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CKLEINNCGKHAEIMMNAER (spelt in many different ways)
Clinck-Cling- Clink- Klenk- Kling-Klink

I am the granddaughter of SARAH MARY "SADIE" KLINKHAMMER
the great granddaughter of NICHOLAS JOSEPH KLINKHAMMER and
the great great granddaughter of JOHN THEODOR KLINKHAMMER

If you have any information correction or additions to this family please contact me.

pjtskar at online.no
last updated 17. oktober 2005 .

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Descendant list 
(updated 17. oktober 2005
little detailed summary list easiest way to find families

Records list of sources found or to be found any help appreciated
(updated 17. oktober 2005 )-links to scanned copy of events (a lot not done yet)
Klinkhammer family from Wisconsin that we are related to -now I know how
Other Michigan Klinkhammers descendant lists

 Events for other Michigan Klinkhammer Klinkhamer Klinghammer Klinghamer Klingkammer Klingkamer etc.......

Events for other  Klinkhammer Klinkhamer Klinghammer Klinghamer Klingkammer Klingkamer etc.......
Directory entries ( timelines added some vital)

Ancestor list


Breif township history Wilmot

Who to Contact for More Information or even BETTER to help (or correct) with additional information.
Hope these pages helped you in your research...They wouldn't have been possible without others sharing their information we owe them also a great thanks.

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Created 20 Mar 1999

bulletGreatly indebted to all of you who have helped me

There is still a lot of information here that is hearsay. I'm in the process of checking sources and will update as I acquire new information.

I'm having a hard time with the children of this family. Its appears that they have one set of names in the census but use other names in other records, as well as various names reported from family members. I've placed the facts where they seem to fit but may have mixed up some of the children here. Hope that as I gather more information I can sort them out. I'm having specially a hard time with Xavier, Frank, Dietrich, David, Theodor, and Joseph.

Some of the Klinkhammers  eventually dropped one "m" and become Klinkhamer