JUNE 2013

Members of the Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met June 11 at City Cemetery.  John Johnson provided everyone with a list of common symbols found on tombstones.  Members then spread throughout the cemetery to see how many they could find.  Doug and Sandy Brown found 16 plus some that were not on the list.  Unfortunately rain shortened this activity and members adjourned to the Trinity Episcopal Parish House for the business meeting.

Pat Cudworth called the meeting to order.  Kathryn Creamer was a guest.  The minutes were approved.  Sue Frank was not present and when Pat saw her earlier in the day, she forgot to get the bank balance.  She did know that checks had been written to Commercial Printing for $125.19 for the Elmhurst booklets and to Pat Summan for $82.03 for last year’s newsletter.

3 booklets were taken to 5Cs (formerly Brunsmans) and they have given an estimate.  Each time Pat called them to see if the booklets are ready, she is told they are laying on a desk and they will get to them.  In the mean time she took the Elmhurst booklet to Commercial Printers and already has the copies.  If she doesn’t hear from 5Cs by Friday, she is going to pick up the material and take it to Commercial Printers.  Pat was thanked for handling the booklets and the printers.

Doug Brown made the motion to sell the Elmhurst booklet for a $5 donation.  Motion seconded by John Johnson and carried.  We already have reserved a space at the bicentennial and will sell our booklets on Sunday, July 7 which is reunion day.

Karen Creamer reported she has only received 6 pedigree charts and needs more before she can make a booklet.  She does not have the last newsletter or listing of burials in independent cemeteries on line yet but will do it soon.

The Indiana Historical Society is sponsoring several genealogy seminars and a list of these was reviewed by those present.

There will be an open house at the Roberts Building (formerly called 4-H building) on June 14 from 5:00 to 7:00.  A volunteer meeting for the bicentennial will be June 18 at 6:30 at the Pavilion at the park.

Pat C. told of her find.  She has been looking for an ancestor, Priscilla Liggett Miller, wife of John W. Miller.  All she was ever able to find was a marriage certificate.  Recently while at the Rushville Public Library while waiting to use the machine, she was thumbing through the cemetery book and found Priscilla buried at Fisher Cemetery.  She called Marlene Fudge who has the records and verified that Priscilla is there.  Marlene lives next to cemetery and immediately went to cemetery and found a weathered stone for Priscilla.

Karen Creamer was thanked for refreshments.  She and her mother will be going back to Florida the end of the month.  Jim Wicker will have refreshments in July.


Pat Summan, Secretary