Old Burying Ground at Billy

Gravestone Inscriptions at the old burying ground beside Billy Parish Church in North Antrim

These pages are experimental and part of a project by John A I McCurdy, Shane McCurdy and Norman Parkes to catalogue the cemetery. For convenience of presentation and updating, the burying ground to the south of the Parish Church has been divided into 9 sectors. There is a detailed plan (due to John McCurdy) showing the locations of the stones at the bottom of each sector of inscriptions and an approximate plan of the sectors on this page. Inscriptions checked and edited by Ian Page, 2004.
There are some items of background material from John McCurdy:
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Outline plan of the sectors of the old Burying Ground
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South West
Aken, Anderson, Babington, Beers, Brown, Campbell, Dinsmore, Douglass, Elliott, Fall, Forgie, Fullerton, Gilmour, Hill, Ininch?, McCarroll, McCaw, McComb, McCurdy, McFarland,  McLean, Moor, Moore, O'Quin, Parkhill, Pollock, Robertson, Stewart, Taggart, Taggert, Twaddle, Wales, Weir, Young, unreadable.
Centre West
Anderson, Corkadell, Corkydall, Cvrdie, Dickey, Hatty, Heaney, Hoggart, Howard, Huey, Hunter, Kerr, Knox, Martin, McConachie, McConaughey, McConaghy, McCurdy, McCvrdie, McFadden, McFall, McKendry, McKinney, McLeese, McMichael, McNeill, Moore, Reid, Richmond, Ross, Thompson, Wallace, Wilkinson.
North West
Bell, Boyd, Camac, Cunningham, Curry, Darragh, Ferguson, Fletcher, Hill, Hunter, Kane, Laughlan, Laverty, Magee, McBride, McConaghy, McConaughy, McCurdy, McFadden, McKay, McKeown, McKinlay, McLean, McQuillan, McVicker, Mogey, Moore, Mullin, Rankin, Shannon, Stewart, Tweed, Walker, Wallace.
Centre South
Black, Boyd, Brown, Campbell, Cathcart, Diamond, Farrow, Forsythe, Hatley, Haughey, Holliday, Howard, Humes, Kane, Kelly, Lighton, Longmoor(e), Magee, Macaw, McConaghy, McCurdy, McFerson, McGown, McIntyre, McKeeman, McKendry, McMullan, Murphy, Patterson, Smith, Stewart, unreadable.
Centre Centre
Anderson, Boyle, Carnegy, Clarke, Currie, Curry, Fullerton, Getty, Graham, Hatt(e)y, Johnston, Kerr, Laughlin?, Leighton, McAlister, McAuley, McCaige, McCaughin, McCaw, McCurdy, McKay, McKeigt, McKinley, McLaughlin, McNeill, McNinch, Mogey, Patterson, Reid, Ross, Sinclair, Steel(e), Taylor, Twadel, Wallace.
Centre North
Antoinett, Auld, Boyd, Campbell, Canning, Cannon, Christie, Clark, Clements, Cooke, Cunningham, Curry, Dougherty, Douglas, Fitzgerald, French, Gayer, Getty, Gregg, Hamill, Haughey, Heaney, Huston, Johnston, Kane, Kerr, Laverty, Lloyd, Magee, Maybin, McAleely, McAl(l)ister, M'Caughan, McCurdy, McElroy, McKaughan, McKeague, McKeeman, McKendry, McKeown, McMullan, McNeil(e), McPharson, McQuade, Moor(e), O'Brien, Pollock, Reid, Smyth, Todd, Trail, White, Wray, unreadable.
South East
Adams, Craig, Dixon, Forgie, Haughey, Hill, Kirkpatrick, Laverty, Magee, McCurdy, McFaddin(?), McIlroy, McKeown, McPherson, Park, Scally, Stewart, Taggart, Todd, Wilmot, unreadable.
Centre East
Biggart, Davis, Dinsmore,  Forgie, Hunter, Kerr, McCaw, McCollam, McIntyre,  Semple, Sharpe, Sweeney, Twaddle.  
North East
Achison, Alexander, Anderson, Auld, Black, Cal(l)aghan, Cazier, Curry, Hanna, Jackson, Kerr, Magee, Martin, McAfee, McCarrel, McCaw, McClain, McClean, McConaghy, McCurdy, McDuffee, McIvor, McMullan, McNeill.
The new burying ground is to the south of the old and there are some graves around the church building at the north of the site.
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