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Brighton, Essex County, Vermont

Lists of Scholars

1848, District 1

No of schollars in District No 1 in Brighton Jany 1st 1848

Heads of Families   Names of Schollars
Harris Brown 1 John H. Brown 1
Harvey Coe 1 Lorenzo McL 1
Jona Gilman 1 Hannah N. Gilman 1
Jefferson Hastings 1 David Hastings 1
Widow Sophia Morse 1 Almira Morse 1
Phreeland Rosbrook 3 Charles, Edward, and Sheldon Rosbrook 3
E. G. Smith 2 Appha and Waldo Smith 2
No of weeks taught in the year by a female teacher
twenty four weeks 12 at $1.25 and 12 at $1.75 per week
Whole amount paid $ 36.00
Cost of Board for the year $ 24.00
Cost of Fuel and repairs $ 3.80

I hereby Certify the above to be the true returns of District No 1 as Required by law.
Attest Jona Gilman, Clerk

Extracted from Family History Library Film #0027868 by Jane Irish Nelson.

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