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Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Lists of Scholars

1863, District 1

Return of Scholars in District No 1 in Brighton

Names of Parents Names of Scholars under 20 & over 4 years No
Moses Ladd & Adaline Daniel, Harrison, Ada, Emma & Liter 5
James Petrie & Ann Amanda, Sarah, Harvey C & Israel Howland 4
Alonzo Colburn & Jennet Lovina, Emma & James Orin 3
John Colburn & Amanda Dianna & Augusta Hamlet 2
Jefferson Hastings & Lydia Thomas, Mary, Eliza, Emma, Lois 5
Geo. T. Rosebrooks & Martha Jason Henman 1
Harvey Coe & Abigail C. Jonathan W. Hastings, Lousa Parker 2
Abner Coe & Emeline Orra 1
James M. Doyle & Rhoda A. James B, Rhoda, Clarissa, John, William, Emma 6
Henry Gero 2 girls 2

Harvey Coe, District Clerk

A True Copy of Return

JWDavis, Town Clerk

Extracted from Family History Library Film #0027868 by Jane Irish Nelson.

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