Meeting Minutes, April 2013
APRIL 2013

April 16, 2013

The April meeting of the Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association was held April 16, 2013 at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House. Pat Cudworth presided. There were two corrections to last month’s minutes. Sandy is indexing obits for 1922 and not 1921 and John Johnson also attended the meeting in Rushville. Sue Frank reported a bank balance of $189.75, petty cash $37.00, and savings $1,679.42.

Pat Cudworth took three of the booklets to Brunsmans to get an estimate to print them. They are “Letters From the Past,” “J. E. Huston, Things I Remember,” and “1813-1913 History of Connersville, Connersville High School Reflector.” The Elmhurst booklet isn’t done yet. Jim Wicker wasn’t present at this meeting but had indicated he had more pictures to add and Pat hopes it is to the Elmhurst booklet since she has taken the other three to the printer. She is getting a price for 20 copies of each. Brunsmans will also give an estimate for 50 copies. The cover could be in color. It is our goal to have these by the end of June.

Karen Creamer will be in Florida till June and sent word that she only has 4 pedigree charts and if each of our members would submit their charts, she would have enough to make a book.

Pat reported that Susan Spence is writing a children’s book. Characters in the book build a time machine that brings them back to Connersville. It will be a history book in children’s form. The Kentucky Historical Society is looking for documents about the Civil War Governors of Kentucky.

John Johnson reported that a bill is being considered by the Indiana General Assembly that would permit the state and counties to charge a fee for researching. Under two hours would be free and over two hours could be up to $20 an hour.

One of the new databases on the IGS website is a listing of names of children that were at the Soldiers and Sailors home at Knightstown.

Jefferson County has recently installed security measures. Due to the tragedy in Boston a few days ago, John felt that more court houses and public buildings will have security systems. Pat Summan reported that at both Noblesville and Anderson you have to pass through security to get to offices to research.

John reported that letters written in 1864 by an African American soldier were recently auctioned off for $38,000. These were written by Morgan W. Carter.

It was reported that Pam Wood is doing well after her knee surgery. Ron is gone on a project and she can’t drive yet and couldn’t attend this meeting. No one has recorded any more obits at the library this month.

A discussion was held as to what we could do as a group or individuals for the bicentennial. We would like to be able to sell our booklets maybe one day at the park.

Louanna Booth will contact Sue Ann Pflum-Walker to see where help is needed and see if she knows about setting up a vendor’s booth for one day. The nominating committee will be Louanna Booth, Sue Frank, and Sandy Brown. Nominations are due at the next meeting.

Thank you Tina Havlicek for refreshments. Sue will provide refreshments in May.

Those present were Doug and Sandy Brown, Louanna Booth, Tina Havlicek, Roy Cudworth, Sue Frank, Pat Cudworth, John Johnson, and Pat Summan.

Pat Summan, Secretary