Meeting Minutes, January 2012
January 2012

January 17, 2012

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House January 17, 2012. John Johnson furnished refreshments.

Pat Cudworth called the meeting to order. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. There wasnít a treasurerís report as Karen is in Florida and the treasurerís files were just delivered a few minutes before 7:00. A check for $50 was received from Norma Nash for dues and a donation. B. Beth Schenkel is a new member. John Johnson made the motion that the club donate $25 to the genealogy department of the library in memory of Jane Miller. Motion seconded by Charlie Hughes and carried. Although it wasnít officially a part of the motion members felt we should make donations when it is an active member.

Jim Wicker reported he still needs some material for book. Ron Wood said he spent 2 hours at museum looking for a diary and canít find it. There is a possibility that there may be some material in the papers found at the court house that could be used. Some articles for the new history book may be too long and parts of those could be used in the book.

Ron reported that the last bicentennial meeting was a busy one. There is a possibility of having the Society of Northwest Longhunters and Mike Huber and his Baker steam engine at the celebration. March 8 will be a Meet and Greet fundraiser at Below the Loft. Ron passed around the minutes and Jim asked what it meant for murals. He said that his class spent $30,000 to restore the murals at the middle school.

It was decided to start a petty cash coffee fund. Pam Wood will buy coffee and after that it can be taken out of coffee fund. We have been using sugar and creamer from the church.

It is past time to renew our membership in Federation of Genealogical Societies. It was pointed out that only the president and one representative can access their website. Sandy Brown made the motion to drop our membership. Pam seconded it and it was carried.

Wayne County has expressed an interest in having a joint meeting with us. We will check with them to see what they have in mind Ė business meeting, met somewhere between the two cities, meet at a restaurant etc.

There were other projects mentioned at the November meeting that we might consider but these will have to wait till Karen gets back.

Curtis Garrett has expressed an interest in having a beginner genealogy workshop without computers. Unfortunately he was ill and unable to attend meeting. Janet Banks of the Community Education Coalition gave the program and said that CEC is community education. She told of some of the new classes that will be available this quarter. The brochure is at the printers. Spring would be the next time we could get our class in the catalog, however, information on it could be sent out to their mailing list via e-mail and put on the webpage if we wanted to do it earlier. We can pick the number of days and weeks it would be held. It was thought maybe 2-3 age groups might work. We could have access to their facility. Janet answered other questions from the group.

Those present were Jim Wicker, Doug and Sandy Brown, Pam and Ron Wood, Charlie Hughes, Pat Cudworth, John Johnson, Pat Summan and guest speaker Janet Banks.

Pat Summan, Secretary