Meeting Minutes, August, 2012

August 21, 2012

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met August 21, 2012 at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House. President Pat Cudworth called the meeting to order.

The July secretary’s report was approved with the addition of the following sentence: Sandy Brown reported that she and Susan Spence have not met at the library, as of yet, for Susan to learn how to translate the 1922 obituaries, due to schedule conflicts.

Sue Frank reported a balance of $330.09 with $1,677.53 in the savings account.

Jim Wicker reported he had the obit of Isabelle Trusler, one of the co-founders of Elmhurst. She was at the school from 1909 till the 1920s. This can be used in the booklet. He has also talked to Melissa at the library and she is looking for pictures of Smith and Parker. The pictures in Harry Smith’s book are copyrighted and can’t be used. Jim also has a couple of listing of businesses that were in downtown Connersville in the 1920s and 1950s. Pat Summan mentioned that there is a listing of the businesses from the early 1960s in the new county history book.

Karen Creamer finally received a couple of replies to her inquiry about a book of ancestral charts. She will probably include pedigree charts of families that were in Connersville by 1825. She has also started working on a beginner genealogy booklet.

Pat C. announced that there will be a Civil War seminar at the Indiana History Center September 15.

Pat S. reported that the new county history book has been proofread the first time and will go for printing in 4 weeks after it has been proofread again.

Sandy reported that Susan has been working on 1922 obits at library and Sandy was there today. Between them they have gotten another month done and are ready to start on May.

Ron Wood stated that he had been at the bicentennial headquarters today. The front of the building has now been primed and the windows are ready for glazing. He heard talk about a grand opening in the plans. There is a 4 x 8 dry erase board at the headquarters and it will soon list all the activities, chairmen for these activities etc. It has been rumored around town that the bicentennial money is being spent on the headquarters. This is not so. Char Lyn, owner of the building, has been paying for the supplies and bicentennial members are supplying the labor. There has been a website set up mainly for the committees and everyone can see what other committees are doing. The original website has been updated with the activities. Next meeting is this Thursday the 23rd at Miller Building at 6 p.m.

The group decided they want to do the same thing at Heritage Days as they did last year. Karen still has some flash drives. It was decided to have our activities the same hours the library is open.

Karen stated that Franklin County Pioneer Days will be October 11-13. Deadline for reservations is this Friday the 24th. Karen has met a new cousin through this event and has been busy putting that line on her computer. One of the speakers will be telling about Braysville. Another speaker will talk about the Old Settlers Picnic which was held for about 60 years. He has the sign in sheets from each of the picnics. Even though it was called Old Settlers Picnic, it was a part of the Pioneer Association of Old Settlers. Karen mentioned that the oldest man at the picnic received a gold-handle cane and the oldest woman got gold spectacles. One of the meals will be at the Old Brookville Seminary. They will go to antique store at Cedar Grove where proprietor has a collection of old stoves. They will eat at Mounds Restaurant, stop at Cedar Grove Cemetery and have a guided tour of the old Brookville Cemetery. Cost is only $10 and after minimal expenses, the balance is given to the Brookville Library.

We will be hosting Wayne County on September 18. It was decided to meet at City Cemetery (section west of Soldiers Circle) at 3:30 and Randy Morehead and Steve LaFollette will give a demonstration on tombstone restoration. We will then go to parish house to eat. Wayne County members would like to leave soon after 6:00. It was decided to have Famous Recipe cater the meal – chicken, potato wedges, slaw and baked beans. Karen will make arrangements with Famous Recipe and can let them in to set up if she can get a key. Members will fix desserts. Karen, Tina and John will bring drinks and Jim will get ice. John Johnson made the motion that the club pay for meal. Motion seconded by Ron Wood and carried. While we eat we can discuss the program and visit with our guests.

John Johnson told about his further research on Nancy’s family. Her family was from Catawba, Ohio and he found an article on line called “Window Reflection of Methodist Church. It stated that the original church at Catawba was in place till 1919. When new church was built, stained glass windows from old church were put in new church. There are about 40 names on these windows. It also mentioned that Dr. Bert Coffey had practiced medicine in Andersonville and Connersville and that he is buried at Laurel.

Linda Mahan gave the program. She went to Midwestern Roots (sponsored by Indiana Historical Society) and was disappointed in the programs. This was her 3rd year to go and will probably be her last. She did attend one interesting program. In 1848 Fontaine and Porter set up cameras in Kentucky and took pictures across the river to Cincinnati. They then made a panorama of Cincinnati. This was not dated but years later it was determined that the pictures were taken September 24, 1848 at 2 p.m. This was established by the river being low due to drought, leaves determined the approximate date and the time was determined by the shadows. A camera at that time to take a panorama would have cost $30,000. The pictures were on plates 6 ½ x 8 ½. Cincinnati was settled in 1788 and consisted of a large number of German immigrants. It has been said that the panorama was the most important photo ever taken. The original hung in the old main library for many years. In 2000 the pictures were sent for restoration. With the advantage o f modern technology the time on the clock tower could be seen and it said 1:55 p.m. The picture was put back on display May 21, 2011.

Those present at meeting were Sandy and Doug Brown, Tina Havlicek, Karen Creamer, Jim Wicker, Pam and Ron Wood, Linda Mahan, Sue Frank, Pat Cudworth, John Johnson and Pat Summan.

Pat Summan, Secretary