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Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Lists of Scholars

1859, District 5

List of Scholars in District 5 Jan 1, 1859 between the Ages of 4 & 18 Years.

Heads of Families Names of Scholars Nos
Amos Dyer Almond, Almira, Levi 3
David Marcott Ada 1
Geo Danforth Orlando, Calomice, Emily, George 4
Amasa Young Ellen, Ephraim, Edwin, Joseph 4
E.H. Bowman George 1
Barzilla Howard Martha, Page, Sarah, Helen, Cora 5
E.L.T. Dutchanan Maria, Cyene 2
Silas Cowny Arthur, Almira, Anita, Laura, Alma 5
Andrew Derush Oletta, Emily, Mary, Joseph, Daniel 5
John Lefever Paul, Jene Caroline 2
Julius Anchenz Helen, David, William 3
Peter Gilmot Jessy, Augusta, George 3
John Hobart Edgar Games 1
G.G. Waterhouse Ada 1
Ellredge Poor Scott, Henry, Alfred 3
Henry Hopkins Ella 1
A.J. Downing Edgar A, Emily A 2
Pat Coffee John, James, Jeremiah, Pat 4
Pat Pheney Pat, Michael, Richard, Ellen, Mary 5
Oliver Wilson Albert, Milo, Mary J 3
David Wilson James 1
James Blake Mary, Sarah, Lucius 3
Clinton Blake James 1
Lewis Wood Moses Raymor 1
John Horr Charles, Fred, Edwin, Emma 4
G.H. Heaton Lucy, Mary, Solomon 3
John Piper Lucius, William, Nathaniel 3
Wm Carnick Florence A. 1
Rolph Fogg Rufus 1
E.W. Hoffman Albert, George 2
Michael Tracy Mary, Andrew, John, Charles 4
Isaac Green Rosalia, Philomene, Mary 3
Maximus Gilmer Mary 1
John Gill Julia 1
Jas O'Keeffe Patrick 1
Peter Tracy Catherine, Andrew, Mary, Peter 4
PatkFlaharty Mathias, Patk Koine 2
John Lenahan Caroline 1
Ansel Foster Nicholas, Jane, David 3
John Gane Edwin, George, Mary, Charles 4
Patrick Foley Mary, Bridgett, Barney, Patrick 4
Martin Dunlop Michael, Thomas 2
Mathew King Martin Shaw 1
Thos Casey Maria, Mary 2
Jas MacCulloch Elizabeth, John 2
Dimond Stone Luvia, Emma 2
H. Morse Emma 1
John Morse Luella 1
S. Morse Edwin 1
Jas Dow John 1
S.D. Hobson Howard 1
Whole No 120
12 Weeks School by   Male Teacher including Board 96.00
12 Weeks School by Female Teacher       do 46.80
Cost of Wood 5 Cords 13.75
Attest $156.55

Wm Mason } Dist Clerk

A True Record
A.J. Downing
Town Clerk

Town Clerks Office }
Brighton Feb 25, 1859 }

Extracted from Family History Library Film #0027868 by Jane Irish Nelson.

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