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Map of Huron/Perth

Record log (not updated)

Church Records Huron/Perth area

At this time these are only Catholic parishes 

Church records information  information for the different catholic churches and cemeteries as well as a little history updated 

St Columban "Irishtown" also St James Seaforth Huron/Perth Ontario Close to Dublin Ontario Canada more coming This is a combined list and not finished

St Peters 1843-1850  Goderich  

Scanned images from Church records  

St Peters
interments St Columban

interments out of order entry 1861-62

Census for McKillop Township

McKillop Township census Huron Co Ontario (5826 entries)
1851 finished 
1861 complete index is finished NEW  and 
1871 NEW for div 1 and 2


(combined alpha listing for some census and church records (not complete))from Ontario

Places of origin in  Ireland mentioned in Cemetery records around St Columban/Dublin Canada area

There is surprising many names from both Clonmel and St Columban that are the same another coincidence is that there is also an Irishtown mentioned in Clonmel records.

Obits for people from this area (McKillop/Seaforth)
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Ryans from this area

Link to my Dorsey pages with St Columban connections

Probates and wills


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Added today 3 Jan 2000 (deaths  St Columban) 
Added today 13 Jan 2000 ( births1850-1859 St Columban) 
Added today 1 Feb 2000 (marriages 1850-1911 St Columban and St James)
Added today 6 Feb 2000 (deaths St James)
Added today 13 Feb 2000 ( births1860-1862 St Columban) 
Added today 28 Feb 2000 ( births1863-1869 St Columban) 
Added today 1 Mar 2000 (1851 census McKillop)
Added today 19 Mar 2000 (Part 1861 census Ward 2 McKillop)
Births/bap St Peters 1843-1850 not added to alpha lists

index of some wills

Census 1871 done for ward 1 and 2 not on site yet
Census 1861 McKillop one ward done
Births/bap St Columban - 1910
Births/bap St James 1880-