Meeting Minutes, TEMPLATE 2011
November 2011

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met November 15, 2011, at 6 p.m. at the Trinity Episcopal Parish House for their annual Thanksgiving pitch-in. John Johnson gave the blessing. A delicious meal was enjoyed by all.

Pat Cudworth called the business meeting to order. Karen Creamer made the motion that we put our history in the new county history book. Motion seconded by Curtis Garrett and carried. Karen is putting together a second set of minutes. She is having to re-type what the secretary sends her. They will be on line also.

At the last meeting we talked about a beginner genealogy class without computers. Sue Frank talked to Sherri Gettinger at Community Education Coalition and they are willing to work with us and can come to our January meeting to talk about it. Karen said she could help Curtis on this after Christmas.

Karen presented a bill for $60.99 from Brunsmans for the items printed for Heritage Days. John Johnson made the motion to pay the bill and Louanna Booth seconded it. Motion carried. The bill for the turkey was $21.96 and Curtis Garrett made the motion that this bill be paid. Motion seconded by Ron Wood and carried.

Jim Wicker reported he is still looking for items to put in the booklet we want to sell. Ron Wood said that as soon as things are inventoried at the museum, he will look for a diary that is there.

Karen also suggested we might do a book of pedigree charts of first families to Fayette County which would be before 1825. It could be spiral bound. Pat Summan will bring her Tri County book to the next meeting.

Heritage Days was quite successful. We had 14 sign in. We have 2 new members and 1 renewed her membership. Those helping were Karen Creamer, Doug and Sandy Brown, John Johnson, Sue Frank and Curtis Garrett. Most of those attending were beginners and our members were able to find information for them or if the information couldn’t be found, they were told where it could be found. Two 4-H members brought in their projects for display.

Karen would like to be at the library once a month after the first of the year to assist those that need help finding their genealogy information. It could be for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Donna Schroeder wants to have Heritage Days twice a year. After Winterfest she will be having a committee meeting.

Saturday is Winterfest and the bicentennial float will be making its first appearance.

John Johnson reported he had gone to Rush County Genealogy meeting and met a man by the name of Bobby Lee from New Castle. Bobby had just been to Madison County, Kentucky about a week after John had been there.

Pam Wood will be having knee surgery tomorrow and we wish her well.

Those present were: Larry and Louanna Booth, Curtis and Rev. Betty Ann Garrett, Jim Wicker, Roy and Pat Cudworth, Doug and Sandy Brown, John and Nancy Johnson, Ron and Pam wood, Sue Frank, Jack Witt, Karen Creamer and Pat Summan.
Pat Summan, Secretary