Meeting Minutes, October 2011
October 2011

October 18, 2011

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met October 18, 2011 at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House. John Johnson, Vice President conducted the meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Karen Creamer reported a balance in checking of $140.20 and savings $2,175.84. In order to be sure and get the flash drives here by Heritage Days, Karen charged them to her credit card then wrote herself a check to pay for them. The amount was $223.46.

It was reported that Janie Miller is in hospital at Cincinnati and is having 96 straight hours of chemo.

Jim Wicker hasn’t done anything more on the booklet which we hope to print for sale at bicentennial. He needs more information to put in booklet. Ron Wood said he would check about the diary at the museum. He isn’t sure he can borrow the diary. Jim said he wouldn’t have time to work on it till after Christmas as he has too many things going on.

Correspondence included an invitation from Elkhart County Genealogical Association for their fall workshop to be at Bristol November 5. Early registration is $25 and registration at the door is $30. Dick Eastman will be the speaker.

John Johnson reported he recently went to Madison County, Kentucky on a research trip. There are over 400 pioneer cemeteries in that county and after seeing a couple of them he stated we should be proud of how nice our cemeteries look. He told of the problems he encountered trying to find owners of land where cemeteries are located in order to get permission to go to cemetery.

No one has had time to work on indexing at library. Sandy Brown said that if there was time Saturday during Heritage Days she would work on that project. One of the microfilm readers is down.

Ron Wood reported on the bicentennial plans. An earlier suggestion had been made for Whitewater Valley Railroad to shuttle people from Visteon parking lot downtown for the parade. William Gray from WVRR reported at last bicentennial meeting that this will not work. WVRR is classified as a historic passenger railroad and C&NC (formerly Hi Rail) is classified for freight which has higher requirements. The government will not grant a one day exemption. Elmhurst turned down the request to put the pioneer village on their property. Another suggestion was the farm ground around the Rushville depot and Dearborn tower. Willie Wells owns that land and no one has been able to negotiate with him on this area as he keeps raising his price. Concern was mentioned as to whether that area is in a flood plain.

Heritage Days will be Saturday the 22nd. Karen designed a flyer and it looks very nice. There will be a bill from Brunsmans for printing it and some other materials. An article has been in the News Examiner and on channel 3 TV. John Johnson asked his daughter to have Charlotte Dafler at the extension office send a letter to all those enrolled in 4-H genealogy to bring their projects for display. The hours will be 10:00-7:00. The library closes at 5:00 and we will have exclusive use of the computer room from 5:00 to 7:00. The library board did approve the two extra hours. It was mentioned that someone needs to check the WVGA brochure to be sure the website is correct on it. Through the library’s network there will be access to Ancestry.Com and Heritage Quest by use of laptops. There is no food allowed in the library.

Karen reported she is attending a 6-week class at Muncie for Church historians. She reported that DePauw University will do look-ups for information in Indiana and this is free of charge. She stated that there is a university somewhere that has records for every denomination. There are boxes of “stuff” at the Methodist church marked to be shredded. She is going to go through these to see if there is anything that should be saved for genealogy purposes.

At the last meeting Curtis Garrett had suggested a beginning workshop starting with the basic forms and not the computer. One idea was to give these through Community Education Coalition in the spring and fall. Sue Frank is going to check with Sherri Gettinger, secretary at the CEC, and see what is involved

We had talked previously about submitting a page about WVGA for the new history book and some weren’t sure we had enough information to put in. Sandy Brown has the original newsletters and through those Pat Summan has started an article which includes the names of the charter members.

Curtis Garrett told the group of some books he has recently purchased. One was Denization and Naturalization in the British Colonies in America 1607-1775. Naturalization was granted by Parliament and denization was granted by the Crown. If you weren’t in either of these categories, you couldn’t buy land and did not have civil rights. All Huguenots were granted denization by the Crown.

The other two books were Family Maps of Bartholomew County, Indiana and Family Maps of Wabash County, Indiana. These books have plat maps of property owners who received their land from the Federal Government. You can go to Amazon.Com to see if there is a book for the county you are interested in. Karen stated she has a book of all the pioneer cemeteries in Franklin County and will be happy to share it.

Next meeting will be our annual Thanksgiving Gathering November 15. Karen will fix the turkey and a sign- up sheet was distributed for the rest of the meal.

The next regular business meeting will be January 17, 2012.

Those present were: John Johnson, Karen Creamer, Curtis Garrett, Jim Wicker, Sandy Brown, Sue Frank, Pam and Ron Wood, and Pat Summan.

Pat Summan, Secretary