Meeting Minutes, August 2011
August 2011

August 16, 2011

The Whitewater Valley Genealogical Association met August 16 at Trinity Episcopal Parish House and President Pat Cudworth conducted the meeting.

Jim Wicker reported on the status of the letters he has transcribed. He needs one or two more letters or diaries to have enough to print a small booklet for sale. As materials are submitted for the new county history book, some of the information is too long to put in the book. Jim was asked if he would be interested in including them in the WVGA booklet but he preferred to keep the information small enough for a booklet and not a book. He wants a booklet of about 30 pages.

Doug Brown made the motion to give $100 to the Trinity Episcopal Church for the new roof on the steeple. Jim Wicker seconded the motion and it was carried.

Indexing of obituaries for 1922 continues.

WVGA and HCI are combining to sponsor Heritage Days October 22 probably from 10:00 to 5:00. Karen Creamer has been gone and Sandy Brown met with Donna Schroeder about the activities. Plans are to have the Canal House draped in mourning for the loss of a Civil War soldier. Individuals will be portraying some of the citizens buried in City Cemetery. The doll house will be re-painted and the landscaping spruced up before Heritage Days. John and Mardee Blommel will be conducting tours. Donna Schroeder from HCI has the meeting room at the library reserved for that day. We will have use of the computer lab. Other activites may include a youth table for beginners in genealogy, displays of family trees, display of 4-H genealogy winners etc. It is not known whether we will need to pay rent to use the kitchen. Louanna Booth volunteered pumpkin bread and puffed popcorn for refreshments.

Pat Summan reported on the status of the new county history book. The group was asked if they wanted to sponsor a patron page in the new book about the genealogy club. Since the original records are gone, it was wondered if there is enough information to do a page. Ron Wood reported on the progress of the bicentennial. More people are needed to make this happen.

John Johnson showed a book he had purchased at an auction. He noticed that one name, John Gregg, appeared several times and he did some research on him. Gregg had eight land grants on 1,300 acres of land. His house was in Noble Township in Rush County. Abner and Abraham Hackleman were also included in his report. They moved to Linn County, Oregon, farmed, owned 700 head of cattle and 800 horses. They helped build the road from Albany to Boise.

Kathy Keller brought pictures and letters from the Fitzgerald-Theobold families that had lived in Fairview Township. The letters were particularly interesting as they told of the amount of garden that was planted. An article was recently discovered in the 1906 newspaper reporting on the fire that destroyed the house.

Pat Summan reported on her recent drive on the Natchez Trace.

Refreshments were served by Sue Frank. The next meeting will be September 20.

Those present were: Kathy Keller, Doug and Sandy Brown, Jim Wicker, Charlie Hughes, Sue Frank, Ron and Pam Wood, Louanna Booth, Karen Creamer, Pat Cudworth, John Johnson and Pat Summan.

Pat Summan, Secretary