Meeting Minutes, April 2012
April 2012

April 17, 2012

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met April 17, 2012 at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House. Minutes of the last meeting were approved. The treasurer’s report showed $325.59 in the checking account and the February balance in savings was $1,676.85 and that is probably the same.

Jim Wicker was present so there was no report on the ways and means booklet. Karen Creamer had mentioned at an earlier meeting we might do a book of ancestral charts. It was thought this was a good thing to do. Something that might be of interest would be a booklet “How to Start your Family Tree.” It is possible we could have a booth at the bicentennial and sell these.

Karen is helping index the 1940 census and more help is needed as this is a massive project.

No one has had time to index the 1920s obits at the library.

Ron Wood reported that the log cabin which is hoped to be a part of a pioneer village for the bicentennial is down.

Historic Connersville may be doing an event April 28th at the Canal House and City Cemetery. There hasn’t been any publicity on this yet.

Curtis couldn’t be at the meeting so there was no further update on beginning genealogy classes. This was tabled for 1 more month for members to come up with ideas. We need to think about fall. October 27 and 28 is Heritage Days. That might be a good time to schedule a workshop or a class.

A joint meeting with Wayne Co. Genealogy Society was discussed. Pat will contact them and see if they would be interested in coming to the county cemetery office and having Randy give a workshop on repairing tombstones. We would possibly eat somewhere.

The nominating committee will be Pam Wood and Louanna Booth. Officers will be elected May 15 and installed June 19.

Karen made a suggestion we might want to consider a life membership –maybe for $100. One of the things discussed was that it would be fine now but a few years down the road it would mean less income. Members decided not to have life membership.

John Johnson goes to sales and buys old bibles. They come in all sizes. The first thing you might look for is a family history. It is interesting to see what items are stored in the bible. It could contain some personal papers. The purpose of the Bible was that it was to be read and obeyed. He passed around some of the bibles he has collected over the years. Some were very very old.

Sandy Brown served refreshments.

Those present were Louanna Booth, Sandy Brown, Ron and Pam Wood, Linda Mahan, Karen Creamer, Pat Cudworth, John Johnson and Pat Summan
Pat Summan, Secretary