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Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Lists of Scholars

1856, District 5

A List of the Parents & Scholars in Dist No 5 in Brighton

Heads of Families Scholars Nos
Lester Barrett Cyrus Barrett, John Barrett 2
Reuben Bartlett Ellen Morse 1
Wm Cheney Wallace Cheney, Lewis Cheney, Susan 3
Horace Morse Emma Morse 1
Josiah Ladd Charles, Abba 2
Patrick Coffey Patsy Coffy, John Coffy, Jerry Coffy 3
Isaac Sawyer Henry, Delilia, Ellen 3
Patrick Feny Patrick, Michael, Mary, Richard 4
Jonathan Mason Emma Mason 1
E. W. Hoffman Albert Hoffman 1
Elbridge Poor Scott Poor, Henry Poor 2
Eli Aldrich Mary, William, Ada, Maria 4
Ely Cameron Will Cameron 1
Eri Chamberlin Laurie Jane Chamberlin 1
John Campbell Nelson, John 2
Walter Spaulding George Spaulding 1
Silas Cowan Almira, Ammitta, Arthur 3
Susan Stevens Olando, Calvin, Burrel, Roxana, Lauretta 5
James Dow John Dow 1
David Marcott Ada Marcott 1
Lucius Denison Cata, Ellen, Arthur, Alice 4
James Keeffe Patrycrick Keeffe 1
Michael Tracy Andrew, John, Charles 3
Peter Tracy Judah Tracy 1
David Niles Nelson Niles 1
Clark Morse George Morse 1
Ansel Foster Ansel, James, Jane, David 4
Charles Danforth Susan, Emma 2
Danforth Mary, Norton 2
Dimond Stone Lura, Emma 2
Calvin Wing Lura Cheny 1
John Tracy George, Franklin 2
Joshua Small Wm Harrison 1
Benj. F. Swan Ebben Swan 1
Horace B. Root Charles Root 1
E. Percival Elvira, Milo 2
Joseph Deruth  
Parker James Parker 1
Gatsel Thomas Gatsel 1
Murphey Margaret Murphy 1
James V. Blake Sarah, Mary, Lucius 3
Clark Ladd Seth, Amelia, Abby 3
W. L. Willard Eugena Willard 1
Total 81
Twenty four (24) Weeks Taught by Female
Teacher. Wages Paid Female $2. for the first 12
Weeks & $3. for the next 12 Weeks Amting to $60.00
Twelve Weeks Taught by Male Teacher
Wages Paid Male $16. pr Month Amounting to 48.00
Board for Female Teacher $3. pr Week 72.00
    "      "     Male     "     $2.87     " 35.50
Wood & Incidentals 35.00

I hereby certify the above to be a true list of District No 5 in Brighton.

Wm Cheny } Dist Clerk

Attest E. W. Hoffman
Brighton Vt Feb 26, 1856 p. A.J.D. Town Clerk


Extracted from Family History Library Film #0027868 by Jane Irish Nelson.

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