O'Keeley, O'Kennedy, O'Kenny, O'Kett, O'Liddy, O'Loughlin, O'Maloney, O'Markahan, O'Meehan, O'Melody, O'Minogue, O'Molony, O'Morony, O'Mullany, O'Mullens, O'Mulvey, O'Mulvile, O'Naughton, O'Neill, O'Neill, O'Neylan, O'Nihil, O'Quilligan, O'Quinlevan, O'Quinn, O'Reddan, O'Regan, O'Shanahan, O'Slattery, O'Tyne, Phillips, Reidy, Ryan (23), Spellman, Sullivan, White/Whyte

The above list of surnames have either historic or numeric importance to County Clare. Most are taken  from Matheson's birth index study of the 1890 census.  The number of 1890 births are cited following the name (in parentheses). If you have a website dedicated to any other these surnames, email me and I will link your page to the surname.


Kilfenora Catholic Parish Census 1866,
head of household index with spouse's full name

Bunratty Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Burren Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Clandirala Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Corcomroe Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Ibrickane Barony & Enish Burrough, Pender's 1659 Census
Inchiquine Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Island Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Moyferta Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
Tulla Barony, Pender's 1659 Census
'Pender's Census' with number of English and Irish living in each townland and
principal Irish names in each barony. Edited by Seamus Pender in 1939.

The Number of People in County Clare and in each Barony, 1659
Barronyes Pages English Irish Eng & Irish
Bunratty 15 144 4204 4348
Tulla 31 106 3903 4009
Inchiquine 40 034 1961 1995
Island Bar 46 058 1593 1651
Clandirala 51 032 1144 1176
Corcomroe 56 005 1034 1039
Moyferta 59 031 0993 1024
Burren 63 007 0816 0823
Ibrickane & Enish 65 023 0826 0849
The Totall   440 16474 16914


Civil Parish of Kilnamona, Tithe Applotments
Dated July 14, 1827, Transcripted from LDS Film #0256651

County Clare Genealogy Bulletin Board

County Clare Genealogy Forum

County Clare Surname Roster, A to D

County Clare Surname Roster, E to K

County Clare Surname Roster L to R

County Clare Surname Roster, S to Z



County Clare Mailing List. To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to [email protected] for the list mode or [email protected] to just receive the digest.



A unique mailing list devoted to only Roll Calls.
Read rules carefully before posting.
Ireland Roll Calls Mailing List

Irish emigrants who landed, passed through and/or settled in New York State
helped shape and influence both New York State and New York City to become the great state
and city they are today. Join a list dedicated to the NY Irish where not only is genealogy discussed and shared but the impact of the Irish on the history and culture of the city and the
state are also important topics. Music, history, culture, recipes, research techniques
and available resources are just a few of the many topics discussed on the list 
NY-Irish Mailing List


The Irish American Mailing List is for anyone who has an interest in the Genealogy, History, Culture or anything related to the Irish immigration to the United States. If your ancestor(s) lived or even just passed through America, they have a special type of culture. The fun part of the list is figuring our what part or our traditions originated in Ireland or originated in the USA. Because of the many different immigrants all living in poor neighborhoods when they first came over, many of our traditions are a result of the many nationalities living together. This list will be a place where we discuss those traditions that include holidays, recipes, music, weddings, births, funerals/wakes, etc. Hopefully, in our discourse we will find not only genealogical connections, directions and resources but also where our family traditions started and which are pure Irish, which are Irish American or which are the result of that wonderful melting pot, the United States of America.        
Irish-American Mailing List


The Ireland-L mailing list is a discussion area aimed at helping people with Irish ancestors who are are researching family histories, and who are curious to learn more about Ireland, and eager to share their heritage. They enjoy sharing information on genealogy as well as discussions about Irish history, culture and customs, recipes, jokes, folklore, poetry, literature and all things of Ireland to place the lives of our ancestors in perspective.
Ireland-L Mailing List



National Archives of Ireland, Many of the archives accessioned by the Public Record Office of Ireland before 1922 were destroyed by fire and explosion at the beginning of the Civil War in June 1922. Consequently, the archives now held by the National Archives date mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, although some date back as far as the 13th century.

Cobh, The Queenstown Story, from 1848 - 1950 over 6 million adults and children emigrated from Ireland - over 2.5 million departed from Cobh, making it the single most important port of emigration.  This site is dedicated to those who emigrated from Cobh.

Learn Ireland's history through maps.  History + Geography + Genealogy with a Special Focus on Ancient and Medieval Irish Tribes and Septs.  From the Ice Age to the Great Famine
Ireland's History in Maps

Jo Mitchell's,  Churches of Ireland
Photographs of churches of all denominations, in all counties.



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  Kevin Cullinan's pictures
  Burren Water Works
  Cathy Joynt Labath's picture of
The Burren
  Pat Connors'
May 2001 pictures from her trip to Ireland, many from County Clare

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