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Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association

PO Box 941, Connersville, IN 47331

Discovering New Branches...Digging for Our Roots

Some Previous Programs

Month & Year Program & Speaker
November 2006 4-H Genealogy
Dustin & Brady Price
February 2007 Successful Strategies for Genealogical Societies
Laura Smith, Past President of Wayne County Gen. Soc.
March 2007 Duties & Stories of a Connersville Constable
Charles Hughes, former Constable
April 2007 History of Old Fairfield, Franklin County
Julie Schlesselman, Whitewater Valley Community Library District
May 2007 Indiana Genealogical Society Marriage Indexing Project
Shirley Fields, State Volunteer Coordinator
June 2007 Getting Started in Genealogy
Roundtable Discussion
August 2007 Southern Indiana History & Stories
Helen Parks of Bennington, IN
September 2007 Tombstone Cleaning & Restoration--Demonstration at City Cemetery
Pat Summan & Charles Hughes
October 2007 Fraternal Organizations to which your Ancestors may have Belonged
Robert Price
January 2008 Members' Brick Walls
February 2008 The Last 5 Years of the Life of Robert E. Lee
Jim Orr
March 2008 History of the Medal of Honor
Charles Hughes
May 2008 Genealogy and Being Adopted
K.C. Chalker
June 2008 Genealogy DNA Projects
Robert Price
July 2008 Growing Up Black in Connersville
Bashanna Perkins Pickering
August 2008 Henry Clay Slept Here
Road trip to home of Ron Morris in Centerville
October 2008 History and Families of Alquina, IN
John Johnson
November 2008 Holiday Party
Members each brought a food dish from their family's holiday tradition
January 2009 Folklore, and What it Can Tell Us About our Ancestors
Ron Morris
February 2009 Break through those Brick Walls!
Roundtable Discussion
March 2009 Planning meeting
April 2009 Fayette County Pioneer Cemeteries
Pat Summan
May 2009 (Election of Officers) Pennsylvania Research Trip
Doug & Sandy Brown
June 2009 All about Daniel Boone
John Johnson
July 2009 Heritage Days report. July 25 research trip to Fort Wayne
August 2009 PAF, Genealogy project for Fayette County
Jan & Bruce York
September 2009 Corps of Discovery: Military
Bruce Bowden
October 2009 All About the DAR
Kay Pike & Jeanie Hornung
November 2009 Members brought a covered dish & a family heirloom to share its story

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