Meeting Minutes, July 2012
JULY 2012

July 17, 2012

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met July 17, 2012 at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House.

Vice President John Johnson called the meeting to order. Rebecca Jackson and Kathryn Creamer were welcomed as guests.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved and Sue Frank gave the treasurer’s report. She is still receiving dues that were due June 1. The checking account balance is $300.90 with $27 in petty cash. The savings account remains $1,677.53.

Jim Wicker has enough material to put together a booklet which can be sold. He probably has enough on Elmhurst for a separate book. Karen Creamer has the machine and material to do the binding. Karen has e-mailed 10 different ones seeking guidance on a book of ancestral charts. She has only received one reply.

Ron Wood reported on the progress of the bicentennial. Plans are starting to come together as events are added to the schedule. Work is progressing on the headquarters building.

John Johnson handed out examples of the 1940 census and noted the additional information that has not been on a previous index. Family is doing their own indexing. He noted other things from a newsletter he had. There is going to be an index of the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Orphans, in LaPorte County bronze military markers are being stolen and Wayne County has received a grant for 2 new computers and archival materials.

Heritage Days will be October 27 & 28 and we will do the same as last time. Karen reported that the Franklin County Pioneer Days will be October 11-13. She will be sending another e-mail in a few days with more information.

WVGA will be having a joint meeting with Wayne County September 18. Randy Morehead will give a demonstration on stone restoration. It was thought there might be around 6 from Wayne County coming. It was suggested we buy fried chicken and have a picnic at the park. The rest of the details will be worked out at the next meeting since Pat Cudworth has been corresponding with Wayne County.

Ron Wood reported that HCI is restoring the hose house.

John reported that he had recently started researching his wife Nancy’s genealogy which led them to Clark County, Ohio where they found several family members buried in a cemetery there.

Refreshments were served by Jim Wicker.

Pat Summan, Secretary

Those present: Karen Creamer, Kathryn Creamer, Jim Wicker, Pam and Ron Wood, Rebecca Jackson, Doug and Sandy Brown, Sue Frank, John Johnson, and Pat Summan.
Pat Summan, Secretary