Pat Cudworth called the September 17th meeting to order.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Sue Frank wasn’t present so we didn’t have a treasurer’s report.

John Johnson wasn’t present either and we don’t know about the underground railroad program for next month.

Heritage Days will be October 26 and 27.  WVGA has been given permission to use the Indiana Room at the library for a workshop on Saturday.  Sandy Brown mentioned that when we had one last time we were there after hours.  Pat C. will check with library and see what hours we can have the Indiana Room.  We will use the same format as last time – helping answer questions on a one by one basis.  During the week end HCI will be having tours of the Canal House and Newkirk House.  At dusk re-enacters will be present at City Cemetery and the ones that are portrayed will be new ones not used before.

Ron Wood reported that there is supposed to be an article in the paper about the time capsule.  Those interested will meet at the library September 26 at 4:00.  Mayor Urban, bicentennial chairman Mike Sparks and vice-chair Ed Herrell have been invited to speak.  Team Lead from the high school has been invited to participate.  Day chairs and event chairs for the bicentennial have been asked to submit material for the time capsule.  The capsule will be buried at a later date.  It will be buried on HCI property between 4th Street and the Housing Authority building.  The Canal House fence is on top of the old foundation of a building so Ron may be digging up a lot of bricks to make the hole for the capsule.  A new marker will be installed when the excavation is complete.

Jim Wicker reported on the melodrama which is the last event of the bicentennial and will be October 25, 26, and 27 at the Roberts Building.  They had planned to use kids from the high school but Friday is homecoming, Saturday is homecoming dance, and Sunday is St. Gabriels Fall Festival.

Pat Summan has done some research and has received word that one person is sending a $30 to WVGA for her research.

Pat Cudworth told about finding her great grandma’s grave at Fishers Cemetery in Rush County.  Doug Brown mentioned that Melody Gault from the Brookville Library told him they were getting a license to have access to the latter day saints info.  Linda Mahan mentioned that info is also being put on their Family Search website.

Thursday, September 19 Teresa Lowe will have a showing of her pictures at 6:30 at the Brookville Library.

Linda Mahan told about the Rush County Genealogy Club going to the clerk’s office and looking at very old divorce information.  These were from 1827 to 1838 and gave a lot of information such as what caused the divorce.  She also brought a couple of old pictures of the Orange School

Pat Summan reported that her only disappointment on their trip to New York City was that Ellis Island is still closed due to Hurricane Sandy.

She also reported that the bicentennial celebration book is at the publishers.

Pat Summan provided refreshments and Pam Wood will have refreshments in October.  The next meeting is October 15.

Those present were:  Doug and Sandy Brown, Jim Wicker, Linda Mahan, Roy and Pat Cudworth, Ron and Pam Wood, and Pat Summan.


Pat Summan, Secretary